Quiz about Buffy the Vampire Slayer Guest Stars
Quiz about Buffy the Vampire Slayer Guest Stars

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Guest Stars Quiz

Do you know your 'Buffy' guest stars? A true fan would! Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by KrazyBabe. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. Ken Lerner Hint

Rupert Giles
Coach Marin
Ethan Rayne
Principal Flutie

2. Mercedes McNab Hint


3. Robin Sachs Hint

Ethan Rayne
Der Kindestod

4. Julia Lee Hint

Maggie Walsh

5. Andrew J Ferchland Hint

The Annointed One
The Judge

6. Robin Riker Hint

Amy Madison
Catherine Madison
Mr Beech
Miss Murray

7. William Monaghan Hint

Dr Gregory
The lunch lady

8. Clea DuVall Hint

Sam (Riley's Wife)
Marcie Ross
Little Buffy

9. Dean Butler Hint

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Hank Summers

10. Alexandra Johnes Hint

Ampata Gutierrez

11. Ara Celi Hint

Cordelia Chase
Ampata Gutierrez
Katrina (Warren's girlfriend)

12. Jason Hall Hint


13. Angelo Spizzirri Hint

Der Kindestod
Ben (The doctor)
Chris Epps

14. Bianca Lawson Hint


15. Saverio Guerra Hint

Willy the Snitch
Norman Pfister
Polgara demon
An extra

16. Juliet Landau Hint

Joyce Summers
Amy Madison

17. Jason Behr Hint


18. Kristine Sutherland Hint

Gwendolyn Post
Joyce Summers
Nurse Greenleigh
Natalie French

19. Brian Thompson Hint

The Master
The Annointed One
Luke/The Judge

20. Elizabeth Anne Allen Hint

An extra

21. Eric Saiet Hint

Initiative scientist
Initiative commando

22. Meredith Salenger Hint

Buffy's cousin Celia
Jenny Calendar
Grace Newman
Joyce Summers

23. Vincent Schiavelli Hint

A demon
Mayor Richard Wilkins III
Mr Trick

24. Conchata Ferrell Hint

Nurse Greenleigh
Maggie Walsh

25. Kelly Connel Hint

Mr Trick
Deputy Mayor Alan Finch
Norman Pfister

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Ken Lerner

Answer: Principal Flutie

Buffy: "Mr Flutie..." Flutie: "Students here are free to call me Bob." Buffy: "Bob..." Flutie: "But, they don't." Ken Lerner played Sunnydale High school principal 'Bob Flutie' in 'Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest.' He was killed by a pack of hyena-possessed students in 'The Pack,' and his character was replaced by 'Principal Snyder' played by Armin Shimerman who gets eaten by the Mayor in 'Graduation Day Part 2.'
2. Mercedes McNab

Answer: Harmony

Vampire Harmony to Spike: "How's my little blondie bear?" Talk about pet names! Mercedes first appeared (as a human) in 'Welcome to the Hellmouth.' Her first appearence as a vampire was in Season Four's 'The Harsh Light of Day.'
3. Robin Sachs

Answer: Ethan Rayne

Robin Sachs has appeared in various episodes throughout the seasons as 'Ethan Rayne.' He first appeared in 'Halloween' but went on to appear in 'The Dark Age' and Season Four's 'A New Man.' I doubt we've seen the last of Ethan Rayne!
4. Julia Lee

Answer: Lily/Chanterelle

Julia Lee first appeared in Season Two's 'Lie To Me' where she played 'Chanterelle,' a vampire wannabe. She then played a young girl living in the rough streets of LA in 'Anne,' where she had changed her name to 'Lily.'
5. Andrew J Ferchland

Answer: The Annointed One

Andrew J Ferchland appeared in odd episodes throughout Season One. His character was later killed off by Spike in his premier episode 'School Hard,' the third episode of Season Two.
6. Robin Riker

Answer: Catherine Madison

This has been the only episode, thus far, that Robin has starred in. She played 'Catherine Madison' an evil witch intent on reliving her glory days as a cheerleader.
7. William Monaghan

Answer: Dr Gregory

Dr Gregory appeared in two episodes of Buffy. He appeared in Season One's 'Witch' and 'Teacher's Pet,' as Buffy's biology teacher, who later gets decapitated by a giant bug!
8. Clea DuVall

Answer: Marcie Ross

Clea DuVall played invisible maniac 'Marcie Ross' who had it in for Cordelia in Season One's 'Out of Mind, Out of Sight.'
9. Dean Butler

