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Trivia Questions and Answers
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50 Cincinnati Bengals Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Cincinnati Bengals? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Cincinnati Bengals (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 What was the first season of the Cincinnati Bengals as a professional team?
Answer: 1968

The Bengals joined the American Football League in 1968, then when the AFL-NFL merger happened in 1970, they joined the NFL.
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2 What NCAA Division III school did former QB Kenny Anderson attend?
Answer: Augustana College

Augustana College is a perennial powerhouse in NCAA Division III.
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3 What Bengals receiver caught 2 TD's in Super Bowl XVI?
Answer: Dan Ross

Ross was the Bengals' tight end and had two scores in the Bengals 26-21 loss to San Francisco. He also set a then-record with 11 Super Bowl catches.
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4 Who was the original owner/head coach of the Bengals?
Answer: Paul Brown

Ironically, Paul Brown was also the founder/owner of the state rivals Cleveland Browns. His time with Cleveland ended after selling his share of the team to Art Modell, and then was fired 2 years later. Art Modell never worked with the Bengals. Dave Shula coached the Bengals 1992-1996. Dick LeBeau coached the team from 2000-2002.
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5 In the Bengals first Superbowl appearance after the 1981 season(SB-XVI)what was the nickname given to the Defensive line?
Answer: WEBB

Wilson Whitley,Eddie Edwards,Gary Burley,Ross Browner
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6 Who was the Bengals' first head coach?
Answer: Paul Brown

Paul Brown left the Cleveland Browns to own and run the Bengals. He coached from 1968 to 75.
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7 What was the name of the stadium the Bengals shared with the Reds for three decades?
Answer: Riverfront Stadium

In the Bengals first season in the AFL, they played at Nippert Stadium, but then moved to Riverfront from 1970-1999. Riverfront Stadium was also known as Cinergy Field in 1996.
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8 Arguably the worst trade in Bengals history, the Bungals sent Charlie Joiner to San Diego for whom?
Answer: Coy Bacon

Coy once had over 20 sacks in one season with the Bengals, but that was prior to sacks being recognized as an official stat.
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9 What lanky wide receiver did the Bengals draft with their second round pick in 1980?
Answer: Cris Collinsworth

The Bengals picked Verser in the first round. Cris Collinsworth turned out to be much better.
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10 What new stadium did the Bengals call home in 2000?
Answer: Paul Brown Stadium

The Bengals moved to their own stadium in 2000, leaving the Reds to play at Riverfront until their new stadium, Great American Ball Park, was completed for the 2003 season. Obviously, the new home of the Bengals was named for their founder, Paul Brown. His son Mike Brown was the owner at the time of the new stadium opening.
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11 Long-time Bengals guard and color commentator on Bengals radio, Dave Lapham once blocked for what famous RB when they were teammates for the USFLs New Jersey Generals?
Answer: Herschel Walker

Dave did block for Herschel, but Kelvin Bryant was probably the greatest player in the USFLs short history.
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12 What school did Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason attend?
Answer: Maryland

The Bengals picked Esiason in the second round of the 1984 draft. He was the 1988 MVP in the NFL, throwing for 3,572 yards and 28 touchdowns.
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13 What are the main colors of the Bengals?
Answer: Orange and Black

Its funny to me that the Bengals' orange was indeed very similar to the Cleveland Browns' orange. The uniforms have changed over the years to include more black, and to add a little flair with tiger stripes.
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14 What former WWF pro wrestler played for the Bengals during the strike games of 1987?
Answer: Flyin' Brian Pillman

Brian attended Miami (OH) University. Sadly, he was found dead of a drug overdose in a hotel room in the late 90s.
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15 Bengals RB Corey Dillon set the single-game rushing record in 2000 with how many yards?
Answer: 278

Dillon rushed for 278 yards vs. Denver on October 22, 2000 to break Walter Payton's record of 275 yards.
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16 What was the name of the celebratory dance that started during the Bengals run to the Super Bowl in the 1988 season?
Answer: Ickey Shuffle

Ickey Woods was a rookie running back in 1988, and did his little dance after scoring touchdowns. This was to be the start of NFL penalties for excessive celebrations.
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17 In Super Bowl XXIII following the 1988 season, which Bengals DB dropped an easy interception on San Francisco's final drive, that if intercepted, would have secured the win for Cincinnati?
Answer: Lewis Billups

