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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Sweden

110 Sweden Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Sweden? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Sweden (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Which Scandinavian capital city is less than 50 miles from Uppsala?
Answer: Stockholm

Many people are able to work in Stockholm and live in Uppsala. The proximity of Uppsala to Stockholm-Arlanda airport also provides access to the outside world.
    Your options: [ Oslo ] [ Stockholm ] [ Copenhagen ] [ Helsinki ]
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2 Swedish is an official language in which other country besides Sweden?
Answer: Finland

About six per cent of Finland's population are bilingual - Finnish/Swedish. Most of them live in the southwest part of Finland.
    Your options: [ Estonia ] [ Finland ] [ Norway ] [ Denmark ]
  From Quiz: Do You Know Sweden? [1]
3 What is the name of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark?
Answer: Öresundsbron

The bridge, built in 2000, goes between Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden and is over 10km long!
  From Quiz: Basic knowledge of Sweden
4 What's the name of the Swedish capital?
Answer: Stockholm

The capital of Sweden Stockholm is where the royal family have their residence and also where the Swedish parliament is based. It is a beautiful town built on islands on the Mälaren.
  From Quiz: About Sweden
5 Which dramatist is considered Sweden's greatest literary figure?
Answer: Strindberg

Johan August Strindberg was born in Stockholm in 1849 and died in 1912. Strindberg wrote in many forms, but perhaps he is best known for his plays and novels.
    Your options: [ Ibsen ] [ Chekhov ] [ Shakespeare ] [ Strindberg ]
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6 What is the name of the gulf that separates a great part of Sweden from Finland?
Answer: Gulf of Bothnia

The Gulf of Bothnia is a body of water that leads off of the Baltic Sea. This body of water also makes it easier for shipping traveling between Sweden to Finland.
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7 Which city is the centre of Sjuharadsbygden?
Answer: Boras

Boras is also the centre for the textile industry, and has a basketball team where Magic Johnson made a surprising comeback in 1999.
    Your options: [ Falun ] [ Lund ] [ Boras ] [ Skovde ]
  From Quiz: Swedish cities
8 Which institution of higher learning is the oldest in Uppsala (and in all of Scandinavia)?
Answer: Uppsala University

Uppsala University was founded in 1477. The buildings of the university are a prominent part of the west side of the city. Many are located near the city's main cathedral. In 2013, over 23,000 undergraduate students were enrolled there.
    Your options: [ Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences ] [ Uppsala University ] [ Johannelunds Teologiska Hogskola ] [ The Newman Institute ]
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9 What is the name of the biggest lake in Sweden?
Answer: Vänern

Vänern is actually the third biggest lake in Europe. It is 5650 square kilometers. In Europe only Ladoga and Onega in Russia are bigger.
  From Quiz: Basic knowledge of Sweden
10 How many countries share land borders with Sweden?
Answer: 2

The two countries that border Sweden are Finland and Norway. The Scandinavian countries have been under each other's rule (for example: Finland was under the possession of Sweden for many years before it came under the possession of Russia) so there are large populations of Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian people in Sweden.
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11 Stockholm lies on the border of two Swedish 'landscapes' (old regions). Which two?
Answer: Sodermanland and Uppland

Uppland is to the north and Sodermanland to the south. The border goes just south of Gamla Stan (Old town).
    Your options: [ Narke and Vastmanland ] [ Narke and Sodermanland ] [ Sodermanland and Uppland ] [ Uppland and Narke ]
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12 Uppsala has its own coat of arms. Which animal is featured on the coat of arms? Since Uppsala was a city with royal connections, it is perhaps not surprising that the coat of arms features a royal animal.
Answer: Lion

The coat of arms for Uppsala can be traced back to 1737. It has been modified several times. It is thought that there is a connection between the coat of arms for the city and the Swedish royal coat of arms, which also features a lion.
    Your options: [ Horse ] [ Lion ] [ Bear ] [ Fish ]
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13 What is the southernmost point in Scandinavia?
Answer: Smygehuk

