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Quiz about Team Sponsors 200506 2
Quiz about Team Sponsors 200506 2

Team Sponsors 2005-06 [2] Trivia Quiz

The second part in a quiz of team sponsors from the Premiership 2005-06 season. I name the team, you simply name the major shirt sponsor.

A multiple-choice quiz by lomast. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. Who sponsored Everton? Hint

Chang Beer
Amstel Beer

2. Who sponsored Chelsea? Hint

Fly Emirates
Samsung Mobile

3. Who sponsored West Bromwich Albion? Hint

T Mobile
Virgin Mobile

4. Who sponsored Birmingham City? Hint

CIS Insurance
Norwich Union

5. Who sponsored Aston Villa? Hint

DWS Investments
Mita Copiers

6. Who sponsored Newcastle United? Hint

Northern Rock
Newcastle Brown Ale
McEwans Lager

7. Who sponsored Fulham? Hint


8. Who sponsored Charlton Athletic? Hint

All:sports and then Sun Valley
All:sports and then Reg Vardy
All:sports and then Paddy Power
All:sports and then Llanera

9. Who sponsored Portsmouth? Hint

OKI Printing Solutions

10. Who sponsored Tottenham Hotspur? Hint

Thomas Cook

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Who sponsored Everton?

Answer: Chang Beer

Chang Beer was brewed in Bangkok, Thailand. Everton were previously sponsered by NEC. Everton started the 2005-06 season optimistically after finishing fourth and qualifying for UEFA Champions League the year before.
2. Who sponsored Chelsea?

Answer: Samsung Mobile

Samsung Mobile was a mobile telephone company. Amiga and Fly Emirates used to sponsor Chelsea. Umbro produced the shirts. Chelsea started the 2005-06 season as champions and favourites to win the title again.
3. Who sponsored West Bromwich Albion?

Answer: T Mobile

T Mobile was the only telephone company who had sponsored West Bromwich Albion. West Brom narrowly escaped relegation during the 2004-05 season and hoped to improve.
4. Who sponsored Birmingham City?


FlyBe was an airline company based at Birmingham airport. Birmingham City's ground was called Saint Andrews.
5. Who sponsored Aston Villa?

Answer: DWS Investments

DWS Investments was a finance company. Rover and Mita Copiers used to sponsor Aston Villa. Aston Villa were trying to maintain their status as the largest club in Birmingham, which was begining to prove difficult with both Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion then in the Premiership.
6. Who sponsored Newcastle United?

Answer: Northern Rock

Northern Rock was a finance company that was often associated with housing mortgages. NTL and Newcastle Brown Ale used to sponsor Newcastle United. Graham Souness was sacked as manager of Newcastle during the 2005-06 season and was initially replaced by Glen Roeder and Alan Shearer.
7. Who sponsored Fulham?

Answer: Pipex

Fulham used to be sponsored by and They were then sponsored by Pipex which was another computer company. Since Mohamed Al Fayed became the chairman of Fulham in 1997, they had risen from Division Three to the Premiership in 2001.
8. Who sponsored Charlton Athletic?

Answer: All:sports and then Llanera

Charlton started the season sponsored by the company All:sports, but after the sports store's demise, Charlton got a new sponsorship deal with Llanera. Llanera were a Spanish property firm.
9. Who sponsored Portsmouth?

Answer: OKI Printing Solutions

OKI Printing Solutions was an IT company that produced printers. Portsmouth used to be sponsored by TY. In the previous season Portsmouth lost their manager, Harry Redknapp, to their local rivals Southampton. But he went back to Portsmouth in 2005-06 after he'd been relegated with Southampton.
10. Who sponsored Tottenham Hotspur?

Answer: Thomson

Thomson was a travel agency. Many of the Spurs fans were unhappy when Thomson started sponsoring the team as the Thomson logo was a red smile. The fans objected to the colour red being on the shirt as they associated it with their fierce rivals, Arsenal. Tottenham used to be sponsored by Holsten, the beer company that produced Holsten Pils.
Source: Author lomast

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