Quiz about Its Probably Just the Wind
Quiz about Its Probably Just the Wind

It's Probably Just the Wind Trivia Quiz

Don't worry if these words look strange. It's probably just the wind that has been fractured. Bind up these fractured winds or wind related term so that they can blow again.

A multiple-choice quiz by Verne47. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
Multiple Choice
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
# Qns
Avg Score
7 / 10
1. Zee rock ow

Answer: (One Word, 7 letters)
2. Missed trawl

Answer: (One Word, 7 letters)
3. Hoar mad dan

Answer: (One Word, 9 letters)
4. Boar awe

Answer: (One Word, 4 letters)
5. Sheen huck

Answer: (one word (7 letters))
6. Bye arm oh

Answer: (one word, 6 letters)
7. Tee ah blow

Answer: (One Word, 6 letters)
8. Haw bah cat

Answer: (One Word, 7 letters)
9. Told rooms

Answer: (One Word, 8 letters)
10. Tray twins

Answer: (Two Words)

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Zee rock ow

Answer: Sirocco

The sirocco is a southerly wind that blows from north Africa to southern Europe. It is formed from a warm, dry, tropical airmass that is pulled towards the north by low pressure cells which move in an easterly direction across the Mediterranean Sea. The sirocco may give rise to conditions that are dusty and dry in Africa, storms in the Mediterranean and cool wet weather in Europe.
2. Missed trawl

Answer: Mistral

The strong, cold, northwesterly wind that blows from Central France and the Alps to the Mediterranean is known as the mistral. This wind usually comes with clear weather. Although the mistral blows in all seasons, it is usually more prevalent in winter and spring.
3. Hoar mad dan

Answer: Harmattan

The harmattan is a continental trade wind. It is dry and blows in a northerly direction along Central Africa. This wind is usually active between November and mid-March. The harmattan may cause desert-like weather conditions, lowered humidity, a dissipation of cloud cover and dust or sand storms.
4. Boar awe

Answer: Bora

The bora is a wind that blows in a northeasterly direction from eastern Europe to northeastern Italy. It blows along the Adriatic coast. This wind is prevalent in winter. The bora may come with clear skies. This is called a clear bora. When it comes with snow or rain, it is called a dark bora.
5. Sheen huck

Answer: Chinook

This westerly wind is a dry,warm wind that blows off the Rocky Mountains. This wind can create amazing sunrises and sunsets by moving clouds into particular formations.
6. Bye arm oh

Answer: Bayamo

The Bayamo is a violent wind on Cuba's southern coast. It usually occur near the Bight of Bayamo.
7. Tee ah blow

Answer: Diablo

The Diablo blows from the northeast in the San Francisco Bay. It is a hot, dry offshore wind. It may occur in the spring or autumn. The Diablo is most dangerous in the autumn when there is more risk of willdfires.
8. Haw bah cat

Answer: Habagat

The southwesterly wind across the Philippines is known as habagat. The habagat is also called the west or southwest wind, or the south west monsoon. The weather is usually wet and humid during the habagat as rain falls frequently.
9. Told rooms

Answer: Doldrums

There is an area of very low pressure near the equator where the winds are the calmest. It is created by the constant heating of the sun. This wind belt which extends approximately five degrees north and south of the equator is known as the doldrums.
10. Tray twins

Answer: Trade Winds

The Trade Winds are also known as Tropical Easterlies. These winds blow from the northeast in the Northern Hemisphere and from the southeast in the Southern Hemisphere. For centuries the trade winds were used by sailors to cross the oceans.
Source: Author Verne47

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