Smygehuk is a fishing village and also a lighthouse. It´s the southernmost point of Sweden and also of the whole Scandinavian peninsula. The other three are towns in the far south of Sweden.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Sweden? [2]
14 Who became prime minister of Sweden in 1996?
Answer: Göran Persson

Göran Persson, leader of the social democrats, is often made fun of because of his weight. He has been prime minister for a long time. At today's date, August 2005, he is still prime minister.
  From Quiz: Basic knowledge of Sweden
15 Who was the prime minister who was assassinated in 1986?
Answer: Olof Palme

Olaf Palme was shot and killed when walking home after viewing a movie. His killer was never found.
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16 How much coastline does Sweden have?
Answer: 3,218 km

Sweden borders not only the Gulf of Bothnia, but also the Baltic Sea, Kattegat, and Skagerrak.
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17 What southernmost Swedish county has the same name (in English) as a vehicle manufacturer?
Answer: Scania

Scania is an internationally well-known manufacturer of trucks and buses.
In Swedish the county is called "Skåne" , with the å (a with a ring over it)pronounced as o in the English word more. Skåne is a largely agricultural county with Malmö as its capital.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Sweden? [1]
18 What three cities are the three biggest in population in Sweden?
Answer: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is the biggest city with about 1.000.000 people. Gothenburg is second with about 500.000 and Malmö is third with 250.000.
  From Quiz: Basic knowledge of Sweden
19 What is the Swedish world-famous furniture making company called?
Answer: Ikea

IKEA was founded by a man called Ingvar Kamprad.
  From Quiz: About Sweden
20 Who became king of Sweden in 1973?
Answer: Carl XVI Gustaf

King Carl XVI was born in 1946. He became king on the death of his grandfather. He is the constitutional head of state, but has no formal powers.
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21 What is Sweden's highest point?
Answer: Kebnekaise

Kebnekaise reaches a point of 2,111 m. Halti is found in Finland, Galdhopiggen is found in Norway, and Yding Skovhoej is found in Denmark.
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22 Which Swedish city was founded as a base for the navy?
Answer: Karlskrona

Karlskrona is built on islands in the inner part of an archipelago. The old navy base is well preserved and was recently registered as a World Heritage by Unesco.
    Your options: [ Umea ] [ Stockholm ] [ Karlskrona ] [ Visby ]
  From Quiz: Swedish cities
23 Everybody knows what the Nobel Prize is, but what was Mr Nobel's (the founder) first name?
Answer: Alfred

Alfred Nobel is not only known for the Nobel Prize, but also for inventing several things, including dynamite.
  From Quiz: Basic knowledge of Sweden
24 What is the name of the Swedish pop-group whose lead singer is Nina Persson?
Answer: The Cardigans

Nina Persson was also in a band called "A Camp".
  From Quiz: About Sweden
25 Which Swedish city is is situated on the world's largest known iron ore area?
Answer: Kiruna

Kiruna is Sweden's largest city in area. (7,500 sq.mi.) The city was founded when mining for iron ore began in the late nineteenth century.
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26 What is the most practiced Christian religion in Sweden?
Answer: Lutheran

About 87% of the population of Sweden practises the Lutheran religion.
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27 In which Swedish city do the highways E4 and E6 split up?
Answer: Helsingborg

Helsingborg is also called 'Pearl of the Sound', referring to Oresund, the sound between Sweden and Denmark.
    Your options: [ Jonkoping ] [ Malmo ] [ Helsingborg ] [ Lund ]
  From Quiz: Swedish cities
28 While some of the moons of Saturn already have found their placeholders, the work on the representation of Saturn itself currently (in 2020) is still under way. It will be in a well known city some 70km north of Stockholm. Which one?
Answer: Uppsala

Uppsala is Sweden's fourth largest city. Domkyrka (Uppsala Cathedral) dominates the skyline and is the seat of the Archbishop of Uppsala, head of the church of Sweden. Uppsala University is Sweden's oldest university and the academic home of 18th century botanist Carl Linnaeus.
    Your options: [ Malmö ] [ Trondheim ] [ Göteburg ] [ Uppsala ]
  From Quiz: Sweden by Solar System
29 Which river runs through Uppsala?
Answer: Fyris

The Fyris River divides the city into a more historic western side and a more modern eastern side. The river is about 50 miles long. It was formerly called the Sala.
    Your options: [ Lagan ] [ Fyris ] [ Viskan ] [ Nissan ]
  From Quiz: Up to Uppsala
30 How do you say "What time is it?" in Swedish?
Answer: Hur mycket är klockan?

