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160 MLB 1970s Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about MLB 1970s? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to MLB 1970s (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 In 1975 and 1976, Cincinnati's "Big Red Machine" won World Series titles. Who was the starting shortstop on these Cincinnati teams?
Answer: Dave Concepcion

Concepcion played his entire Major League career (1970-88) with the Reds. During the 1970s, Concepcion received six All-Star Game selections and earned five Gold Glove awards. In 2007, the Reds honored this shortstop by retiring his #13 jersey. Joe Morgan played second base for the Reds, Dan Driessen was a first baseman, and George Foster played left field for Cincinnati.
  From Quiz: Shortstops of the 1970s
2 Steve Garvey was an All-Star first baseman for several seasons during the 1970s. For which team did Garvey play?
Answer: Los Angeles Dodgers

Garvey was one of the mainstays of the Los Angeles Dodgers during the 1970s. He represented the Dodgers six times in the All-Star game during the decade. Though not exceptionally tall, Garvey had powerful forearms and was a good-fielding first baseman. The righty-hitting Garvey slugged 272 home runs in a career which lasted from 1969 to 1987.
    Your options: [ San Francisco Giants ] [ Chicago Cubs ] [ Los Angeles Dodgers ] [ Atlanta Braves ]
  From Quiz: First Basemen of the 1970s
3 What baseball team won World Series three times in the 1970s?
Answer: Oakland A's

The A's won 3 consecutive World Series crowns, 1972-1974. The Reds won the World Series in 1975 and 1976. The Yankees won in 1977 and 1978. The Dodgers were shut out, losing the World Series 3 times in the decade (1974, 1977, and 1978).
  From Quiz: 1970s Baseball
4 Baseball changed in the 1970s, and was in favor of the hitters. What was the prime example that changed the course of the game in the 1970s?
Answer: No advertising banners were allowed in centerfield

In the 1960s, some stadiums were found to have raised their mounds, such as the Dodgers from 1963-1966. But, the league did not enforce the rule already stated until 1970. This gave pitchers more of an advantage. Players in the 1960s complained about strategically located banners in centerfield, that impaired the batter's ability to pick up the ball on a pitch. Thus, no colored anything was allowed in centerfield beginning in 1970 that could hamper a batter's vision.
  From Quiz: Major League Baseball: 1970s Challenge
5 Which 'birdman' in 1976 went wild and won the AL Rookie of the Year Award?
Answer: Mark Fidrych

Mark "The Bird" Fidrych, known for his gyrations and talking to the ball on the mound, was a Detroit Tiger. He went 19-9 in the season, and boosted the attendance at every ballpark that he pitched in. That was his only shining season as he encountered health and injury issues. He was out of baseball in five seasons.
    Your options: [ Lee Stange ] [ Ken Harrelson ] [ Mark Fidrych ] [ Sparky Lyle ]
  From Quiz: Major League Baseball: 1970s
6 Six new stadiums were built in the 1970s including Riverfront, Veterans Stadium, the Kingdome, etc. Which team was provided with Three Rivers Stadium in 1970?
Answer: Pittsburgh

The Pirates moved from Forbes Field during the 1970 season. They showed their appreciation by winning the World Series in 1971 against the Orioles.
    Your options: [ Pittsburgh ] [ Cincinnati ] [ Philadelphia ] [ Minnesota ]
  From Quiz: Decades on the Diamond: 1970s
7 The Major Leagues saw 29 deaths in the 1970s. The last was which Yankee catcher who died in 1979 in a tragic place crash?
Answer: Thurman Munson

Munson was in his 11th season in 1979 when his aircraft accident took place. He won the Rookie of the Year award in 1970, then the American League MVP in 1976. He was a seven-time all-star. He died on August 2nd at the age of 32. Some of the other high profile baseball stars who died in the decade were; Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Gil Hodges, Dizzy Dean, Casey Stengel, and Angel Lyman Bostock who was murdered at the age of 27 in 1978.
    Your options: [ Yogi Berra ] [ Mike Stanley ] [ Elston Howard ] [ Thurman Munson ]
  From Quiz: Decade in a Box: 1970s
8 In 1970, who was the first outfielder to win a Gold Glove in both leagues?
Answer: Tommy Agee

