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170 Soups Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Soups? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Soups (Hobbies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Probably the best-known of Asian noodle soups, pho has attracted a large following in the West in the past few years. What meat generally goes into it?
Answer: beef

Though also available in chicken-based (pho g) and vegetarian versions, pho is traditionally made with a rich, aromatic beef stock and various cuts of beef - including organ meats such as tendon or tripe. To make the broth - definitely the soup's most important feature - beef bones, meat and oxtails are simmered for a long time together with aromatics such as charred onion, charred ginger, cloves and star anise. Flat rice noodles are then placed in a bowl with the meat, and the hot broth is poured over them; the soup is served with various garnishes, such as sliced green onions, fresh basil or mint leaves, bean sprouts and lime wedges. Wonderfully warming and comforting in cold weather, in the past few years pho has become very popular in the US, and restaurants that specialize in it have been opening all over the country, drawing crowds especially at lunch time.
  From Quiz: Pho & Friends
2 With chicken stock as a base and leeks as the main ingredient, cock-a-leekie soup has become a signature dish of this country. Where can you find cock-a-leekie soup readily on the menu?
Answer: Scotland

Scotland got the basis for the recipe from France, but switched out the onions for leeks, and made a dish known as the National Soup of Scotland. It is often thickened with rice or barley, and originally contained prunes. You may find some prunes as garnish nowadays, but the tradition of cooking them with the soup has faded.
  From Quiz: Son of a Bisque
3 In one of her books about social rituals, the author Margaret Visser tells us that it was customary to serve which drink with the soup course in Edwardian England?
Answer: Sherry

Margaret Visser is a Canadian author of several books, and has won awards including the "Glenfiddich Medal for Best Food Book of the Year" and the "Jane Grigson Award".
The book in question is called "The Rituals of Dinner: The Origins, Evolution, Eccentricities, & Meaning of Table Manners" and was first published in 1992.
Along with sherry, sauterne is also suggested as a suitable accompaniment to the soup course of a meal.
    Your options: [ The soup was served in cups and was the drink ] [ Coffee ] [ Sherry ] [ Milk ]
  From Quiz: Wait! Your Soup!
4 Gazpacho is a cold soup made primarily from what?
Answer: Tomatoes

Originating in Spain, gazpacho is consumed widely throughout Spain, Portugal, and some countries in Latin America. Primarily tomato based, the soup consists of raw vegetables and is served cold.
  From Quiz: Waiter! There's Soup In My Fly!
5 Old recipes for the Scottish soup, Cock-a-leekie, call for which fruit to be added to this tasty chicken and leek soup?
Answer: Prune

Although not often used today, original recipes called for adding prunes during the cooking process and using julienned prunes as a garnish. It is believed that early recipes called for the addition of this fruit simply to add to the nutritive value of the soup which is thickened with barley and seasoned with thyme.
    Your options: [ Apple ] [ Prune ] [ Papaya ] [ Lime ]
  From Quiz: No Soup For You
6 "Woman! I want a soup that's popular in Mexico and made with tripe!" What soup does my husband crave?
Answer: menudo

"Tripe" is stomach. Menudo is widely regarded as a great hangover cure.
  From Quiz: Woman, Where's my Soup?
7 Pho is a traditional soup made out of noodles and thinly sliced meats. From which Asian country does pho originate?
Answer: Vietnam

Pho began in Northern Vietnam in the early 1900s and spread south in the 1950s after the defeat of the French and the spread of communism in the north drove many to emigrate to the south. With the migration of many Vietnamese refugees throughout the rest of the world came pho, and now this delicious meal can be found almost anywhere there is a significant Vietnamese population.
    Your options: [ Vietnam ] [ Indonesia ] [ China ] [ India ]
  From Quiz: Pho True Fans of Noodle Soups
8 Which type of fish stew typically has onions, tomatoes and herbs and is served over French bread?
Answer: Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is made from fish stock and usually contains at least three different kinds of fish. It is served over slices of bread that are spread with a mayonnaise-type sauce called a rouille.
    Your options: [ Chowder ] [ Cassoulet ] [ Bouillabaisse ] [ Gumbo ]
  From Quiz: No Soup for You!
9 Albondigas soup can be found in many Latin and South American countries. What is the main substance that can be found in this type of soup?
Answer: meatballs

Albondigas soup is a mouth watering concoction of zucchini, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, meatballs, and various spices. This soup is the traditional soup in many countries including Mexico and El Salvador.
  From Quiz: Soups Of The World
10 There's nothing like a warm bowl of fragrant French onion soup on a cold winter day. What usually tops a properly prepared bowl of delicious French onion soup?
Answer: Cheese

