Quiz about Surnames ending in MAN
Quiz about Surnames ending in MAN

Surnames ending in -MAN Trivia Quiz

A surname ending in "man" is derived from a number of languages meaning "manly or heroic", "male person" or "servant of". Can you identify the following people from different walks of life whose names end in "-man".

A matching quiz by zambesi. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Dec 03 21
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Very Easy
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14 / 15
Last 3 plays: Guest 174 (15/15), Guest 77 (15/15), Guest 2 (12/15).
Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
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1. American actress and singer   
Paul Newman
2. Benny Goodman   
Richard Clayderman
3. French pianist   
4. Oscar winning American actor   
Rain Man
5. Harry S. Truman   
33rd US President
6. Pulp Fiction (movie)   
Uma Thurman
7. Dustin Hoffman   
Australian actress
8. Won a "freedom suit" (1781)   
Ethel Merman
9. Dennis Rodman   
Professional basketball player
10. Nicole Kidman   
Elizabeth Freeman
11. African-American pilot   
British Prime Minister
12. Graham Chapman   
Bessie Coleman
13. US Civil War General   
Monty Python
14. Henry Campbell-Bannerman   
Gene Hackman
15. Cool Hand Luke  
William T. Sherman

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. American actress and singer

Answer: Ethel Merman

Ethel Merman (1908-1984) was an American film, stage, television actress and singer. She had a very powerful voice and starred in numerous Broadway musical productions.
2. Benny Goodman

Answer: Bandleader

Benny Goodman (1909-1986) was an American bandleader and jazz clarinettist. He was known as "The King of Swing" during the 1930s. His band provided a special act during a number of movies during the 1930s and 40s.
3. French pianist

Answer: Richard Clayderman

Richard Clayderman is a French pianist who has produced numerous albums. He plays instrumental pop, classical music, arrangements for movie soundtracks and ethnic music.
4. Oscar winning American actor

Answer: Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman is an American actor and author. In a career spanning over 50 years he has been nominated numerous times for a Academy Award. He won his first Best Actor award for "The French Connection" (1971) for his role as Det. Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle. He also won his first Oscar as Best Supporting Actor in "Unforgiven" (1992) as Sheriff "Little Bill" Daggett.
5. Harry S. Truman

Answer: 33rd US President

Harry S. Truman (1884-1972) became the 33rd US President upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the closing months of WWII. Having served in France during WWI he became a US Senator for Missouri in 1935. He was the US President from 1945-1953.
6. Pulp Fiction (movie)

Answer: Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman is an American actress and model. She has appeared in a number of roles in movies ranging from romantic comedies, dramas and action movies. It was for her role as Mia Wallace in the 1994 black comedy "Pulp Fiction" that she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.
7. Dustin Hoffman

Answer: Rain Man

Dustin Hoffman is an American actor whose career has covered film, television and stage. He won his second Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Raymond "Ray" Babbitt in the 1988 comedy drama "Rain Man". He won his first Oscar for Best Actor in the 1979 drama " Kramer vs. Kramer".
8. Won a "freedom suit" (1781)

Answer: Elizabeth Freeman

Elizabeth Freeman (1744-1829) was the first black slave to file and win a "freedom suit" in Massachusetts in 1781. Freedom suits were lawsuits in the 13 colonies of the United States filed by slaves against slaveholders. She filed the suit against John Ashley who was a Yale educated lawyer and wealthy landowner.

Her counsel were Theodore Sedgwick and Tapping Reeves. By winning the case they effectively abolished slavery in the state.
9. Dennis Rodman

Answer: Professional basketball player

Dennis Rodman is a retired American professional basketball player. He was a loud, flamboyant, flash and an excellent player. He played in the NBA from 1986-2000 with five teams winning five NBA Championships.
10. Nicole Kidman

Answer: Australian actress

Nicole Kidman is an Australian actress and producer. She has been nominated a number of times for Academy Awards. However, she won her first Oscar for Best Actress in the British-American drama "The Hours" (2002) opposite Meryl Streep.
11. African-American pilot

Answer: Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman (1892-1926) was an American civil aviator. She was born into a family of sharecroppers in Texas and at an early age became interested in flying. Due to the fact that African-Americans, Native Americans and women had no flight school opportunities in the USA she travelled to France.

It was there that in 1921 she became the first African-American woman to become a licensed pilot. Sadly, she died in a plane crash in 1926 while testing her new plane.
12. Graham Chapman

Answer: Monty Python

Graham Chapman (1941-1989) was an English actor, comedian, writer and author. He was one of the original six members of the comedy group "Monty Python" which was first aired in the UK in 1969. He had the lead role in two Monty Python films being the "Holy Grail" and "Life of Brian".
13. US Civil War General

Answer: William T. Sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891) was an American soldier, businessman and author. He served as a General in the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861-1865). He served as Commanding General of the Army from 1869-1883. His father thought highly of the great chief of the Shawnees, Tecumseh, so named his son after him.
14. Henry Campbell-Bannerman

Answer: British Prime Minister

Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1836-1908) was a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1905-1908. He resigned as Prime Minister 19 days before he died due to ill health. He was succeeded as Prime Minister by H. H. Asquith (Prime Minister, 1908-1916).
15. Cool Hand Luke

Answer: Paul Newman

Paul Newman (1925-2008) was an American actor, director, producer and race car driver. He was nominated ten times for an acting Academy Award wining once in "The Color of Money" (1986). He played the role of Lucas "Luke" Jackson in the 1967 American prison drama movie "Cool Hand Luke".

He also had starring role's in "The Hustler" 1961), "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969), "The Sting" (1973) and "the Verdict" (1982). He was married to actress Joanne Woodward from 1958 until his death in 2008.
Source: Author zambesi

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