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Trivia Questions and Answers
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360 Disney Characters Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Disney Characters? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Disney Characters (Entertainment). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Where does Mickey Mouse live?
Answer: Mouseton

Mickey's hometown has changed several times over the years. In 1932 it was called Silo Center in a comic story. Other stories simply called it Hometown. It was also called Topolina from the Italian for 'little mouse'. However, in 1990, Disney launched a new comic called "Mickey Mouse Adventures" and they wanted a new name for his home town. The preferred option was "Mouseville" but Mighty Mouse, another non-Disney animated character already used it so they used the name "Mouseton" instead. A second publisher used the name "Duckburg" as the home of Donald Duck between 1993-99. Since 2003, the name "Mouseton" has been used consistently.
  From Quiz: Mickey and His Friends
2 Donald's' sister Thelma, also known as "Della", was the mother of which trouble making ducklings?
Answer: Huey, Dewey and Louie

They were created in 1937 and were often the cause of Donald losing his well known temper. The name of their father is strangely not known.
    Your options: [ Billy, Benny and Brucie ] [ Davey, Dickie and Danny ] [ Huey, Dewey and Louie ] [ Hughie, Dewey and Louis ]
  From Quiz: Donald Duck and his Family
3 Which two princesses were based off novels by Charles Perrault?
Answer: Cinderella and Aurora

Charles Perrault was a French writer who lived from 1628 to 1703. He published "Stories or Fairy Tales from Past Times with Morals" in 1697, which included "The Sleeping Beauty" and "Cinderella".

The Brothers Grimm later wrote their own versions of the two stories.

Cinderella is from "Cinderella" (1950), and Aurora is from "Sleeping Beauty" (1959).
    Your options: [ Merida and Rapunzel ] [ Aurora and Jasmine ] [ Cinderella and Aurora ] [ Belle and Tiana ]
  From Quiz: Disney Princess Connections
4 What are the names of two Official Disney Princesses who have NEITHER black NOR blonde hair?
Answer: Ariel and Belle

Of the ones listed in the answer choices, Ariel (from "The Little Mermaid") and Belle (from "Beauty and the Beast") are the only Official Disney Princesses who don't have black or blonde hair. Ariel has red hair; Belle has brown hair. Aurora (from "Sleeping Beauty") and Cinderella (from "Cinderella") have blonde, while Mulan (from "Mulan"), Pocahontas (from "Pocahontas"), Snow White (from "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs"), and Tiana (from "The Princess and the Frog") all have black.

Jasmine (from "Aladdin") also has black hair. Merida (from "Brave") is another Official Disney Princess who has red hair. Rapunzel (from "Tangled") is interesting; she gained magical power from the sun to have her hair change to a bright, light blonde, which she had for most of the film.

According to the Disney Wiki Cinderella article, her hair color has changed throughout the years. In the (1950) film, it was "burnt orange." However, she is shown as a golden blonde in the franchise. This has led to fans debating over what her real hair color really should be. The most common assumption is that she is, or should be, a strawberry-blonde.

Personally, I think that golden blonde, strawberry-blonde, and red hair are ALL pretty AND princess-like. But I do want to point out that strawberry-blonde is indeed a shade of blonde hair, which is different from burnt orange, which is indeed a shade of red hair.

Frankly, this "burnt orange" with Cinderella stuff is new to me. When I was much younger, my mom and I watched "Cinderella" a lot, and I always thought that her hair looked blonde. I never thought that she perhaps was supposed to be a redhead. When I got a little older, I did begin to think that Cinderella's hair was a tad bit different and/or darker than Sleeping Beauty's hair (my favorite princess and another movie I watched a lot). It is my opinion, therefore, that Cinderella could be strawberry-blonde, but I wouldn't go so far as to to call her a "ginger" or a "burnt orange."

