Quiz about World Cups
Quiz about World Cups

World Cups Trivia Quiz

No, this is not a quiz about soccer (football). It is, instead, a quiz about various potent potables you might get poured into your cup as you travel the world. Simply match the interesting drink to the country where you would receive it.

A matching quiz by stephgm67. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Sep 02 22
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Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Tuna Tears Soju  
United States of America
2. Civet Dropping Beer  
South Korea
3. Airag (aka Kumis or Horse Milk Alcohol)  
4. Gunpowder Plot Cocktail  
5. Mezcal Larvae   
6. Grilled Cheese Martini  
7. Fog Beer  
8. Palm Tree Wine  
9. Cynar (aka Artichoke Liqueur)  
10. Mekong River Eel Wine  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Tuna Tears Soju

Answer: South Korea

Soju is a clear distilled Korean alcoholic beverage that is traditionally based on rice or wheat. It is typically very high in alcohol content and can come in multiple flavors such as peach or blueberry. Surprisingly, it can also be mixed with the fluid from the eye lens of a tuna fish.

This gives the drink a consistency similar to jelly. It is typically found in Japanese style restaurants in South Korea where the lens of the tuna eye is mashed and mixed with soju. The people who partake say they are getting vitamin E and other nutrients like gelatin and collagen.
2. Civet Dropping Beer

Answer: Denmark

There is an Asian coffee called kopi luwak that is made from partially digested coffee cherries that have been eaten and defecated by the palm civet. This small animal is thought to select the best coffee cherries and its digestive processes add a unique flavor.

In Denmark, breweries have typically used coffee in beer to add flavor to strong stout. In 2003, the civet dropping coffee began being utilized in an oatmeal stout to give it a "strong, wild, and heavy" flavor combination. It is sometimes called "weasel beer".
3. Airag (aka Kumis or Horse Milk Alcohol)

Answer: Mongolia

Kumis is made by fermenting mare's milk over hours or days while churning. During the process, yeasts turn it into a carbonated and alcoholic drink. This drink has a long history and was even written about in the 5th century BC. It has always taken skill to milk a mare, which involves pulling a nursing foal away and manually getting the milk.

In Mongolia, this season usually happens in the summer. Although traditionally leather pouches have been used to make the final drink, today the practice finds people using plastic barrels or vats.
4. Gunpowder Plot Cocktail

Answer: Australia

This drink sounds dangerous, but is, in fact, based on gunpowder tea. Gunpowder tea is loose leaf tea (green or oolong) that is tightly rolled into little pellets that look like gunpowder. The country of Ireland has been producing gunpowder gin that brings together gunpowder tea, citrus, and, of course, juniper berries. Several bars in Australia have taken that gunpowder gin and added spiced gunpowder syrup and herbal bitters.

They then serve it on a bed of twigs that burn and smoke under a glass dome.

This gives the cocktail a smoky taste that is supposed to be reminiscent of a gunpowder explosion.
5. Mezcal Larvae

Answer: Mexico

Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic drink made from the hearts of agave plants. All tequilas are mezcals but to be called true tequila the drink must be made from blue agave. Other mezcals can be produced from a variety of agave plants. Mezcal's agave is cooked in an underground pit, then fermented, and aged. Mezcal (not tequila), since the 1940s, has sometimes had a "worm" added to the bottle.

This "worm" is actually a larvae of a moth that lives on the agave plant. It is believed this larvae adds a unique taste and good fortune.
6. Grilled Cheese Martini

Answer: United States of America

This drink originated in New York City in the USA. A grilled cheese sandwich is made with one or more slices of cheese between bread and cooked with butter on a griddle or pan. Then it is put into a container and vodka is poured over it to infuse the liquid.

After 24 hours, the mixture is filtered through cheesecloth. Then ice cubes made of tomato juice can be added. Muddled basil is often a finishing touch with a balsamic reduction on the rim of the glass.
7. Fog Beer

Answer: Chile

The Atacama Desert is in Chile and is one of the driest places in the world. However, the region is sometimes covered in a thick fog. People have been utilizing nets that collect water from the fog. The nets have tiny openings (less than one millimeter across) and this is where water droplets will condense out of the fog.

The drops grow until they drip into a pipe and then into a container. A brewery in the area makes an amber ale with brown foam that is made only with the water collected from these nets.

The manufacturers tout the fact that the water is of superb quality and gives the beer a very unique taste.
8. Palm Tree Wine

Answer: Nigeria

Palm Tree Wine is steeped in the culture of Nigeria. It is served at home and at special events and even plays a role in wedding traditions where the bride serves it to her groom. To make the wine, young men called tappers climb very tall palm trees (a variety including date palms) using support ropes.

At the top of the tree, they insert a thin tube which brings the sap into a keg roped to the tree. After several hours, the keg is collected. The sap begins to ferment almost immediately and the more time goes by, the higher the alcohol content.

This drink is served at room temperature, often in gourds. The people of Nigeria say the drink is popular because it represents friendship and a link to older cultures.
9. Cynar (aka Artichoke Liqueur)

Answer: Italy

Cynar is an Italian bitter made by steeping a variety of herbs and plants, mostly artichokes, in a neutral spirit. It is considered a digestivo, an Italian after-dinner drink with medicine-like qualities. It was developed in 1952 by an entrepreneur in Venice who enjoyed artichokes from the area around Naples.

In Italy, it is sipped on the rocks or with just a touch of seltzer. In the mid 1990s, Campari bought the spirit and it quickly spread to bars around the world. Since then it has been utilized in older, popular cocktails as well as new concoctions and desserts.
10. Mekong River Eel Wine

Answer: Laos

The Mekong River is the longest river in Southeast Asia and flows through many countries, including Laos. Millions of people depend on the river for their transportation, livelihood, and food source. The river has one of the most diverse species of fish in the world. Among these is the river eel.

These eels start off in the ocean and move up the river to the freshwater. Mekong River Eel Wine is made by fermenting rice along with these river eels and ginseng roots. The eel bodies are bottled in the liquid.

The concoction is said to have magical and aphrodisiac properties.
Source: Author stephgm67

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