My goodness, if you don't add the piece of French bread and the layer of cheese on the top, what have you got? Just plain old onion soup, I tell you! French onion soup is very simple to prepare, and with the finishing touches added by baking the soup bowl in the oven so as to slightly brown the cheese, you have a masterpiece.
  From Quiz: Soup IS Good Food!
11 What is the main ingredient of the Chinese 'bird's nest' soup?
Answer: Bird's nests

The edible bird's nests are from a species of swiftlets. The nests, made principally from spittle, are built high up in caves in Asia. The soup is said to aid growth, lung troubles and ageing to name but three.
  From Quiz: A Fly in my Soup
12 What is the name given to beet soup?
Answer: borscht

This Russian beet soup gave its name to the Jewish 'borscht belt' of Jewish-American entertainers.
  From Quiz: Soup's On!
13 Another hearty Vietnamese noodle soup, found on most restaurant menus, is bn b. What tangy herb, widely used in Southeast Asia, infuses this deliciously spicy dish with its distinctive aroma?
Answer: lemongrass

Also known as bn b Hue, this delicious noodle soup is named after Vietnam's former imperial capital. Unlike pho, this soup uses thin rice vermicelli rather than wide noodles, and the broth is strongly flavoured with lemongrass, the citrus-scented herb renowned for its insect-repelling properties. Though Vietnamese dishes are usually not as spicy as Thai or Malay ones, bn b is a notable exception, as it contains chili oil, which gives the soup a reddish tint; fermented shrimp sauce is also added as a seasoning. This heady concoction usually contains thinly-sliced beef shank (also used for the broth), chunks of oxtail and pig's knuckles, and is served with a wide selection of fresh herbs and vegetables.
  From Quiz: Pho & Friends
14 Sailing aboard a luxurious yacht in the Mediterranean to the bordering country you are served "a bit of elegance soup" with Champagne in it!
Answer: Crme Ninon

Crme Ninon is a soup with a base of a heavy stock pure of green peas and dry champagne.
    Your options: [ Kimchi Guk ] [ Crme Ninon ] [ Lobster stew ] [ Sayur Lodeh ]
  From Quiz: Soup of the day!
15 Popular throughout Eastern Europe is what type of soup, whose main ingredient is usually beetroot, contributing to its striking red-purple colour?
Answer: Borscht

Originating in Ukraine, borscht (also known as borshch and borsch) consists mainly of beetroot, although some countries use mainly tomato, with beetroot as a lesser ingredient. Borscht can be consumed both hot and cold, the former as a hearty soup, and the latter in a form similar to gazpacho.
  From Quiz: Waiter! There's Soup In My Fly!
16 Made with beetroot as its main ingredient, which Ukrainian soup is known for its vibrant red color?
Answer: Borscht

As with most soups there are variations, but as a rule, borscht is deep red from the beetroot and will also contain potatoes and occasionally spinach, carrots or meat. It is usually served with dark pumpernickel bread. Borscht can also be served cold in the summer at which time it is pink in color usually due to the addition of sour cream in the recipe. Borscht is one of the most popular soups in the Ukraine as well as in Russia.
    Your options: [ Ginataan ] [ Borscht ] [ Callaloo ] [ Vichyssoise ]
  From Quiz: No Soup For You
17 "Woman! I want a cold soup made from beetroot!" What does my husband want now?
Answer: borscht

Borscht is popular in Eastern and Central Europe. It is also sometimes served warm or based with tomato instead of beet.
  From Quiz: Woman, Where's my Soup?
18 What is a tomato-based Italian stew that has a variety of fish and shellfish in it?
Answer: Cioppino

Cioppino came about from the Italian fishermen of the San Francisco area in the late 1800s. It was often made out at sea and then brought into port. The feature fish was typically the catch-of-the-day. It is often served over long pasta with the shells still on the crabs and other shellfish. Eating this treat might take some extra effort!
  From Quiz: No Soup for You!
19 Dried and ground up Sassafras leaves create an integral flavoring and thickener for which soup?
Answer: Chicken Gumbo

Fil powder is essential for a good Gumbo!
    Your options: [ Mulligatawny ] [ Chicken Gumbo ] [ Billy Bi ] [ Chlodnik ]
  From Quiz: This Looks Like a Job for Souperman!
20 Mulligatawny soup is a delicious and refreshing creamy chicken concoction that comes to us from which country?
Answer: India

