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Quiz about The Mystery of the Blue Train
Quiz about The Mystery of the Blue Train

Single Story Quiz: The Mystery of the Blue Train | 10 Questions

"The Mystery of the Blue Train" : a woman is murdered on the famous Blue Train, and it is up to Hercule Poirot to solve the murder. Warning - Spoilers ahead. Enjoy!

A multiple-choice quiz by JaneMarple. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
Multiple Choice
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Jul 23 22
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Question 1 of 10
1. The story begins in Paris. An American gentleman pays a great deal of money for a package. Where was the package hidden? Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. What shop does Demetrius Papopolous run? Hint

Question 3 of 10
3. What was the name of the doctor in St. Mary Mead? Hint

Question 4 of 10
4. How was Ruth Kettering killed? Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. When did Derek say he last saw Ruth? Hint

Question 6 of 10
6. Whereabouts was a jewel robbery while Knighton was staying there? Hint

Question 7 of 10
7. Where are Major Knighton and Derek when they declare their love of Katherine? Hint

Question 8 of 10
8. Miss Viner - a resident of St. Mary Mead - is suffering from ______ ? Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. What area of the body does Poirot say he was shot, years ago? Hint

Question 10 of 10
10. To whom did the cigarette case, found in Ruth's carriage, belong? Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. The story begins in Paris. An American gentleman pays a great deal of money for a package. Where was the package hidden?

Answer: Fireplace

Olga Demiroff and Boris Ivanovitch hand the package over to the man. Olga says her flat has already been searched throughly. They both feel as if the house is being watched. When the American leaves, he is followed. An English gentleman comes to Papopolous's shop, at night.

He wears a mask to disguise his face and calls himself the Monsieur Le Marquis. Zia, Papopolous's daughter, has been listening to the conversation, at the door. She comments that the stranger speaks good French for an Englishman, and that his head is a peculiar shape.

Her father says that a wig creates effect. Van Aldin is an American millionaire. He has one daughter, Ruth Kettering, whom he adores. Knighton is ex-army and has a limp. He has worked for Van Aldin for about two months. Van Aldin shows Knighton a large parcel.

Inside are rubies, they once belonged to Catherine the Great. The largest is known as the 'Heart of Fire'. They are a present for Ruth.
2. What shop does Demetrius Papopolous run?

Answer: Antiques

Ruth is married to the Honourable Derek Kettering, but the marriage is not a happy one. Van Aldin wants Ruth to divorce Derek. After some persuading, Ruth agrees that her father can set the wheels in motion. Ruth is delighted with the rubies. She plans to journey to the Riviera soon. Van Aldin tells her to leave the rubies at the bank - he doesn't want her murdered for them. Van Aldin meets with his son-in-law. Derek is amused that Ruth wants a divorce.

She only married him for the title. Derek advises Van Aldin to find out about Ruth's friends. Van Aldin has also employed a Mr Goby, a private detective, to find out everything about Derek. Before Ruth married, she was close to a supposed nobleman - the Comte Armand de la Roche. Van Aldin stopped the friendship immediately, and married Ruth off quickly. Ruth is seeing the Comte again - this is what Derek meant. Ruth is meeting the Comte in Paris. Derek meets Mirelle, the dancer. Mirelle is fond of Derek, but if he were poor, it would be a different story. Mirelle is jealous that Ruth has the expensive rubies.
3. What was the name of the doctor in St. Mary Mead?

Answer: Doctor Harrison

All these Doctors have appeared in Christie novels. Katherine Grey has been a companion to a Mrs Harfield for ten years. She has come into a small fortune, on Mrs Harfield's death. St Mary Mede appears in later Christie novels as the home of Miss Jane Marple. Lady Tamplin is a distant relation to Katherine Grey.

She invites Katherine to stay with them, in the Riviera - but only because Katherine has come into money. Lady Tamplin's daughter is Lenox Tamplin. Katherine shares the same compartment as Ruth, as they travel to the Riviera. Ruth is also travelling with her maid, Ada Mason. Ruth tells Katherine how she is meeting the Comte de la Roche without her father knowing. Katherine sees a man entering a compartment later; she thinks it is Ruth's compartment
4. How was Ruth Kettering killed?

Answer: Strangled

When the Blue Train arrives in Nice, Katherine is stopped from leaving. The Commissary of police - Monsieur Caux - tells her that there has been a murder. The lady who Katherine dined with - Ruth Kettering - has been strangled. Her maid was left behind, in Paris.

