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47 Hot Fuzz Trivia Questions & Answers

Hot Fuzz
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1 In the montage at the opening of the film, we are told that Nicholas Angel graduated from Cambridge University with a double first in which two subjects?
Answer: Politics and sociology

We also learn that he was born and schooled in London, attended Hendon college of police training, graduated top of his class, received the baton of honour, graduated with distinction to the London Metropolitan Police service, received nine special commendations and four injuries in the line of duty in the past year. The scene is appropriately set to Adam Ant's 'Goody Two Shoes'!
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What is the name of the local pub?

2 Who was crushed by a falling church spire?
Answer: Tim Messenger

Messenger had told Angel to meet him in the churchyard at three o'clock during the Sandford village fête. Unfortunately, Angel was marshalling the raffle and Tim's name ominously came out. As soon as the clock struck three Angel rushed to the churchyard where Tim just had time to register that Angel was there before the church spire came down on his head splattering blood everywhere.
3 Who played the role of Sergeant Nicholas Angel?
Answer: Simon Pegg

Angel's two loves were: the police service (official vocab guidelines state that force is too aggressive) and his favourite plant, the Japanese Peace Lily. He worked for the Metropolitan Police in London, where he had the highest arrest record of any officer, before being moved to the quiet village of Sandford in Gloucestershire.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hot Fuzz.
4 How do you spell the name of the gun that Nick blew a guy's head off with?
Answer: Kalashnikov

The officers were talking at the pub, and someone mentioned that Nick blew a guy's head off with a Kalashnikov (a type of gun). Nick then remarked that the man he shot had the gun.
Question Reference: Quiz: All Fuzzed Up.
5 What is the name of Nicholas' ex-girlfriend?
Answer: Jeanine

Jeanine is played by 'Lord of the Rings' actress Cate Blanchett, who was uncredited for the role. In the movie, the guy she is dating (having been dumped by Nicholas) is voiced by director Edgar Wright, even though the body actually belongs to Chris Waitt. Chris originally played the part, but was not around when ADR was taking place, so Edgar Wright stepped in to do the voice-over.
6 What was written on the toy monkey that Nicholas Angel won at the fête?
Answer: I'm With Stoopid

Angel won the monkey after Danny persuaded him to have a go on the fête's shooting range, where he showed unbelievable ability with an air rifle. He gave the monkey to Danny who ran away from Nicholas in a bad mood and later returned it to Angel's hotel room.
7 Who played Police Constable Danny Butterman?
Answer: Nick Frost

Danny had a passion for action movies and believed that gunfights and car chases were regular routine for city police. He expressed extreme shock when Angel revealed that he hadn't seen the films that Danny admired, including "Point Break" and "Bad Boys 2".
Question Reference: Quiz: Hot Fuzz.
8 At the hotel, the owner is doing a crossword. What word does Nicholas help her out with?
Answer: Hag

I'm not sure how he manages to read the crossword clues from upside-down and so far away but hey, he is a very good policeman. This is in response to the lady shouting out "Fascist!" to him when she suddenly thinks of the answer to another of the clues. She shouts it out again near the end of the film, but this time, she means it!
9 How long was the "Romeo and Juliet" performance?
Answer: 3 hours

Nick and Danny said to the other officers about how they sat through three hours of so-called acting, and the only convincing moment was the kiss.
Question Reference: Quiz: All Fuzzed Up.
10 Nicholas is transferred to Sandford, a small town in Gloucestershire. He is supposed to be staying in a cottage, but it isn't ready yet. Where does he end up lodging instead?
Answer: The Swan Hotel

The exterior shots for Sandford, Gloucestershire were actually filmed in Wells, Somerset, the hometown of director Edgar Wright, who said it was extremely strange to be filming an action movie in all of his old haunts. The Swan Hotel is a real hotel in Wells and was used to shoot the exteriors for the Swan Hotel in the movie.
11 What body part did Angel think that Skinner had injured himself whilst escaping after stabbing Leslie Tiler?
Answer: Leg

Angel went to the Somerfield supermarket that Skinner owned and blamed him for the murders. He intended to use the leg wound as hard evidence. He believed that after stabbing Leslie Tiler with her own shears, he cut the leg on broken glass whilst escaping.
12 Who was the owner of the swan, that went missing?
Answer: Peter Ian Staker

The theft was reported immediately, but Angel thought that it was a hoax call due to the owner's name. The swan then reappears throughout the film, eventually allowing Angel and Danny to apprehend Frank Butterman.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hot Fuzz.
13 In the local pub, Nicholas notices that there are lots of under-age drinkers present and proceeds to throw them all out. Before he does, what's he drinking?
Answer: Cranberry juice

A policeman has to stay focused so Nicholas doesn't drink much alcohol (at least not at the start of the film). He also says later on that he doesn't drink caffeine past noon.
The owners of the pub say that most of the kids are nearly eighteen (legal drinking age in England) and that it's better they're in the pub than out on the streets causing havoc. They mention that it's for "the greater good" - a phrase which is quite important to this particular village, as we find out!
14 What mobile phone network does Nicholas use?
Answer: Vodafone