There are a variety of ways to prepare mulligatawny, but there's no doubt that the soup itself originates in India. I always order an ample bowl of this stuff when I dine at an Indian restaurant- I find it very soothing. By the way...the word mulligatawny comes from the southern Indian dialect Tamil, and means 'cool pepper water'!
    Your options: [ India ] [ Thailand ] [ Iran ] [ Vietnam ]
  From Quiz: Soup IS Good Food!
21 During the Great Depression in the United States, many people were so hungry they had to queue up at soup kitchens to get food. What nickname was given to these soup kitchens?
Answer: Hoover Cafes

Many people blamed President Hoover for the Depression. It is alleged that Al Capone paid for some of the soup kitchens.
  From Quiz: A Fly in my Soup
22 What is the rumored origin of the word 'chowder'?
Answer: French for cauldron

It's from the old French 'chaudier' for cauldron.
  From Quiz: Soup's On!
23 Moving from Vietnam to the neighbouring country of Laos, we find a filling, beef-based noodle soup whose name, "feu", is derived from the language of which former colonial power?
Answer: French

The name of the Laotian version of pho comes from the famous French dish "pot au feu", a beef stew with vegetables. Indeed, though feu resembles pho in many ways (including its name), it is more stew-like than its Vietnamese counterpart, as vegetables such as carrots and celery are generally added to the meat, together with onions, a lot of garlic, ginger, herbs and spices; this rich, thick broth can also be served with steamed rice rather than noodles. Raw vegetables, especially tomatoes, are often used as a garnish, alongside the usual green onions, fresh herbs, chilies and lemon or lime wedges. Fried garlic, a Laotian favourite, is a common and popular topping for this dish. Laos was a French protectorate from 1893 to 1954 - hence the French influence on some aspects of its cuisine.
    Your options: [ French ] [ Dutch ] [ German ] [ Spanish ]
  From Quiz: Pho & Friends
24 Ashore now you head inland to stop at a German tavern for this breakfast soup!
Answer: Beer soup

Beer soup is a soup which is usually roux-based and made with beer. In medieval Europe, it was served as a breakfast soup, sometimes poured over bread.
    Your options: [ Fruktsoppa ] [ Beer soup ] [ Cucumber soup ] [ Lettuce soup ]
  From Quiz: Soup of the day!
25 Bennet Cerf, an American humourist, once defined which phrase as "the noise you don't make when you are eating soup"?
Answer: Good Manners

Bennett Cerf was one of the founders of Random House book publishers, and compiled several popular collections of puns and jokes.
He also appeared as a panellist on the television game show "What's my Line" from it's inception in the early 1950s until his death in 1971.
    Your options: [ Sublime Charm ] [ Golden Silence ] [ Good Manners ] [ Peace and Quiet ]
  From Quiz: Wait! Your Soup!
26 Which soup, consisting of potatoes, leeks, onions and cream, was invented at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York?
Answer: Vichyssoise

Invented by chef Louis Diat in the early 1900s, based on his mother's recipe for a potato and leek soup, vichyssoise is popular for its creamy and refreshing taste. Its name comes from Diat's home town of Vichy, France.
    Your options: [ Tourin ] [ Oille ] [ Garbure ] [ Vichyssoise ]
  From Quiz: Waiter! There's Soup In My Fly!
27 "Woman! I didn't like that soup! Bring me a cold French one with leeks, potatoes, and chicken stock instead!" What dish should I bring to him?
Answer: vichyssoise

Vichyssoise is basically the same soup as Potage Parmentier, except the latter is served warm. Credit for the recipe is sometimes given to chef Louis Diat and sometimes to Jules Gouffe.
  From Quiz: Woman, Where's my Soup?
28 Pho noodles are usually long and thin, though sometimes you can also order them wide. Either way, what kind of noodles are used in pho?
Answer: Rice

Rice vermicelli (also known as rice sticks) are the foundation of pho and many other Vietnamese dishes. They were most likely introduced to the Vietnamese from China, and the word "pho" may be a Vietnamese adaptation of the Chinese rice vermicelli "hofan".
  From Quiz: Pho True Fans of Noodle Soups
29 Which thick soup, that has an assortment of meats, fish and vegetables in it, gets its flavor from a base of brown roux?
Answer: Gumbo