All others only played in 1 league. Agee with the Mets in 1970, won his 2nd Gold Glove. In 1966, he won his first with the White Sox of Chicago. 12 seasons of baseball allowed him only one World Series appearance in 1969, as the Mets defeated the Orioles 4 games to 1.
  From Quiz: Dummies Baseball #48 - 1970s
9 Who was the starting pitcher for Boston in this game?
Answer: Mike Torrez

Torres was a Yankee in 1977.
  From Quiz: One Game Playoff: 1978
10 Who hit the most Home Runs in the Major Leagues from 1970 to 1979?
Answer: Willie Stargell

Stargell hit 296, followed by Jackson 292, Bench 290, and Bonds 280.
  From Quiz: 1970s Decade of Baseball
11 Ron Guidry had an incredible season in 1978, going 25-3, striking out 248, and had an amazing 1.74 ERA. Who was 2nd behind Ron in the AL in wins?
Answer: Mike Caldwell

Lefty Mike Caldwell of the Brewers also had a great season going 22-9 with an ERA of 2.37. Jim Palmer was 3rd in wins gong 21-12. Eck went 20-9 for the BoSox, Ryan just 10-13.
  From Quiz: MLB 1978 Season
12 His 1975 Topps Oakland A's baseball card identified his position as pinch runner. Who is he?
Answer: Herb Washington

Alvin Dark found a roster spot for Herb Washington, a world class sprinter, specifically as a pinch runner.
  From Quiz: 1970s Baseball
13 In 1976, this lefty-hitting New York Yankees shortstop hit a home run in his first World Series at-bat. Can you identify him?
Answer: Jim Mason

Jim Mason was a shortstop who played for five different Major League organizations between 1971 and 1979. Mason played for the New York Yankees from 1974 to 1976. Mason only batted once in the 1976 World Series, but his first World Series plate appearance was memorable because he belted a home run off Cincinnati pitcher Pat Zachry. In Game 3 of the Series, Mason entered the game as a defensive replacement for starting shortstop Fred Stanley in the top of the seventh inning. He then homered in the bottom half of the seventh. The other players listed in this question all batted right-handed.
  From Quiz: Shortstops of the 1970s
14 During the 1970s, the Pittsburgh Pirates had an All-Star catcher named Sanguillen. What was his first name?
Answer: Manny

During the 1970s, Manny Sanguillen played with the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1970 to 1976 and again from 1978 to 1979. This catcher was a key component of the Pirates' lineup; in Pittsburgh's two World Series victories, Sanguillen had an impressive .375 batting average. For his career, Sanguillen compiled a .282 batting average. Sanguillen earned three All-Star Game selections with Pittsburgh.
  From Quiz: MLB Catchers of the 1970s
15 Which New York Yankee first baseman hit a ninth-inning home run to defeat the Kansas City Royals in the deciding fifth game of the 1976 American League Championship Series?
Answer: Chris Chambliss

On October 14, 1976, first baseman Chris Chambliss became a part of Yankees' history when he belted a game-winning home run off Kansas City Royals pitcher Mark Littell. The left-handed hitter's blast clinched the ALCS for the Bombers. Chambliss had to fight his way through a delirious Yankee Stadiium mob in order to circle the bases. Chambliss played first base for the Yankees from 1974 to 1979. Willie Randolph played second base, Jim Mason was the Yankees' shortstop, and Roy White was an outfielder.
    Your options: [ Willie Randolph ] [ Roy White ] [ Chris Chambliss ] [ Jim Mason ]
  From Quiz: First Basemen of the 1970s
16 What is the only baseball team to win non-consecutive World Series in the 1970s?
Answer: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series in 1971 and 1979. In both occasions, they beat the Baltimore Orioles who won the World Series one time in the decade (1970). The Cincinnati Reds (1975-1976) and New York Yankees (1977-1978) both won consecutive World Series in the decade.
  From Quiz: 1970s Baseball
17 Which slugger hit the most home runs in the decade?
Answer: Willie Stargell

The others were all retired before 1970. Willie "Pops" Stargell was a career Pittsburgh Pirate. He smacked 296 in the decade and 475 in his 21-season career. George Foster of the Reds took the season high honors in the decade when he hit 52 in 1977.
    Your options: [ Duke Snider ] [ Leon Wagner ] [ Willie Stargell ] [ Jim Piersall ]
  From Quiz: Major League Baseball: 1970s
18 Which team won three consecutive World Series in the 1970s?
Answer: Oakland Athletics

