Quiz about Name the TNG Episode Part II
Quiz about Name the TNG Episode Part II

Name the "TNG" Episode, Part II Quiz

Let's see how well you know "Star Trek: The Next Generation". This quiz will cover Seasons 4 - 7 only. Unless noted otherwise, multipart episodes will count as one. Try to pick out the correct episodes from the short clues provided. Good Luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by robmeister. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. Jeremiah Rossa: Hint

Imaginary Friend
Suddenly Human

2. Nicholas Locarno: Hint

Lower Decks
The First Duty
Staship Mine

3. K'mtar: Hint

The Chase
Rightful Heir

4. U.S.S. Jenolen: Hint

Cause and Effect
The Game

5. Cellular Peptides: Hint

Night Terrors
Dark Page
Frame of Mind

6. Orta: Hint

Power Play
New Ground
Ensign Ro

7. Nervala IV: Hint

Starship Mine
Half a Life
Second Chances

8. Kestra: Hint

Dark Page
Night Terrors

9. Kaelon II: Hint

First Contact
Half a Life
The Next Phase

10. Dorvan V: Hint

Preemptive Strike
All Good Things...
Journey's End
Sub Rosa

11. Trilithium resin: Hint

Man of the People
Face of the Enemy
Starship Mine

12. Keystone City: Hint

A Fistful of Datas
Journey's End

13. Exocomp: Hint

The Quality of Life
Power Play
Identity Crisis
The Nth Degree

14. "Ambassador" Tomalak: Hint

Realm of Fear
The Loss
Future Imperfect
New Ground

15. Dalen Quaice: Hint

Remember Me
A Matter of Time
Force of Nature

16. Pardek: Hint

The Mind's Eye
Face of the Enemy

17. Kamala: Hint

The Perfect Mate

18. Aaron Conor: Hint

The Masterpiece Society
A Matter of Time
Rightful Heir

19. Temporal Narcosis: Hint

Future Imperfect

20. Gul Madred: Hint

Chain of Command
Lower Decks
Journey's End

21. Felisa Howard: Hint

Sub Rosa
Remember Me

22. Lurin: Hint

The Perfect Mate

23. "Jayden": Hint

Frame of Mind
Dark Page
Thine Own Self

24. Gul Nador: Hint

Journey's End
The Pegasus
The Chase

25. Admiral Pressman: Hint

Preemptive Strike
Unification, Pt. I
Redemption, Pt. II
The Pegasus

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Jeremiah Rossa:

Answer: Suddenly Human

Jono was a human boy who was the center of a dispute between the Talarians and the Federation, when he and his crew were found injured aboard a Talarian training vessel. He was born Jeremiah Rossa, but was raised as a Talarian.
2. Nicholas Locarno:

Answer: The First Duty

Cadet Nicholas Locarno (Robert Duncan McNiell) was the leader of Starfleet Academy's Nova Squadron. He, along with Wesley Crusher and others, were under investigation regarding the death of one of its members. Another of the cadets was a Bajoran named Sito Jaxa, who returned in Season 7's "Lower Decks". Robert Duncan McNeill went on to play Lt. Tom Paris on "Voyager".
3. K'mtar:

Answer: Firstborn

K'mtar (James Sloyan) was a mysterious Klingon who tried to get Alexander to prepare for the First Right of Ascension so that he could be a warrior. As it turns out, K'mtar was really an adult Alexander who had traveled back in time in order to make young Alexandar take the warrior's path. James Sloyan has also appeared in several episodes of "DS9" and "Voyager".
4. U.S.S. Jenolen:

Answer: Relics

The Jenolen was the ship that had crashed onto a Dyson Sphere about 75 years before the Enterprise-D found it. In it, caught in a transporter buffer, was Captain Montgomery ("Call me Scotty") Scott himself! Look for the scene in Ten-Forward when Data presents a bottle of a mysterious liquor by simply telling Scotty "It is green." Picard later tells Scotty that the liquor is Aldebaran Whiskey.
5. Cellular Peptides:

Answer: Phantasms

Data keeps having nightmares that depict disturbing images, such as Dr. Crusher sucking a straw implanted into Riker's head and (most notably) Counselor Troi turned into a cellular peptide cake (with mint frosting), with Worf helping himself to a piece! Kinda reminds you of the video for Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More", doesn't it?
6. Orta:

Answer: Ensign Ro

Orta was the leader of the Bajoran resistance movement during the Cardassian occupation. This, of course, was the first appearance of the infamous Ensign (later Lieutenant) Ro Laren, played by Michelle Forbes.
7. Nervala IV:

Answer: Second Chances

Nervala IV was a planet on which then-Lieutenant Riker had to abandon an away mission eight years earlier. He got back okay, but, due to a transporter fluke, he ALSO rematerialized on the planet and was stranded there. By the end of this episode, the now-rescued Lt. Riker decided to remain in Starfleet and adopt the name Thomas Riker (Thomas is Will Riker's middle name). Tom Riker later defected to the Maquis and tried to steal the U.S.S. Defiant in the "DS9" episode "Defiant".
8. Kestra:

Answer: Dark Page

Kestra was Lwaxana Troi's first daughter, who had died when Deanna was just a baby. Lwaxana Troi had repressed the memory of Kestra for many years, until Hedril, a Cairn girl, came along and unintentionally triggered those memories. This highly emotional episode was Majel Barrett Roddenberry's final appearance as Lwaxana Troi on "TNG".
9. Kaelon II:

Answer: Half a Life

Kaelon II was home to a noted scientist named Timicin (David Odgen Stiers), who was trying to preserve his planet by keeping his sun from dying. Lwaxana Troi had fallen in love with him and even tried to fight for his life when she found out he had to go home to die. David Odgen Stiers is best known for his role as Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, on "M*A*S*H". Also, look for Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro Laren), in her first "Trek" appearance, as Timicin's daughter, Dara.
10. Dorvan V:

Answer: Journey's End

Dorvan V was home to a colony of Native Americans who had settled there many years before. When a treaty is brokered between the Federation and the Cardassians, the inhabitants of this planet are asked to leave; they refuse. Also, Wesley Crusher is back one last time to quit Starfleet Academy and discover his life's true path.