You can see this for a few split seconds when Nick's phone is running out of signal as he nears Sandford.
Question Reference: Quiz: All Fuzzed Up.
15 On his very first night in Sandford, Nicholas ends up arresting a number of people, mainly for being drunk and disorderly. How many people did he actually arrest?
Answer: 5

On arriving in the pub, he finds it to be populated by underage drinkers, whom he promptly expels. Later, on leaving, he arrests Constable Danny Butterman (played by Nick Frost) for driving under the influence of drinking. While taking him to the police station, he happens upon some of the underage drunks he kicked out of the pub. He arrests the four of them for being drunk and disorderly. A big deal is made of the paperwork in this scene. It is shot almost like an action scene, with rock music belting in the background. This is because when Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg were doing research for the film, they talked to many police officers. The top complaint they discovered about the portrayal of the police in the movies is that the paperwork aspect of the job is often glossed over. Pegg and Wright therefore decided to make sure the paperwork got the proper amount of attention in 'Hot Fuzz'.
16 What was revealed to be Simon Skinner's childhood nickname?
Answer: Cissy

It derived from his childhood days studying ballet and Angel believed it was a major revelation. It emerged that it was a well-known fact as demonstrated by the ever-funny CID team (Andy Wainwright and Andy Cartwright). Skinner then produced CCTV footage confirming that he was in his shop during Leslie's attack.
17 Which running event does Nicholas Angel still hold the Met record for?
Answer: 100m

In the opening montage showing Nicholas' exploits in the police service, it is shown that he takes part in many activities including fencing, judo and chess as well as his record in the 100m.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hot Fuzz.
18 What sticky end happened to the robber on the OTHER side of Danny's flipbook?
Answer: Run over then shot

This can be viewed on the special features of the DVD. On one side (shown in the main film) a robber is shot in the head and it blows up (his head, not the robber). Danny says, "Wait 'till you see the other side!"
Question Reference: Quiz: All Fuzzed Up.
19 When Nicholas goes on a morning run on his first day in Sandford he meets most of the members of the NWA. What is written on Simon Skinner's t-shirt?
Answer: Sandford Fun Runners

Interestingly, in this scene, all the members of the NWA stand in the same positions that they will later occupy during the shootout at the end of the movie. Another trivia point is that the twins who drive the car pickup truck down the street are also the butchers in Somerfield supermarket, and they also played crazed zombie twins in 'Shaun of the Dead'.
20 According to Joyce, what had Janet Barker named her twins?
Answer: Roger and Martin

She said this before the meeting of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance (NWA) at the castle. They were gathered in a circle, all hooded and repeating an eerie chant. They then rejoiced at Angel being dealt with by the trolley boy from the supermarket. Angel then chose that moment to reveal himself and uncover the NWA'a nefarious scheme.
21 What is the name of the supermarket owner that is played by former Bond actor Timothy Dalton?
Answer: Simon Skinner

Simon Skinner was a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance who weed out people who may cause Sandford to lose the prestigious "Village Of The Year Award". He is owner of the local Somerfield, a supermarket in which Danny and Nicholas often kill time. For example in an early scene Danny is looking at action DVDs in the basket while Nicholas is in the organic produce section.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hot Fuzz.
22 Timothy Dalton plays the nefarious Simon Skinner, a local business man. What kind of business does he run?
Answer: A supermarket

He runs the local supermarket which, instead of a fake movie shop, turns out to be a "Somerfield" which is a well-known chain in the UK. It also provides the location for one of the fight scenes later in the film. I don't know if they got an increase in trade after this or not!
Nicholas is suspicious of Simon right from the start, but can he prove he has anything to do with the murders? Simon has hired several tough characters to work in his supermarket, including the gigantic inbred trolley boy and two shady looking butchers. He always seems to have inside knowledge of the murders but, as we find out, he's not working alone.
23 Which colour spray paint did Nick NOT buy before making his triumphant return to Sandford?
Answer: Green

Nick buys the spray paint, then gets local schoolkids to spray all the CCTV cameras in the village.
Question Reference: Quiz: All Fuzzed Up.
24 Having been shown round the police station, Nicholas has only one question for his superior Frank Butterman. What is that question?
Answer: "Why is everyone eating chocolate cake?"

It turns out that the reason everyone is eating chocolate cake is because Danny was compelled to buy some as punishment for losing his hat a couple of days ago. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg said that this was based on actual experiences related to them while they were interviewing real police officers. Apparently, people who mess up paperwork or other such trivial errors often make up for it by buying cake or some other sweets for the station.
25 Who is not a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance?
Answer: Doris Thatcher

Most of the villagers belonged to this society who killed anyone who might have ruined Sandford's chances in the "Village Of The Year" competition. Doris was a member of the Sandford Police Service, most of whom were oblivious to the NWA's actions and believed that the village's many deaths were all accidents and not murder.