IF Cinderella is strawberry-blonde, she is definitely still a blonde; just in case anybody was wondering whether or not somebody who doesn't have stereotypical blonde hair should still be considered a blonde. She just has a different shade of blonde than Aurora does. After all, there are many types of blond/blonde hair, including types that look almost brown! One example of a dark blonde/brownish-blonde is "dark ash blonde."
  From Quiz: Official Disney Princess Trivia
5 This pretty Disney girl is usually shown with flowing red hair. She loves to sing, dance, and hang out with her friends. Disney's Ariel was based on a fairytale mermaid. What was her name?
Answer: She doesn't have a name except for "The Little Mermaid"

Not everybody realizes this fact, but the Disney version of "The Little Mermaid" (a red-haired female by the name of Ariel) was actually based on "The Little Mermaid," a fairytale written by Hans Christian *Andersen in 1836. (Ariel's story wasn't published until 1989!) Andersen was the first to create "The Little Mermaid," but throughout the years, his story has inspired many versions, including film and Broadway ones.

The original story is quite different than the Disney version. In the original, she isn't even given a real name, nor does he give her a specific hair color. Ariel's age is 16, while the little mermaid's age is 15. While both versions say that her mother is no longer living, Andersen's had a grandmother as a main character, while Ariel's grandmother is not mentioned. The original is also a very sad tale; it includes unrequited love and other unhappy situations. However, there ARE similarities between "The Little Mermaid" and Ariel. Andersen's WAS very pretty and had long hair (again, we don't know what color it was supposed to be), she DID have a beautiful singing voice that she sold to a sea witch, and she DID want to be a human girl because she fell in love with a human prince.

Marina was actually a name given to a different version of Andersen's mermaid, a blonde-haired version from a Japanese film released in 1975.

Aquafina is the name for a brand of bottled water, and Sarafina is the name of Nala's mother in the Disney movie, "The Lion King."

*Edit: Changed from Anderson to Andersen throughout, because I realized that I was spelling his name wrong...silly me! =p
  From Quiz: Who Inspired this Girl?
6 Having his brother's son, Hercules, who was strong in body and mind, as his adversary really flamed up which Disney villain?
Answer: Hades

Hades is the god of the underworld in the movie "Hercules". His brother is Zeus, who rules on Mt. Olympus over all of the Gods and the mortal world. Hades orchestrates for Hercules, the son of Zeus, to be killed, but he is only turned mortal. He retains his God-like strength and eventually defeats his uncle.
  From Quiz: Heroes and Villains of Disney Movies
7 The world was introduced to Donald Duck in 1934, although it was a lot later that his parentage was established. His father's name suggests an excess of what ducks do best. So, Donald, who's your daddy?
Answer: Quackmore Duck

Quackmore and wife, Hortense, have never appeared on screen and we owe knowledge of them to the Disney "Duck Man", illustrator Carl Barks, and the family tree that he compiled with Mark Worden. Hortense is the youngest sister of Scrooge McDuck. Donald is, in fact, a twin whose twin sister, Della (originally Dumbella), is the mother of Huey, Dewey and Louie.
  From Quiz: So Who's Your Daddy?
8 Which Disney character has triskaidekaphobia, better known as a fear of the number 13?
Answer: Bernard - "The Rescuers"

Bernard from "The Rescuers" has triskaidekaphobia, which is a fear of the number 13. It is increasingly evident that he has this fear as in the movie, he is concerned when he finds that there are 13 steps on the ladder he climbs, and when the flight he and Bianca are scheduled to board is Flight 13. Also, as he is boarding Flight 13, he notices that there are 13 steps on the ramp. At this, Bianca suggests that he jump the last one, so he does.

Basil of Baker Street, in "The Great Mouse Detective", has many quirks, but triskaidekaphobia is not one of them.

Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" doesn't seem to have any fears at all. She does what she wants, when she wants, despite her father's orders.

Gurgi from "The Black Cauldron" is, for much of the movie, a coward, but he never specifically expresses fear of the number 13.
    Your options: [ Basil - "The Great Mouse Detective" ] [ Bernard - "The Rescuers" ] [ Ariel - "The Little Mermaid" ] [ Gurgi - "The Black Cauldron" ]
  From Quiz: Disney's Animated Fears
9 "I live under the sea and have two eel friends; I will give you your desire if you have something to lend." Who am I?
Answer: Ursula