Lewis died in a car wreck in the late 90s.
    Your options: [ Darrell Williams ] [ David Fulcher ] [ Eric Thomas ] [ Lewis Billups ]
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18 Who was the first career Bengal to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Answer: Anthony Muņoz

Anthony Muņoz was inducted in 1998. He was selected in the first round in 1980 from USC. He was one of the greatest offensive tackles in league history. Charlie Joiner spent four seasons with the Bengals but was enshrined as a San Diego Charger in 1996.
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19 What Bengals coach first made the no-huddle offense a standard for his team?
Answer: Sam Wyche

Although all four choices coached for the Bengals at some point in their history, Sam Wyche made this a regular way of life on the offensive side of the ball. Most teams only used this offense when time was running low. Several NFL rule changes developed from this offensive strategy, giving defense time to substitute. Stopping the clock for injury means that injured player is required to sit out one play. Further, they could penalize a team if they have a clock-stopping injury when a limited amount of time is left in the game. Wyche coached the Bengals.
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20 When the Bengals began play in 1967, the stadium PA announcer roamed the sidelines behind the Bengals bench. What is the name of the original PA announcer for the Bengals?
Answer: Tom Kinder

At the next game you see, look for the guy with a microphone pacing behind the Bengal's bench, because you don't see this often in the NFL.
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21 The first time the Bengals made the first selection of the NFL draft was during the 1990s. Whom did they select?
Answer: Dan Wilkinson

The Bengals drafted defensive tackle Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson 1st overall from Ohio State. He was pretty average, and the Bengals let him go via free agency to the Washington Redskins.
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22 Who was the first Bengals player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Answer: Anthony Munoz

Anthony Munoz was an offensive tackle from USC and was the first round, third pick of the 1980 draft. He played 13 seasons for the Bengals and was an 11-time Pro Bowl selection.
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23 All-Pro Defensive Lineman Mike Reid retired to pursue a career in what field?
Answer: Concert Pianist

We can only wonder how the fortunes of the Bengals would have turned out differently had Greg Cook not got hurt and Reid hadn't retired.
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24 What innovative Bengal coach was credited with inventing the no-huddle offence?
Answer: Sam Wyche

Wyche coached under Bill Walsh in San Francisco and brought an innovative style to the Bengals' offence. The no-huddle gave defences fits because it was difficult to substitute players, and the Bengals flourished.
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25 What opponent did the Bengals face twice in a Super Bowl?
Answer: San Francisco 49ers

The Bengals faced the 49ers twice in the big game. In Super Bowl XVI, they lost 26-21, and in Super Bowl XXIII, they lost 20-16.
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26 What Cincinnati Bengal is responsible for the tackle that basically ended Bo Jackson's career?
Answer: Kevin Walker

Bo was striding forward when Walker grabbed his back leg. When Bo attempted to pull his trail leg forward, the weight of Walker pulled the hip from it's socket by breaking the "ball" off the end of his femur bone. Bo had a stainless steel artificial ball inserted in the hip, but he never ran the same after that.
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27 By the close of the 20th century, almost 12 years had passed since the last Bengals home playoff game (January 8th, 1989). Who did the Bengals defeat 21-10?
Answer: Buffalo Bills

The Bengals defeated the Bills 21-10 to advance to Super Bowl XXIII, only to lose to San Francisco - again. The Bills would advance to the next four Super Bowls.
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28 Which Bengal was the 1988 NFL MVP?
Answer: Boomer Esiason

Boomer was the quarterback of the 1988 Bengals team that lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. He threw for 3572 yards with 28 TDs against 14 interceptions in the season.
    Your options: [ Ken Anderson ] [ Ickey Woods ] [ Boomer Esiason ] [ Anthony Munoz ]
  From Quiz: All About the Bengals
29 Riverfront Stadium was dubbed "the Jungle" in the late 1980s by a group of 4 guys from Wilmington, Ohio. What hard rock group provided the musical inspiration behind "The Jungle".
Answer: Guns 'N' Roses

"Welcome to the Jungle" is still played before every kick-off.
    Your options: [ Aerosmith ] [ Poison ] [ KISS ] [ Guns 'N' Roses ]
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30 Which was the Bengals' 2nd round pick in the 1988 NFL Draft?
Answer: Ickey Woods

The Bengals picked Woods out of UNLV in the second round, and the big running back went on to 1,066 yards and 15 touchdowns in his rookie year. Remember the Ickey Shuffle?
    Your options: [ Rickey Dixon ] [ Joe Kelly ] [ David Fulcher ] [ Ickey Woods ]
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