Swedish is a Germanic language and is closely related to both Danish and Norwegian and is also the second language of Finland. Finnish on the other hand is a Finno-ugrian language and not at all related to the other Scandinavian languages.
"Hur gammal är du?" means "How old are you?"
"Var kommer du ifrån?" means "Where do you come from?"
"Vad heter du?" means "What´s your name?"
  From Quiz: Do You Know Sweden? [2]
31 How did the Swedish group ABBA get their name?
Answer: ABBA is made up by the first letters of the members' first names.

ABBA is Agneta, Björn, Benny and Annifrid. The band is Sweden's biggest ever music export and is known all over the world. They won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 with the song "Waterloo".
  From Quiz: Basic knowledge of Sweden
32 With which song did ABBA win the 1974 European Song Contest?
Answer: Waterloo

Winning the contest in 1974 marked the beginning of ABBA's great success.
    Your options: [ Mama Mia ] [ Souper Trouper ] [ Dancing Queen ] [ Waterloo ]
  From Quiz: About Sweden
33 Who was the Swede who was the Secretary General of the United Nations from 1953 to 1961?
Answer: Hammarskjold

Dag Hammarskjold was in the Swedish government prior to being a delegate to the United Nations in 1952. He was killed in a plane crash when on a mission to the area which is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously.
  From Quiz: 9 for 10 - Sweden
34 Which Swedish city is also called 'Match town' (Tandsticksstaden) and 'Jerusalem of Smaland', referring to the strong religiousness?
Answer: Jonkoping

Today there is no match industry, and the city is becoming more and more secular.
    Your options: [ Tidaholm ] [ Vaxjo ] [ Jonkoping ] [ Kalmar ]
  From Quiz: Swedish cities
35 The Nobel prize is a well-known Swedish phenomenon, but what invention was the basis for Alfred Nobel/s wealth and thus also the prize?
Answer: Dynamite

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in 1866. This then replaced previously used pure Nitroglycerine in rock blasting as it was far less volatile.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Sweden? [2]
36 Which Swedish football-player went from Ajax Amsterdam to Juventus in 2004 and is now getting his major breakthrough in Juventus and the Swedish national team?
Answer: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, known for his incredible technique and his self-confident attitude, is rapidly becoming one of the worlds greatest players. His fantastic goal against Italy in the European Championship is famous all around the football-world.
    Your options: [ Zlatan Ibrahimovic ] [ Marcus Rosenberg ] [ Henrik Larsson ] [ Fredrik Ljungberg ]
  From Quiz: Basic knowledge of Sweden
37 What is the name of the bridge system that joins Denmark and Sweden?
Answer: Oresund Link

The Oresund link that crosses the Oresund Strait was completed in 1999. It consists of a tunnel and an artificial island. The link is just over sixteen kilometers in length.
  From Quiz: 9 for 10 - Sweden
38 What is the colour of the cross on the Swedish flag?
Answer: yellow

The Swedish flag is the same in the pattern as other Scandinavian countries such as Finland and Denmark, and Sweden's colours is a dark blue background with a yellow cross with the meeting place of the two lines more to the left of the flag.
  From Quiz: Super Sweden
39 Which city is the northernmost?
Answer: Pitea

Mikael Renberg with many seasons in NHL comes from Pitea.
    Your options: [ Lycksele ] [ Skelleftea ] [ Pitea ] [ Umea ]
  From Quiz: Swedish cities
40 In the twentieth century, how many Miss Universes were from Sweden?
Answer: Three

Yes, there were three. The first was Hillevi Rombin in 1955, the second was Margareta Arvidsson in 1966 and the last was Yvonne Ryding in 1984.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Sweden? [2]
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