Although all the teams went to three World Series in the 1970s, it was the Charles Finley owned team that won three in a row from 1972-1974. The team was led by Gene Tenace, Sal Bando, Reggie Jackson, Bert Campaneris, Jim Hunter, Ken Holtzman, and Vida Blue.
    Your options: [ New York Yankees ] [ Baltimore Orioles ] [ Los Angeles Dodgers ] [ Oakland Athletics ]
  From Quiz: Decade in a Box: 1970s
19 What player set a Major League record in 1971, by being hit by a pitch 50 times in the season?
Answer: Ron Hunt

The others listed did not begin their MLB careers for another 20 years. Hunt was popped 50 times in 1971 while playing for the Expos. He retired with a Major League career record 243 HBP's in 1974, after playing for only 12 seasons.
  From Quiz: Dummies Baseball #48 - 1970s
20 Who was the Red Sox Manager?
Answer: Don Zimmer

Zimmer would later join the Yankees as a coach.
  From Quiz: One Game Playoff: 1978
21 Who led the Major Leagues in total Runs Batted In from 1970 to 1979?
Answer: Johnny Bench

The leaders in RBIs for the 1970s were: Bench 1013, Perez 954, Lee May 936, and Jackson 922.
  From Quiz: 1970s Decade of Baseball
22 Who led the NL in homeruns in 1978?
Answer: George Foster

Foster followed up his 52 taters in 1977 with 40. 'The Bull', Luzinski and Parker each hit 34, while Schmidt had an off year with just 21.
  From Quiz: MLB 1978 Season
23 This player's rookie baseball card was a 1975 Topps, and in 1980 he became, along with Todd Helton, one of the latest-season .400 hitters in the last 25 years. Who is he?
Answer: George Brett

Yount was a rookie in 1975 but never flirted with .400 so late in the year. Carew and Madlock both had at least one batting title in the 70s.
  From Quiz: 1970s Baseball
24 Carlton Fisk was an excellent catcher for the Red Sox during the 1970s. In which year did Fisk hit a famous home run in the World Series?
Answer: 1975

During the 1970s, Carlton Fisk was an outstanding all-around catcher for the Boston Red Sox. Fisk belted 162 regular season home runs for the Bosox, but he is most remembered in New England for his Game Six-winning home run in the 1975 World Series against Cincinnati. Fisk's home run in the 12th inning gave Boston a dramatic 7-6 victory.
    Your options: [ 1975 ] [ 1978 ] [ 1972 ] [ 1976 ]
  From Quiz: MLB Catchers of the 1970s
25 Which baseball team won the American League Championship only one time in the 1970s?
Answer: Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox ALCS in 1975, the only time they went to the World Series in the 1970s. The Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals did not appear in the World Series in the 1970s. The New York Mets are in the National League.
    Your options: [ Boston Red Sox ] [ Detroit Tigers ] [ New York Mets ] [ Kansas City Royals ]
  From Quiz: 1970s Baseball
26 A Major League pitcher set a new season strikeout record in 1973. Which team did he pitch for in that season?
Answer: Angels

Nolan Ryan of the California Angels broke Dodger Sandy Koufax's record of 382, by one strikeout in 1973. Ryan retired on top of the heap with a career 5714 strikeouts.
    Your options: [ Mets ] [ Rangers ] [ Astros ] [ Angels ]
  From Quiz: Major League Baseball: 1970s Challenge
27 Baseball lost which Hall of Fame pitcher to a heart attack in 1974?
Answer: Dizzy Dean

Dean was a St. Louis Cardinal in the 1930s. Nicknamed "Dizzy", his brother Paul who was nicknamed "Daffy", both played with the Cardinals. In 1934, Dizzy went 30-7 while Paul went 19-11. Dizzy was 64 when he died, and Paul died in 1981 at the age of 69.
    Your options: [ Tom Seaver ] [ Don Drysdale ] [ Dizzy Dean ] [ Warren Spahn ]
  From Quiz: Major League Baseball: 1970s
28 Who was the only player in Major League baseball to hit 50+ home runs in a season during the entire decade?
Answer: George Foster

The others listed never hit 50 season home runs in their career. Foster belted out 52 in 1977 with the Cincinnati Reds. This career high for George won him the National League MVP in the season. He also helped the Reds to three World Series appearances in the 1970s, winning two.
  From Quiz: Decade in a Box: 1970s
29 In what season was the first general strike in Major League history?
Answer: 1972

