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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Harley Davidson

60 Harley Davidson Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Harley Davidson? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Harley Davidson (World). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 A Harley Davidson dealer wants to show you a CVO model, what does CVO stand for?
Answer: Custom Vehicle Operation

The CVO group is responsible for four new Custom Vehicle Operation motorcycles each year.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorcycles
2 C.H. Lang opened the very first Harley Davidson dealership. In which city was this store opened?
Answer: Chicago

Mr. Lang sold one of the first three production Harley Davidson's.
    Your options: [ Cleveland ] [ Milwaukee ] [ Chicago ] [ Detroit ]
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
3 The very first Harley-Davidson was created by three brothers and their friend. What are their names?
Answer: Arthur, William, Walter Davidson and William Harley

In 1901, Arthur, William, Walter Davidson, and their friend William Harley came up with a fanastic idea while in a small shed. They decided to make the normal mode of transporation, a bicycle, that was available in 1901 and make it motorized. They combined all of their efforts and made a motorized bicycle. The first Harley-Davidson was born.
  From Quiz: The Awesome Harley - Davidson
4 1903 was the first year for H-D, what year was the first V-twin introduced?
Answer: 1909

The V-twin is introduced in 1909 but suffers problems and is withdrawn. In 1911 modified V-twin returns for good.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
5 Why is the name "HOG" associated with motorcycles?
Answer: A group of bike racers had a pig or hog as a mascot, when they would win a race they would put the hog on the bike and make a victory lap.

Harley tried to patent the "HOG" name but was advised that the name was already used to represent a large motorcycle of all kinds. They later used the name H.O.G. for the Harley Owners Group. Later the Harley stock symbol was changed to HOG.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorcycles
6 1986 is considered an important year for the Sportster model. This year the _________ Sportster was introduced.
Answer: Evo

In the first year of the Evo Sportster this model came with 883cc and 1100cc engine. This model used aluminum heads and cylinders. It was an 883cc machine developing 43 bhp. Also announced was an 1100cc model with 53 bhp.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Sportster
7 In 1911 Harley Davidson patented their logo. What is this famous logo titled?
Answer: "Bar and Shield"

Harley Davidson began using the logo in 1910 and patented it in 1911.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
8 Where was the first Harley-Davidson building located?
Answer: Juneau Avenue

Harley-Davidson built its very first manufacturing site in 1906 on Juneau Avenue in Milwaukee, WI. In 1907, the company produced 150 motorcycles. The idea that had begun in a small shed, had started to take off.
  From Quiz: The Awesome Harley - Davidson
9 In 1941 the ________ C.I.D. Knucklehead F-series joins original 61 C.I.D. E-series.
Answer: 74
    Your options: [ 45 ] [ 37 ] [ 80 ] [ 74 ]
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
10 What company did Harley Davidson merge with in 1969?
Answer: AMF

Harley Davidson merged with AMF in 1969. In 1981 executives from Harley Davidson started proceedings to buy back Harley Davidson. The phrase "The Eagle Soars Alone" was the battle cry.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorcycles
11 Harley Davidson motorbikes are popular for having a belt drive. Which year was this introduced on ALL Sportster models ?
Answer: 1993

The advantages of a belt drive over a chain are that it is more silent and much cleaner.
    Your options: [ 1993 ] [ 1967 ] [ 1992 ] [ 1972 ]
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Sportster
12 How did Harley Davidson's come to be known as "hogs"?
Answer: Early race team mascot.

In 1920, Harley Davidson had a race team whose mascot was a pig. After each victory, the driver would hoist the pig on to the gas tank and drive a victory lap.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
13 In which year did the police department start using the Harley-Davidson?
Answer: 1907

In 1907, police departments started to use the motorized cycle to catch crimals at a quicker speed. They enjoyed the freedom that the cycle gave them. Thus, making their jobs easier. Even today police departments throughout the country still have policemen that perform their duties while riding a Harley-Davidson.
    Your options: [ 1908 ] [ 1905 ] [ 1906 ] [ 1907 ]
  From Quiz: The Awesome Harley - Davidson
14 The 'Panhead' V-twin with hydraulic lifters and aluminum heads replaces the Knucklehead in ________
Answer: 1948
    Your options: [ 1947 ] [ 1946 ] [ 1945 ] [ 1948 ]
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
15 What saloon in Sturgis, SD has part of the name of a Harley Davidson engine as its name?
Answer: Knuckle Saloon

The Knuckle Saloon is located in downtown Sturgis, SD. The Saloon was once owned by Samuel D. Sturgis.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorcycles
16 The Sportster was given a model number that began with the letter ____
Answer: X

X was the next available letter in the alphabet that Harley had not previously used. It was known as the Sportster XL.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Sportster
17 In 2003 what did Harley Davidson celebrate?
Answer: 100th Anniversary

There are lots of celebrations across the world to celebrate an amazing one hundred years of H-D.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorbikes
18 The Black Hills Rally is a very popular motorcycle rally held annually in Sturgis, SD. What motorcycle club started this great rally?
Answer: The Jack Pine Gypsies Motorcycle Club

This rally has been going strong since 1938.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
19 In 1913, how many motorcycles were produced by Harley-Davidson?
Answer: 12,904

