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Quiz about Paul McCartney Songs and Albums
Quiz about Paul McCartney Songs and Albums

Paul McCartney Songs and Albums Quiz

I'll give you the song, you tell me on which McCartney album it appeared. Applies to original releases only, not greatest hits packages or bonus tracks on cd reissues. No peeking at your albums!

A multiple-choice quiz by arob71. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. 'My Brave Face'? Hint

'Flowers in the Dirt'
'Off the Ground'
'Press To Play'
'Tug of War'

2. 'Freedom'? Hint

'Driving Rain'
'Band on the Run'
'Pipes of Peace'

3. 'Maybe I'm Amazed'? Hint

'Red Rose Speedway'
'Wild Life'

4. 'Listen to What the Man Said'? Hint

'London Town'
'Venus and Mars'
'Wings at the Speed of Sound'
'Red Rose Speedway'

5. 'So Bad'? Hint

'Pipes of Peace'
'Run Devil Run'
'Tug of War'
'Flaming Pie'

6. 'Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey'? Hint

'Band on the Run'
Was issued only as a single

7. 'With a Little Luck'? Hint

'Give My Regards to Broadstreet'
'London Town'
'Back to the Egg'
'Venus and Mars'

8. 'Say Say Say'? Hint

'Tug of War'
'Press to Play'
'Pipes of Peace'

9. 'Bluebird'? Hint

'Wild Life'
'Band on the Run'

10. 'Hope of Deliverance'? Hint

'Off the Ground'
'Flaming Pie'
'Flowers in the Dirt'
'Driving Rain'

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. 'My Brave Face'?

Answer: 'Flowers in the Dirt'

This song was co-written with Elvis Costello and was released as a single on May 10, 1989.
2. 'Freedom'?

Answer: 'Driving Rain'

This song was written after the artwork for 'Driving Rain' had been completed, but due to the response at the Concert for New York City that McCartney organized, it was added to the album. A sticker was put on initial pressings to denote its inclusion.
3. 'Maybe I'm Amazed'?

Answer: 'McCartney'

The standout track on McCartney's 1970 debut and my all time favorite song.
4. 'Listen to What the Man Said'?

Answer: 'Venus and Mars'

The album and single both went to number one in July of 1975.
5. 'So Bad'?

Answer: 'Pipes of Peace'

Released as a single in the US and {UK;} an A side in the US and a B side in the UK.
6. 'Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey'?

Answer: 'Ram'

Went to number one in September of 1971.
7. 'With a Little Luck'?

Answer: 'London Town'

Released as a single March 20, 1978.
8. 'Say Say Say'?

Answer: 'Pipes of Peace'

A number one duet with Michael Jackson in 1984. A year later Jackson bought ATV Music, owner of the Lennon and McCartney song catalog copyrights, for {$47.5} million.
9. 'Bluebird'?

Answer: 'Band on the Run'

Not to be confused with 'Blackbird.'
10. 'Hope of Deliverance'?

Answer: 'Off the Ground'

'Off the Ground' was released February 9, 1993.
Source: Author arob71

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