The 13 day strike delayed the opening of the 1972 season by 10 days. The Commissioner Bowie Kuhn ruled that all games not played, would not be made up in the season. As a result, the Tigers beat out the Red Sox by 1/2 game in the AL East.
  From Quiz: Dummies Baseball #48 - 1970s
30 Who was the Yankees short stop in this game. He hit the 3 run home run to give the Yanks the lead?
Answer: Bucky Dent

He sank Red Sox fans hopes with this home run in the seventh inning off Mike Torres. Nobody thought Bucky would hit it over the Green Monster with that choked up grip.
  From Quiz: One Game Playoff: 1978
31 Which pitcher had the most losses during the 1970s in the American League?
Answer: Wilbur Wood

The losers were: Wood 123, Nolan Ryan 121, Bert Blylevan 113, and Jim Slaton 112.
    Your options: [ Paul Splittorff ] [ Wilbur Wood ] [ Jim Slaton ] [ Bert Blyleven ]
  From Quiz: 1970s Decade of Baseball
32 Who led the AL in homeruns in 1978?
Answer: Jim Rice

Rice had an awesome year with 46 homers, 139 RBIs, a .315 batting average, and 15 triples. Baylor hit 34, and the Brew crew were led by Hisle's 34 and Stormin' Gorman's 32.
  From Quiz: MLB 1978 Season
33 Whose home runs were nicknamed Taters?
Answer: George Scott

Brewers and Red Sox slugger Goerge C. Scott also nicknamed his first baseman's mitt Black Beauty.
  From Quiz: 1970s Baseball
34 During the 1970s, Freddie Patek played shortstop for the Kansas City Royals. What was Patek's nickname?
Answer: The Flea

Freddie "The Flea" Patek played shortstop for the Kansas City Royals from 1971 to 1979. Patek was an important member of the Royals lineup, earning three All-Star Game selections. "The Flea" had some power also. On June 20, 1980, Patek hit three home runs in a single game while playing for the California Angels.
  From Quiz: Shortstops of the 1970s
35 What American League team went to the postseason three consecutive times without going to the World Series in any of those seasons?
Answer: Kansas City Royals

The Royals won the AL West division three years in a row (1976-1978), and lost three times to the New York Yankees in the AL Championship Series. The Orioles won the ALCS in 1970 and 1971, but lost in 1974. The Phillies are in the National League.
  From Quiz: 1970s Baseball
36 Which team had the worst season record in the 1970s?
Answer: Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays began their franchise in 1977, and they went 54-107 in that season. They did worse for the decade's lowest record in 1979 by going 53-108. No starting player or even reserve batted .300 in the season, and not one Blue Jay pitcher won 10 games in 1979.
    Your options: [ Montreal Expos ] [ San Diego Padres ] [ Seattle Mariners ] [ Toronto Blue Jays ]
  From Quiz: Major League Baseball: 1970s Challenge
37 Who was the only pitcher to throw a Triple Crown in the 1970s?
Answer: Steve Carlton

The others were all retired before the 1970s rolled around. Steve was a St. Louis Cardinal for seven seasons, then was traded to the Phillies in 1972 for pitcher Rick Wise. What were the Cardinals thinking? In his first season with the Phillies, Carlton threw the Triple Crown, went 27-10 and won the Cy Young Award. He would win three more Cy Young's before he retired in 1986.
  From Quiz: Major League Baseball: 1970s
38 The 1970s saw the first pitcher in history win a Cy Young award in both leagues. Who was it?
Answer: Gaylord Perry

The others never won a Cy Young award. Known for his spitball, and after spending 10 seasons with the Giants, Perry won his first Cy Young as an Indian in 1972 when he went 24-16. With the Padres in 1978, he went 21-6 and won the award over Burt Hooton of the Dodgers.
  From Quiz: Decade in a Box: 1970s
39 What rule in 1973 did the American League adopt, and the National League refuse?
Answer: Designated Hitter

The Designated Hitter rule was adopted in 1973, allowing a hitter to bat for the pitcher in a lineup. That particular hitter would not play on defense, and would only bat in place of the pitcher each time the pitcher was to bat. Ironically in 1928, the National League suggested a Designated Hitter rule, but the American League vetoed it.
  From Quiz: Dummies Baseball #48 - 1970s
40 The winner of this play-of game went on to play in the AL Championship Series, against who?
Answer: Kansas City

The Yankees would go on to beat the Royals and then the Dodgers to become World Series Champs.
  From Quiz: One Game Playoff: 1978
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