Ursula, the sea witch, gives Ariel sea legs in exchange for her voice. Once Ariel is on land, Ursula goes back on her word and takes human form to try and steal Prince Eric away! Ursula is a sneaky one!
  From Quiz: Disney Villains- Who am I?
10 Which Disney movie does Abu appear in?
Answer: Aladdin

Abu is Aladdin's pet monkey who gets very jealous of Princess Jasmine. Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine when she is undercover out of the kingdom. "Aladdin" was released in 1992. This movie is set in Arabia and has singing, the usual romance and a very surreal plot.
    Your options: [ Brother Bear ] [ Cinderella ] [ The Jungle Book ] [ Aladdin ]
  From Quiz: Disney Movie Characters
11 Although he had no real lines, Mickey's ever faithful companion Pluto did have a voice. Who provided the voice for Pluto's yelps and whines?
Answer: Pinto Colvig, the voice of Goofy

Goofy, who was originally created as a dog, has the same voice as Pluto, Mickey's pet dog. They are drawn very similarly, but that has nothing to do with why Colvig did the voice for both of them. He was just a good voice actor.
  From Quiz: Living in Mickey's Shadow, Other Characters
12 What was Goofy's debut cartoon?
Answer: Mickey's Review

In 1932, Goofy made his first appearance as an audience member. His unique laugh is what attracted people to him and eventually got him a starring role.
  From Quiz: Living in Mickey's Shadow, Goofy
13 What does Donald wear on a day to day basis?
Answer: A sailor suit

Well, most of one anyways. Donald's classic outfit is a sailor hat and shirt with no pants (probably to show his tail which he often uses as an extra arm) Ironically, he never feels shamed or covers up until somebody removes his shirt. Side note: Donald does wear pants when he is swimming as part of his 1930's style "bathing suit". For those of you who don't know, the 1930's were very conservative about showing skin and the bathing suits covered up almost as much as the regular clothes. Thanks to Catamount for the side note.
  From Quiz: Living in Mickey's Shadow, a Donald Duck Quiz
14 Where did Humphrey Bear live?
Answer: Brownstone National Park

Along with all the other bears, Humphrey resided in Brownstone National Park in the good old USA.
  From Quiz: Hooray for Humphrey
15 Which princess was often seen in the company of a short, bald, mute man?
Answer: Snow White

The short man in question was Dopey. The other six dwarves from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" were Happy, Sneezy, Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful.
  From Quiz: Rockin' Disney Princesses
16 According to Tigger, what is a wonderful thing about Tiggers?
Answer: That Tiggers are wonderful things.

It says so in the song that Tigger sings. "A wonderful thing about Tiggers is that Tiggers are wonderful things!" - Tigger
  From Quiz: Do you know Tigger?
17 In "Aladdin," what is the name of Jafar's pet parrot?
Answer: Iago

Iago is Jafar's evil henchman.
  From Quiz: What's In a Name?
18 "I am the proud owner of two eels. I also at one point ruled the sea."
Answer: Ursula

Ursula was the mean sea witch in "the Little Mermaid." Her sister, Morgana, was the villain in "The Little Mermaid 2." (1989)
    Your options: [ Ursula ] [ Captain Hook ] [ Sebastian ] [ Monstrol ]
  From Quiz: Disney Villain Challenge
19 Scrooge McDuck once had an uncle who's also was nicknamed 'Pothole' He used to be a riverboater on the Mississippi. He was first seen in the Barks-story 'The Great Steamboat Race'. What was his name?
Answer: Angus McDuck

Dingus is Scrooge's grandpa, Fergus is Scrooge's father and Jake is Scrooge's other brother.
  From Quiz: Characters In Disney Comics
20 What colour are Mickey's shoes usually?
Answer: Yellow

The original Mickey Mouse as seen in the film "Plane Crazy"(1928), didn't have any gloves or shoes at all. Shoes appeared in the film "Gallopin' Gaucho" (1928) and gloves in "The Opry House" (1929).
  From Quiz: Mickey and His Friends
21 Who was Donald's father?
Answer: Quackmore Duck

Quackmore, who also had a bad temper rather like Donald, was the Chief accountant of Scrooge McDuck, which is presumably where he met Hortense, Scrooge's sister and Donald's mother. You would of course naturally expect Donald and his father to have the same last name.
  From Quiz: Donald Duck and his Family
22 Which two princesses have red hair?
Answer: Ariel and Merida