The famous detective, Hercule Poirot, is also abroad the train and assists the Commissary. Katherine identifies the body - Ruth's face has also been disfigured. Ruth's jewel case has disappeared. The Commissary thinks a train robber killed Ruth. Lady Tamplin tries to persuade Katherine to write an eyewitness account of meeting Ruth, for a newspaper.

There is a dinner party, where Katherine is introduced to Derek Kettering. He says that this is the third time they'd met - he passed her in the Savoy hotel and also in the travel agents.

But Katherine corrects him - it is the fourth time. She saw him go into Ruth's compartment the night before - at least she thinks she did. Derek is given a note at dinner - the police want to see him. Van Aldin is surprised that Ruth left her maid, Mason, in Paris. Mason told Knighton that her mistress met a gentleman on the train, and then she told her to stay in Paris. Van Aldin gets word that his daughter is dead. Mr Goby informs Van Aldin that Mirelle, the dancer, and Derek Kettering were also on the Blue Train.
5. When did Derek say he last saw Ruth?

Answer: Three weeks ago

Monsieur Carrége - connected with the French police - Caux and Van Aldin seem convinced that the Comte murdered Ruth. Poirot says that the Comte is a swindler and a jewel thief, but no murderer. Van Aldin hires Poirot to investigate Ruth's death. Derek was in need of money before Ruth died. Derek Kettering knows of Ruth's rubies, but the French police had not mentioned them.
6. Whereabouts was a jewel robbery while Knighton was staying there?

Answer: Yorkshire

Mirelle, the dancer, comes to see the Comte. She says that the police believe he killed Ruth, but she has evidence that Derek did. Major Knighton met Lady Tamplin during the war, when he injured his leg. Van Aldin, Poirot and Derek are also at the tennis match. Poirot tells Van Aldin that Papopolous is a receiver of stolen goods.

He deals with the highest in Europe and also the lowest of the low. Papopolous was also at the tennis. Poirot comes to see the Papopolous's, with some rubies which the Comte tried to send away. Monsieur Papopolous wants to help Poirot and mentions an Englishman called the Marquis. Poirot telegrams Inspector Japp to find out about a man who uses the name 'The Marquis".
7. Where are Major Knighton and Derek when they declare their love of Katherine?

Answer: Monte Carlo

Poirot tells Van Aldin that the jewels that the Comte posted were first class imitations. Mason seems surprised at the cigarette case - with the initial 'K' on it. It was found in Ruth's carriage. Mason says it did not belong to Ruth but she thinks Ruth got it for her husband. Poirot usually calls him Georges. Derek meets with Poirot. Derek says he is in love with Katherine. Mason says she is almost certain that the man in Ruth's carriage was Derek.

The Comte de la Roche says Mirelle has evidence that Derek killed Ruth. Derek goes to Mirelle's hotel, to break off their friendship. Mirelle says she saw Derek entering his wife's carriage on the night she was murdered. Katherine feels the spirit of Ruth, trying to convey to her something of vital importance. Derek admits he did go into his wife's carriage but she was asleep.
8. Miss Viner - a resident of St. Mary Mead - is suffering from ______ ?

Answer: cancer

The Marquis is a well-known thief. The Marquis works behind the scenes, he gets his underlings to do his dirty work. Mirelle tells the police all she knows about Derek Poirot tells Lenox Tamplin that Derek has been arrested. She is to tell Katherine. Poirot dines with Monsieur Papopolous and his daughter, Zia. Poirot see Papopolous talking to Mirelle - Mirelle is asking for more time to pay back money. Zia said the Marquis handed over the real rubies to her father.

But she thinks a woman was also involved. Miss Viner writes to Katherine. Katherine is tiring a little of the Riviera. Poirot interviews the Comte's two servants and tells them that he knows that the Comte arrived on Tuesday and not Wednesday. Poirot also sees Mirelle.

He says he believes that she went into Ruth's carriage and found her dead. Van Aldin and Knighton are returning to England. So is Katherine - to care for Miss Viner.
9. What area of the body does Poirot say he was shot, years ago?

Answer: Shoulder

Poirot goes to see Van Aldin and Major Knighton. He is not convinced that Derek murdered Ruth. Poirot wants Van Aldin and Knighton to travel to the South of France with him, on the Blue Train.
10. To whom did the cigarette case, found in Ruth's carriage, belong?

Answer: Major Knighton

On the Blue Train, Knighton is revealed to be the Monsieur le Marquis. Katherine Grey saw a youth, on the platform, before Ruth died. Poirot believes that this was Kitty Kidd, a well-known stage actress. But Van Aldin knew her as Ada Mason, Ruth's maid. Derek Kettering returns to St. Mary Mead to marry Katherine Grey.
Source: Author JaneMarple

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