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Quiz about Horror Villain MatchUp
Quiz about Horror Villain MatchUp

Horror Villain Match-Up Trivia Quiz

Horror fans may find this quiz to be fairly straight-forward, but if you don't know these popular horror baddies, there may be nothing scarier. Good luck!

A matching quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Jun 20 22
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9 / 10
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. The Ring  
  Jason Voorhees
2. Halloween  
3. Scream  
  Freddy Krueger
4. Alien  
5. Friday the 13th  
6. Child's Play  
7. Saw  
  Michael Myers
8. A Nightmare on Elm Street  
9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  
10. Hellraiser  

Select each answer

1. The Ring
2. Halloween
3. Scream
4. Alien
5. Friday the 13th
6. Child's Play
7. Saw
8. A Nightmare on Elm Street
9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
10. Hellraiser

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Apr 10 2024 : Guest 107: 9/10
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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. The Ring

Answer: Sadako

First appearing in the Japanese film "Ringu" (1998), Sadako Yamamura is a girl who was killed and thrown down a well, becoming an uneasy spirit able to haunt through video cassette tapes (and through other means later on). The series expanded more in Japan, but an American remake starring Naomi Watts was released in 2002 and directed by Gore Verbinski. Sadako would become one of the most popular horror villains of the decade, leading the way for countless J-Horror films and remakes in North America (including "The Grudge" and "One Missed Call").
2. Halloween

Answer: Michael Myers

Only six years old when he first murdered most of his family, Michael Myers went to an asylum for many years before returning to stalk his sister, played by Jamie Lee Curtis in John Carpenter's original slasher "Halloween", released in 1978. Myers became one of horror's longest-running villains, appearing in films for three decades before the Rob Zombie reboots of the series. Myers is perhaps best known for wearing a Captain Kirk mask painted white.
3. Scream

Answer: Ghostface

While Ghostface has always been unmasked as a different killer (or multiple killers) in each "Scream" movie, his appearance has been fairly consistent - he wears a ghost mask and a black cloak, usually killing people with a knife. Unlike most other horror killers, Ghostface seems to be a stoppable and non-supernatural killer; the Ghostface role is always filled by someone who's mortal and deranged, so even if he/she is killed, someone else takes up the mantle.
4. Alien

Answer: Xenomorph

The Xenomorph of the "Alien" and "Alien vs. Predator" crossover series, known as a Xenomorph, is created when a face-hugging creature implants eggs into a warm-bodied host (usually a human) and births from within. Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley faced off against a Xenomorph for the first time in the 1979 sci-fi horror film "Alien" and she returned for three sequels. Director Ridley Scott returned to helm a prequel (and others) with "Prometheus" in 2012. Xenomorphs, or creatures alluding to them, appeared in all instalments.
5. Friday the 13th

Answer: Jason Voorhees

While Jason was never the killer in the original "Friday the 13th", as horror fans know, he did appear in over a dozen films as one of the most famous and unstoppable horror villains to grace the screen. Considered mortal in early films, Jason has since become a supernatural and, seemingly, immortal being who's left his home at Camp Crystal Lake to pursue victims in Manhattan and Outer Space.

He's even been to Hell. His trademark: the machete and hockey mask.
6. Child's Play

Answer: Chucky

Chucky, the Good Guy Doll, is possessed by the spirit of Charles Lee Ray, The Lakeshore Strangler, who uses a voodoo ritual to embody the doll in the first film of the "Child's Play" franchise (in 1988). Chucky, in his unassuming form, ended up being the star of more than half a dozen feature films during which he found a bride and a child. Director Tom Holland also worked on the movies "Fright Night" and "Thinner".
7. Saw

Answer: Jigsaw

While the Jigsaw Killer was originally played by Tobin Bell in the first three films of the "Saw" series, his death at the end of the third film led others to pick up where he left off in saving people from their sins, as it were. Most often, he would use an avatar of himself - a doll riding a tricycle - to introduce his victims to cleverly-designed traps that would give them the choice of overcoming their vices to survive and live another day. What resulted was a series of graphic torture films released nearly annually in the 2000s and 2010s.
8. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Answer: Freddy Krueger

Part of Wes Craven's legacy of horror films, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1984) introduced the world to Freddy Krueger - a child killer who haunted the dreams of the teenagers of Elm Street (and beyond, eventually) and tapped into their deepest fears in nightmarish dream worlds. Freddy, played by Robert Englund until the Platinum Dunes remake (in 2010, starring Jackie Earle Haley in the role) is known for his red and green sweater and bladed glove.
9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Answer: Leatherface

Part of a family of cannibalistic, murderous Texans in the Tobe Hooper-created series "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", Leatherface is one of the oldest options in this list. Known for using a chainsaw to skin and butcher his victims, he's often left alive by the end of the films in the series - too difficult to kill.

He was a popular enough villain that Platinum Dunes brought him back in multiple prequels in the 2000s.
10. Hellraiser

Answer: Pinhead

A cenobite from the depths of Hell, Pinhead appears in the "Hellraiser" films (all of them) when someone opens the Lament Configuration puzzle box, summoning him and the others of his clan to Earth and serving up horrible sado-masochistic tortures. In the series he's never really killed, but instead banished, only to return again when the puzzle box is opened by another hapless fool seeking answers to the mysteries therein.

He's known for having a head of pins, obviously.
Source: Author kyleisalive

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