Quiz about Fracturing Science
Quiz about Fracturing Science

Fracturing Science! Trivia Quiz

Science is an amazing subject, but, to truly appreciate its intricacies it has to be divided into categories. Here are just some of them in fractured form. Enjoy!

A multiple-choice quiz by jonnowales. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
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Feb 21 22
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1. Fizz ex

Answer: (One Word)
2. Hew men by hollow gee

Answer: (Two Words)
3. Came mystery

Answer: (One Word)
4. Nuke leer face hicks

Answer: (Two Words)
5. Aw can hick came miss tree

Answer: (Two Words)
6. Hiss tall hoe gee

Answer: (One Word - (Part of Biology))
7. Boater knee

Answer: (One Word)
8. Mick Anne hicks

Answer: (One Word - (Area of Physics))
9. Call cue lass

Answer: (One Word - (Mathematics))
10. Psi Huns

Answer: (One Word)

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Fizz ex

Answer: Physics

My personal favourite, the study of energy and forces. This fascinating subject can be split even further. Physics is generally perceived as the most difficult of all the sciences. In some respects that is true, however, if the original difficulty of the subject is overcome, the interesting knowledge base is staggering.

Some important people in this field include Newton, Archimedes, Boyle, Faraday and Copernicus.
2. Hew men by hollow gee

Answer: Human biology

Human biology is one of the two main sections of mainstream biology, and, as the name suggests it is the study of the chemical and biological structure of the human being. General biology is the study of living organisms whether they be animals (zoology) or plants. Famous contributions to the field of biology come from the likes of Hippocrates, Mendel, Darwin and more recently, Crick and Watson.
3. Came mystery

Answer: Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of reactions and the chemicals and atoms behind those reactions. It is another of the fundamental sciences and has many sub-divisions. Some famous scientists in this field include Bohr, Pauli, Marie & Pierre Curie and Mendeleev.
4. Nuke leer face hicks

Answer: Nuclear physics

This fascinating area of physics is all to do with the atom and how to obtain energy from it using methods such as nuclear fission. It is said the nuclear age has arrived and the threat of a nuclear bomb explosion is ever present. The said beginning of this nuclear era was the dropping of the atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The atomic bomb was the product of many great scientific minds, such as Albert Einstein, who worked on the Manhattan Project.
5. Aw can hick came miss tree

Answer: Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is the study of the element carbon and the compounds and reactions it is involved in. One area of organic chemistry is the study of alkanes and alkenes. These are both organic families of compounds due to the presence of the element carbon.
An aspect that can also be studied is inorganic chemistry. This is more to do with atoms and their structure as well as how they bond.
6. Hiss tall hoe gee

Answer: Histology

Histology is the study of biological tissues, generally, under the microscope. It is an important aspect of pathological medicine as it can be a useful process in which the cause of death can be ascertained.
7. Boater knee

Answer: Botany

Botany is an area of biological science with a particular emphasis on plants. The study of botany entails the biological and chemical composition of many different plants. The classification of plants using Latin is also a fundamental aspect of botany. Gregor Mendel was an Austrian priest who had a botanical interest in pea plants. During in-depth studies of this particular plant, he discovered that there was underlying genetics which was controlling the characteristics of the plant, in particular, the colour of the plant.

This was a study that really kicked off the science of genetics as we know it today.
8. Mick Anne hicks

Answer: Mechanics

Mechanics is the area of physics that deals with forces and motion. The study of motion, kinematics and dynamics, is still heavily influenced by the work of Sir Isaac Newton. Newton's three laws of motion are still implemented to day when attempting to find, for example, the constant acceleration of a car when its initial velocity and distance are known as well as the time taken for the car to travel that distance.

This would be discovered using one of the many equations of constant acceleration; 's = ut + 0.5a(t^2)', where 's' indicates the distance travelled or displacement of an object. Furthermore, 'u' stands for the initial velocity of the object, 't' is the time taken for that object to travel the distance. Finally, 'a' indicates, in this instance, the unknown variable - acceleration.
9. Call cue lass

Answer: Calculus

Mathematics is often referred to as the language of science. Mathematics is most definitely the foundations of all scientific disciplines. Calculus is an area of science that is either loved or despised by each individual. It was devised independently by Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton.

There is much debate amongst the scientific community as to who should be credited with its discovery, but universal agreement is seemingly difficult to achieve. Calculus has many uses including finding the areas underneath graphical curves. Calculus is broken down in to two main areas, integration and differentiation.
10. Psi Huns

Answer: Science

This is the subject responsible for human exploration and endeavour. Whether it be local geology to astrogeology or the study of cells to the study of planetary motion - science is progressive and of crucial importance to understanding the simplicities and the complexities of everyday life.

Thanks for playing!
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