This episode marks the third and final appearance of the Traveler (Eric Menyuk), as well as the accepted genesis of the Maquis resistance movement.
11. Trilithium resin:

Answer: Starship Mine

Trilithium resin was an explosive by-product of the warp drive system that smugglers were trying to steal from the Enterprise-D during a baryon sweep. Curious that Riker had no idea what trilithium was in "Star Trek: Generations".
12. Keystone City:

Answer: Emergence

Keystone City was the destination of one of the passengers riding the train in the Holodeck, while the ship was attempting to nurture a mysterious new lifeform in one of the cargo bays. The passenger had a gold brick that he needed to insert into a wall.
13. Exocomp:

Answer: The Quality of Life

Exocomps were specialized mechanisms that were developed to make automated repairs at a mining colony. When they start malfunctioning, Data believes them to be "alive," putting La Forge and Picard's lives in danger in the process.
14. "Ambassador" Tomalak:

Answer: Future Imperfect

The Romulan Tomalak (Andreas Katsulas) was re-created as an ambassador 16 years into the future. In this episode, Riker is convinced he was captain of the Enterprise-D, but subtle clues revealed the "future" was not accurate and was ultimately created by a young alien named Barash. Andreas Katsulas appeared as Tomalak in several TNG episodes; he was also the "one-armed man" in the motion picture "The Fugitive" (1992) and a principal cast member of "Babylon 5".
15. Dalen Quaice:

Answer: Remember Me

Dr. Dalen Quaice was a longtime friend of Dr. Crusher's; he had boarded the Enterprise-D so he could go to his new home to retire. When he, along with the entire crew of the Enterprise, start disappearing one by one around her, Dr. Crusher realizes she is caught in a shrinking warp bubble created by her son.

This standout episode marks the second appearance of the Traveler (The first was Season 1's "Where No One Has Gone Before").
16. Pardek:

Answer: Unification

Pardek was the Romulan senator whom Ambassador Spock had befriended during the Khitomer confrences (at the end of "Star Trek VI"). This friendship, though ultimately a ruse, led Spock to leave Starfleet and go to Romulus to teach its citizens of the shared heritage between Romulans and Vulcans.
17. Kamala:

Answer: The Perfect Mate

Kamala (Famke Janssen, in her acting debut) is an empathic metamorph, a highly-prized female known for her ability to adapt herself to any man. While she was supposed to be the bride to the leader of Valt Minor, she ends up "imprinting" herself to Picard instead. Fortunately, the imprint includes Picard's sense of duty, which convinced her to proceed with the wedding as planned. Famke Janssen would later work with Patrick Stewart in the "X-Men" movies.
18. Aaron Conor:

Answer: The Masterpiece Society

Aaron Conor was the leader of a human colony threatened by a stellar fragment. The inhabitants of this colony were genetically enhanced in order to achieve a strict balance among its members. When several people elect to leave the colony, the balance became irreversably altered.
19. Temporal Narcosis:

Answer: Timescape

Captain Picard suffers a form of temporal narcosis (which, in a manner of speaking, is kind of like "the bends") when his modified transporter armband fails while he is examining a warp core breech in (v-e-r-y slow) progress on the Enterprise-D. Remember the smiley face he drew in the smoke?
20. Gul Madred:

Answer: Chain of Command

Gul Madred (David Warner) is the Cardassian who had tortured Picard in "Chain of Command". David Warner has also appeared in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" (as St. John Talbot) and "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" (as Klingon Chancellor Gorkon).
21. Felisa Howard:

Answer: Sub Rosa

Felisa Howard was Dr. Crusher's grandmother. When Felisa died, Dr. Crusher moved into her house and then fell for a spirit who had seduced the women in her family for centuries.
22. Lurin:

Answer: Rascals

Lurin was the Ferengi in charge of the attempted takeover of the Enterprise-D in this episode. Watch for the scene in which the young Picard pretends to be Riker's child. Young Picard was played by David Tristan Birkin, who played Rene, Picard's nephew, in "Star Trek: Generations". Also, this episode was directed by Leonard Nimoy's son, Adam.
23. "Jayden":

Answer: Thine Own Self

Jayden is the name Data adopts when he suffers a form of amnesia on the planet Barkon IV. He had been sent there to retrieve radioactive material from a crashed probe.
24. Gul Nador:

Answer: Parallels

Gul Nador was the Cardassian ship captain in this excellent episode about Worf transitioning from one reality to the next. Watch for a desperate Captain Riker, complete with heavy beard and ragged uniform, trying to blow up other Enterprises!
25. Admiral Pressman:

Answer: The Pegasus

Admiral Pressman was Riker's commanding officer aboard the U.S.S. Pegasus, a ship equipped with an experimental phased cloking device, which allowed not only stealth capabilities, but it also permitted a ship to pass through solid matter, such as the asteroid with which the Pegasus was fused.
Source: Author robmeister

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