The inventors of the cycle were so impressed. They could not believe that everyone wanted to own a Harley-Davidson.
  From Quiz: The Awesome Harley - Davidson
20 The H-D snowmobile is introduced in what year?
Answer: 1971
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
21 When riders are discussing Harley Davidson Motorcycles what does "Flathead" refer to?
Answer: Engine

The Flathead was an engine manufactured in 1929. It was so reliable that is was still available in 1973.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorcycles
22 Every Harley rider has to have the obligatory black leather jacket. What year did Harley Davidson begin selling these popular items?
Answer: 1947

If you're looking for a great birthday or Christmas gift for your Harley enthusiast, a 100th Anniversiary jacket would be perfect.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
23 Harley management joins together to buy the Motor Company back from ________
Answer: AMF
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
24 What family of Harley Davidson Motorcycles is the Ultra Classic motorcycle in?
Answer: Touring

The touring bikes have air ride suspension and hard saddle bags.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorcycles
25 Erik Buell introduced a futuristic Buell model using the Sportster engine in 1986. What was the name of this model ?
Answer: RR1000

Erik Buell introduced his futuristic Buell RR1000 model using the Sportster engine in 1986. The engine was completely covered as in the Honda Pacific Coast or the Vincent Black Prince.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Sportster
26 Many celebrities have been seen on Harley Davidson's over the years. In 1956 a young Elvis Presley was featured on the cover of Harley Davidson's magazine. What is the magazine called?
Answer: 'Enthusiast'

The 'Enthusiast' was first published in 1916 and is still published today. This makes it the longest continually circulated motorcycle magazine ever.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
27 In 1922, Harley-Davidson created a bike so that they could test their new product. Even in 2002 this feature is just one of many that makes the Harley so special. What was the special feature that was added to the motorcycles 1922?
Answer: 74 cu in. V-Twin Engine

With the success of their motorcycles, the inventors were willing and able to try something new. In 1922, they invented the 74 cu in. V-Twin Engine. By doing so, they made the Harley the fastest motorcycle around. Today, the Harley-Davidson is world renowned for its speed.
  From Quiz: The Awesome Harley - Davidson
28 In 1949 _______-Glide front suspension replaces old leading link arrangement
Answer: Hydra
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
29 What does the designation of "B" stand for on the engine type? For example a 2000 softail engine would be a Twin Cam 88B.
Answer: Balanced Crank

The balance crank has more horsepower, but does have more vibration.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorcycles
30 Harley Davidson produced and sold a motor scooter in 1960. What was this motor scooter named?
Answer: Topper

The Topper was the only motor scooter ever produced by Harley Davidson throughout the first 100 years of making motorcycles.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
31 In 1936, Harley-Davidson manufactured a cycle that had a 61 cu in. overhead valve engine. What nickname did the company give this bike?
Answer: Knucklehead

After the Great Depression, Harley-Davidson created an EL model bike, that was also known as the Knucklehead. They produced 9,812 of these cool cycles. This bike is considered to be a must have for Harley-Davidson collectors.
  From Quiz: The Awesome Harley - Davidson
32 In 1958 Big Twin FL finally gets rear suspension in the new _________
Answer: Duo-Glide
    Your options: [ softtail ] [ superglide ] [ Hydra-Glide ] [ Duo-Glide ]
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
33 What is the association that would award a patch for a 1000 mile ride in a 24 hour period?
Answer: Iron Butt Association

The Iron Butt Association has several sanctioned rides, but proper documentation must be provided in order to get the patch.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorcycles
34 Harley Davidson tried to get into action with the Sportster model by introducing a newer model. In 1977, Cafe ______ model was introduced.
Answer: Racer

Cafe racers were bikes that were raced from watering hole to watering hole at night. Harley-Davidson got in on the action but this model lasted only two years.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Sportster
35 In 1969, Harley Davidson merged with American Machine and Foundry Corporation (AMF). In what year did the company buy back all shares from AMF?
Answer: 1981

The rallying cry "The Eagle Soars Alone" was a result of the buyback.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
36 AMF stands for _________
Answer: American Machine and Foundry
    Your options: [ American Motorcycle Foundation ] [ Anderson, Michaels, and French ] [ American Machinists and Flyers ] [ American Machine and Foundry ]
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
37 What motorcycle has a fairing that is attached to the frame and doesn't turn with the front forks?
Answer: Road Glide

The fairing mounted on the frame lightens the load on the front forks.
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson Motorcycles
38 In 1998, the very first Harley Davidson operations ever opens in which foreign country?
Answer: Brazil

The production facility opened in Manaus, Brazil.
    Your options: [ Peru ] [ Mexico ] [ Brazil ] [ Canada ]
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
39 In 1948, Harley-Davidson created yet another motorcycle. This cycle sported a new 74 cu in. engine with hydraulic valve lifters and aluminum heads. What is the name of this bike?
Answer: Panhead

In 1948, Harley-Davidson motorcycles were on the rise, everyone wanted one. The company decided to created the Panhead. By doing this they proved that they could and would keep their customers happy. At the end of 1948, they had produced 31,163 Panhead motorcycles.
  From Quiz: The Awesome Harley - Davidson
40 Shovelhead replaces Panhead in __________
Answer: 1966
    Your options: [ 1964 ] [ 1969 ] [ 1965 ] [ 1966 ]
  From Quiz: Harley Davidson History
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