Answer: Hank Summers

Dean Butler plays Buffy's father 'Hank Summers' and has, so far, appeared in three episodes of 'Buffy.' He first appeared in 'Nightmares' and again in Season Two's premier 'When She Was Bad.' He appeared in Season Five's 'The Weight of the World,' and again in the Season Six episode 'Normal Again.'
10. Alexandra Johnes

Answer: Sheila

Alexandra played Sunnydale psycho 'Shelia' in 'School Hard.' She gets turned into a vampire, however, by Spike and Buffy ends up killing off her charatcer.
11. Ara Celi

Answer: Ampata Gutierrez

Ara Celi appeared in Season Two episode 'Inca Mummy Girl.' She played a 3000 year old mummy who falls in love with Xander, only to turn back into a mummy when she doens't get a chance to suck the life out of The Scoobies.
12. Jason Hall

Answer: Devon

Jason Hall has appeared in many episodes of 'Buffy. He played 'Devon McLeish,' the lead singer of the band 'Dingoes Ate My Baby.'
13. Angelo Spizzirri

Answer: Chris Epps

Angelo played 'Chris Epps' in Season Two episode 'Some Assembly Required.' He was trying to build his Frankenstein-like brother Darryl a girlfriend and wanted to use Cordelia's head as the finishing touch. His plan failed and his living-dead brother burned along with his headless bride.
14. Bianca Lawson

Answer: Kendra

Kendra appeared in many episodes of Season Two. She played Slayer number two, Kendra, who was called to Sunnydale when Buffy died at the end of Season One. Sunnydale ended up, however, with two Slayers when Xander revived Buffy. Kendra was then killed at the hands of Drusilla, thus calling Faith into the game.
15. Saverio Guerra

Answer: Willy the Snitch

Saverio played 'Willy the Snitch' in a number of Season Two and Season Three episodes. He also appeared in Season Four's 'Goodbye Iowa.' Willy owned a demon bar and was extremely used to Buffy pumping (or beating) him for information.
16. Juliet Landau

Answer: Drusilla

Drusilla appeared throughout Season Two and her last appearences were in Season Seven's 'Lessons' and 'Bring on the Night.' She also played alongside Julie 'Darla' Benz in 'Buffy spin-off' show 'Angel.' I'm sure we'll be seeing her again in the near future as well.
17. Jason Behr

Answer: Ford

Jason Behr played Buffy's old school friend 'Billy Fordham' in Season Two episode 'Lie To Me.' He had a brain tumor and wanted to become a vampire in order to stop all the pain and suffering.
18. Kristine Sutherland

Answer: Joyce Summers

Kristine Sutherland played Buffy's mom 'Joyce' in a LOT of episodes throughout the seasons. Sadly, her character was killed off in Season Five episode 'I Was Made To Love You.'
19. Brian Thompson

Answer: Luke/The Judge

Brian played vampire 'Luke' in 'Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest.' Buffy killed him. He then went on to play 'The Judge' a completely different character in Season Two's 'Surprise' and 'Innocence.'
20. Elizabeth Anne Allen

Answer: Amy

Elizabeth Anne Allen first appeared in Season One's 'Witch.' She turned herself into a rat in Season Three epsiode 'Gingerbread' and we didn't see her character again until Season Six apart from a brief non-dialogue appearence in Season Four's 'Something Blue.'
21. Eric Saiet

Answer: Dalton

'Dalton' was one of Spikes lackeys. He was played by Eric Saiet in various episodes of Season Two until he was killed by The Judge.
22. Meredith Salenger

Answer: Grace Newman

Meredith played the ghost of school teacher Grace Newman who was murdered by her student-boyfriend James Stanley. Meredith was credit as "Salinger" on this show, but she changed her professional spelling to "Salenger" at some point.
23. Vincent Schiavelli

Answer: Enyos

'Enyos' was Jenny Calendar's uncle and was played by Vincent Schiavelli. His character was killed off when he was murdered by Angelus.
24. Conchata Ferrell

Answer: Nurse Greenleigh

Conchata appeared in Season Two's 'Go Fish' but was killed off when Coach Marin fed her to the fish-like swim team.
25. Kelly Connel

Answer: Norman Pfister

Kelly Connel played bug-like 'Order of Taraka' assassin 'Norman Pfister' in 'What's My Line? Parts One and Two.' He was later squashed to death in his buggy parts by Xander and a very disgusted Cordelia.
Source: Author KrazyBabe

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