You can trace the origins of gumbo to the state of Louisiana. In a good gumbo, you will find shellfish, fish and sausage as well as vegetables. In the southeast United States, gumbo is usually served over rice. The roux has a nutty flavor which gets stronger as the roux darkens. It also acts to thicken the gumbo.
    Your options: [ Cioppino ] [ Stock ] [ Gumbo ] [ Cassoulet ]
  From Quiz: No Soup for You!
30 'Okroshka' is a traditional cold soup that is popular in Russia. It is made by using two sorts of vegetables. The first sort must be vegetables that are neutral in flavor. What should the second sort of vegetables be?
Answer: spicy

The first set of vegetables that are incorporated into an "Okroshka" soup must be neutral in flavor. For example, turnips, potatoes, or rutabagas would be an excellent combination in this type of soup. These vegetables will have added flavor once the second sort of vegetables are added. The second sort must be spicy. This means that green onions are used in combination with a variety of spicy green vegetables such as dill leaves, celery, tarragon, and parsley.
  From Quiz: Soups Of The World
31 The name of this delightful vegetable soup is derived from the Latin word meaning 'to serve up', and it certainly is served up in a abundance at Italian restaurants everywhere. What is the fitting name for this excellent soup dish?
Answer: Minestrone

The name minestrone comes from the Latin ministrare, to dish or serve up. Minestrone typically includes a great mixture of vegetables and herbs, and would not be the same without the berlotti beans (though pintos are also used). A little bacon or ham is optional to create the broth.
  From Quiz: Soup IS Good Food!
32 What is the main ingredient of Borsht (Borsch), a renowned Russian soup?
Answer: Beetroot

A classic Eastern European soup, primarily Russia and Poland. It combines the sourness of lemons with the sweetness of beetroot. Usually served chilled with soured cream and for a special treat, caviar.
  From Quiz: A Fly in my Soup
33 What is the name for a lobster soup?
Answer: bisque or stew

Not to be confused with the type of pottery, this is a thick cream soup.
  From Quiz: Soup's On!
34 Winter time you'll enjoy this warming and so delicious stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices.
Answer: Goulash

Originating from the medieval Hungary, goulash is a popular meal predominantly eaten in Central Europe.
    Your options: [ Kartoffelsuppe ] [ Goulash ] [ Joumou ] [ Tarator ]
  From Quiz: Soup of the day!
35 A country rich in soup heritage, Pho is the most common soup served in this country. Pho is a rice noodle soup with beef broth and a combination of star anise, cinnamon, cardamom and other spices. What country can you find Pho?
Answer: Vietnam

Pho (pronounced 'FUH') had a surge in popularity worldwide following the Vietnam War, as soldiers from multiple countries took the idea and recipes home with them. It can be served with beef or chicken in it, but it originated using beef; chicken only appeared after beef became scarce in the early 20th century.
  From Quiz: Son of a Bisque
36 Which country does miso soup come from?
Answer: Japan

Miso soup starts off as a type of Japanese stock, known as dashi, which is considered to be a fundamental ingredient of Japanese cooking. Miso paste is then added to turn it into miso soup. Other ingredients are then added, traditionally tofu and wakame (seaweed).
    Your options: [ China ] [ Vietnam ] [ Taiwan ] [ Japan ]
  From Quiz: Waiter! There's Soup In My Fly!
37 "Woman! I want a soup made from pasta and vegetables! Make it one that is from the island of Corfu in Greece!" What soup should I fetch now?
Answer: Bourou-Bourou

Recipes for this soup actually call for you to use whatever vegetables you have on hand. Red hot peppers largely influence the flavor of this dish.
  From Quiz: Woman, Where's my Soup?
38 Which soup is a bean pot stew with origins in southwest France?
Answer: Cassoulet

There are many varieties of cassoulet, with most containing pork but some variations contain duck, goose and mutton. Cassoulet always has beans and is often topped with breadcrumbs as a crust. Origins tie it to the peasants of early France as it was served as a meal, complete with crusty bread.
    Your options: [ Ragout ] [ Chowder ] [ Cassoulet ] [ Consomme ]
  From Quiz: No Soup for You!
39 'Hnsekdsuppe' is the Danish version of what common North American soup?
Answer: Chicken Soup

Hnsekdsuppe is a popular Danish soup that is sure to help make you feel better. This is a quick soup to make and ingredients include one large hen, onions, and celery root.
  From Quiz: Soups Of The World
40 What is the real ingredient in mock turtle soup?
Answer: beef or veal

Remember the Mock Turtle in Carroll's Alice? Tenniel portrayed him with a cow's head and hooves. Veal comes from young calves, not from grown cattle, as does beef. Mock turtle soup uses meat from calves' heads and hooves.
  From Quiz: Soup's On!
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