Ariel is from "The Little Mermaid" (1989) and Merida is from "Brave" (2012). Ariel was voiced by Jodi Benson. Merida was voiced by Kelly Macdonald. Both girls are sixteen-years-old.
    Your options: [ Aurora and Belle ] [ Belle and Ariel ] [ Ariel and Merida ] [ Snow White and Merida ]
  From Quiz: Disney Princess Connections
23 Tiana has been praised for being Disney's first what?
Answer: African-American (black) princess

Tiana--from "The Princess and the Frog" (2009)--was Disney's first African-American or black princess. While some people may think that she was the first non-white princess, they are clearly wrong! Disney already had three other non-white princesses: Jasmine, an Arab (1992), Pocahontas, a Native American (1995), and Mulan, a Chinese (1998).

Even though I threw this answer in to be funny, I honestly don't want to know what an "Alien and goblin hybrid/mix princess" is. I also don't want to know if Disney has ever made one before, lol.
  From Quiz: Official Disney Princess Trivia
24 Maleficent did everything to ensure Aurora's eternal slumber, but which young prince changed her plans?
Answer: Phillip

In "Sleeping Beauty", Maleficent came to Aurora's presentation to deliver a curse. She condemns the princess to have her finger stuck and die. However, one of her fairy godmothers saves her by turning Maleficent's death curse into a sleep that can only be broken by the kiss of Aurora's true love. Phillip, being that true love, comes to save his princess but has to slay Maleficent, who has turned into a dragon by this point in the movie.
    Your options: [ David ] [ Eric ] [ Phillip ] [ Charming ]
  From Quiz: Heroes and Villains of Disney Movies
25 In 1991's "Beauty and the Beast", Belle's inventor father was given a suitably French name. So, Belle, who's your daddy?
Answer: Maurice

Belle gets to play house-guest at the Beast's castle when she takes the place of the captured Maurice, who was voiced by Rex Everhart. The name Maurice derives from a Latin word meaning dark-skinned or Moorish in complexion and has passed into English usage via the French.
  From Quiz: So Who's Your Daddy?
26 Which Disney villain has suriphobia, also known as a fear of mice?
Answer: Madame Medusa - "The Rescuers"

Madame Medusa of "The Rescuers" has suriphobia, also known as a fear of mice. When she first discovers Bernard, she shrieks, gets on top of a chair and yells "Snoops! Snoops, a mouse! Oh, kill it! Kill it!" She becomes even more terrified when she discovers Bianca as well!

Professor Ratigan of "The Great Mouse Detective" does not have suripobia. If anything, the exact opposite; he demands that he be acknowledged as a mouse, instead of a rat, which is what he really is. He hates being called a rat, and if he wants to be considered a mouse, he can't possibly have a fear of them.

Shan-Yu from "Mulan" doesn't seem to have any fears whatsoever.

Scar from "The Lion King" certainly isn't afraid of mice, as he is seen mercilessly teasing one in his first scene in the movie.
    Your options: [ Professor Ratigan - "The Great Mouse Detective" ] [ Madame Medusa - "The Rescuers" ] [ Shan-Yu - "Mulan" ] [ Scar - "The Lion King" ]
  From Quiz: Disney's Animated Fears
27 "If I don't scare you, then surely my horrible taste in fashion will!" Who am I?
Answer: Cruella De Vil

Surely one of the most underhanded of the baddies, Cruella De Vil acts as a friend to Anita and Roger and then snatches their puppies right from underneath their noses! Cruella's obsession over Dalmatian fur and her black and white hair make her number one among the "Fashion Don'ts" in villainy.
  From Quiz: Disney Villains- Who am I?
28 Which Disney movie is Princess Aurora the main character?
Answer: Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora has to be hidden from Maleficent with the help of her fairy-like guardians after being cursed by the villain. "Sleeping Beauty" was released in 1959.
    Your options: [ The Jungle Book ] [ Aladdin ] [ Alice in Wonderland ] [ Sleeping Beauty ]
  From Quiz: Disney Movie Characters
29 Which hero wields a sword, has his own horse, and has to be coached by a monarch to chase his girl?
Answer: Shang

