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Quiz about Team Sponsors  200506 1
Quiz about Team Sponsors  200506 1

Team Sponsors 2005-06 [1] Trivia Quiz

Team sponsors from the Premiership 2005-06 season. I name the team, you simply name the major shirt sponsor.

A multiple-choice quiz by lomast. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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8 / 10
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Question 1
1. Who sponsored Manchester United? Hint

Question 2
2. Who sponsored Arsenal? Hint

Question 3
3. Who sponsored Manchester City? Hint

Question 4
4. Who sponsored Liverpool? Hint

Question 5
5. Who sponsored West Ham United? Hint

Question 6
6. Who sponsored Middlesbrough? Hint

Question 7
7. Who sponsored Wigan Athletic? Hint

Question 8
8. Who sponsored Bolton Wanderers? Hint

Question 9
9. Who sponsored Blackburn Rovers? Hint

Question 10
10. Who sponsored Sunderland? Hint

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Aug 10 2023 : Guest 81: 10/10
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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Who sponsored Manchester United?

Answer: Vodafone

Vodafone decided to cut short their sponsorship of Manchester United so that it finished at the end of the 2005-06 season.
2. Who sponsored Arsenal?

Answer: O2

O2 was a mobile telephone company. Arsenal have been sponsored by JVC and Sega. They had an Emirates stadium which was built for the start of the 2006-07 season.
3. Who sponsored Manchester City?

Answer: Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook was a travel agent. Brother and First Advice have sponsor Manchester City.
4. Who sponsored Liverpool?

Answer: Carlsberg

Carlsberg was a beer company based in Denmark. Liverpool have been sponsored by Crown Paints and Candy in the past.
5. Who sponsored West Ham United?

Answer: Jobserve

Jobserve was an UK based internet company for recruitment. BAC (The Window People) and Dr. Martens have also sponsored West Ham in the past.
6. Who sponsored Middlesbrough?

Answer: was an online betting company.
7. Who sponsored Wigan Athletic?

Answer: JJB

Wigan Athletic's football ground was called the JJB stadium and they shared it with the Wigan Rugby League club. JJB was a sports and clothing retail company.
8. Who sponsored Bolton Wanderers?

Answer: Reebok

Bolton Wanderers' ground was the Reebok Stadium. Reebok was a sports company specialising in footwear and clothing, similar to Nike and Adidas.
9. Who sponsored Blackburn Rovers?

Answer: Lonsdale

All of these companies had at some point sponsored Blackburn Rovers. Lonsdale was a sports and fashion clothing company.
10. Who sponsored Sunderland?

Answer: Reg Vardy

Reg Vardy was a used car company. Wards and Arnold Laver had both sponsored Sheffield United and Friends Provident sponsored Southampton. Both teams played in similar kits to Sunderland.
Source: Author lomast

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