Shang has a sword and a horse, like Phillip, Phoebos and Herc, but the emperor says to him "You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty!" and he goes after Mulan.
    Your options: [ Hercules ] [ Shang ] [ Prince Phillip ] [ Phoebos ]
  From Quiz: Disney's Animated Heroes
30 Which heroine has the shortest hair?
Answer: Snow White

Snow White's hair is so short it barely comes past her ears. There hasn't been a heroine like her since.
    Your options: [ Mulan ] [ Snow White ] [ Belle ] [ Wendy ]
  From Quiz: Disney's Animated Heroines
31 Which villain, even though he was defeated, still HANGS around?
Answer: Clayton "Tarzan" 1999

Clayton died by accidentally hanging himself, so he still HANGS around.
    Your options: [ Frollo "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" 1996 ] [ Clayton "Tarzan" 1999 ] [ Scar "The Lion King" 1994 ] [ Shan-yu "Mulan" 1998 ]
  From Quiz: Disney's Animated Villains
32 Pluto first appeared in Disney cartoons in 1930, and has starred in many others. What breed of dog is Pluto?
Answer: Bloodhound

In Pluto's first on screen appearance, "Mickey's Chain Gang", Pluto, although not named, was one of the bloodhounds who was used to track Mickey the prisoner. After this appearance, he changed sides and rather than hunting him, became Mickey's faithful friend and companion.
  From Quiz: Living in Mickey's Shadow, Other Characters
33 What was Goofy's original name?
Answer: Dippy Dawg

Goofy made his debut as Dippy Dawg, and is one of the most human characters created. His happy go lucky attitude, as well as his ridiculous laugh, made him a crowd favorite.
  From Quiz: Living in Mickey's Shadow, Goofy
34 This character's full name is 'Ignacio Alonzo Julio Federico de Tito'. In what movie did he appear?
Answer: Oliver & Company

"Oliver & Company" was originally released in 1988. The movie was an animated adaption of Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist". 'Ignacio Alonzo Julio Federico de Tito' or "Tito" as he was more commonly known, was the little Chihuahua voiced by Cheech Marin.
  From Quiz: Disney Dudes!
35 What is the name of the park ranger who looks after Humphrey and the other bears?
Answer: J. Audobon Woodlore

Ranger Woodlore was Humphrey's usual co-star. They made 5 films together. He was a chubby little man with mild manners that thought of the bears as his children. He loved them, scolded them and expected them to do chores around the park.
  From Quiz: Hooray for Humphrey
36 Which Disney princess lived most of her life as a simple, parent-less girl, but then discovered that she was really a princess and met the love of her life?
Answer: Aurora

Aurora, a.k.a. "Sleeping Beauty," grew up as Briar Rose in the country with three fairy "aunts." Yes, the question could apply to "Anastasia," too, but that movie belongs to Fox, not Disney. Ariel was "The Little Mermaid," and was always a princess. Belle didn't become a princess until she married the Beast.
    Your options: [ Belle ] [ Mulan ] [ Aurora ] [ Ariel ]
  From Quiz: Rockin' Disney Princesses
37 But what is the most wonderful thing about Tiggers?
Answer: That Tigger's the only one.

It also says so in the song. "But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that I'm the only one!" - Tigger
  From Quiz: Do you know Tigger?
38 From "102 Dalmatians": What is the name of the parrot?
Answer: Waddlesworth

Waddlesworth thinks he's a Rottweiler, and he doesn't know that he's a bird. He thinks he can't fly, that is until he saves Oddball.
  From Quiz: What's in name? 2
39 In "The Lion King," what is the name of Simba's best friend?
Answer: Nala

Simba and Nala fall in love and eventually have their own "pride."
  From Quiz: What's In a Name?
40 "I own two Doberman Pincers and like to smoke cigars. I drive myself around in a limosine."
Answer: Mr. Sykes

Mr. Sykes was the main villain in "Oliver and Company" (1988).
    Your options: [ Mr. Sykes ] [ Clayton ] [ Ratigan ] [ Al ]
  From Quiz: Disney Villain Challenge
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