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Quiz about Religious Symbolism
Quiz about Religious Symbolism

Religious Symbolism Trivia Quiz

Many of the world's religions have an association with a particular symbol or design. Can you match up each symbol to the religion with which it is most associated?

A matching quiz by eburge. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Star of David  
2. Pentagram  
3. Om  
4. Sigil of Baphomet  
5. Dharmachakra  
6. Star and crescent  
7. Flaming chalice  
  Unitarian Universalism
8. Nine-pointed star  
9. Torii  
  Buddhism (traditional)
10. Khanda  

Select each answer

1. Star of David
2. Pentagram
3. Om
4. Sigil of Baphomet
5. Dharmachakra
6. Star and crescent
7. Flaming chalice
8. Nine-pointed star
9. Torii
10. Khanda

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Star of David

Answer: Judaism

The six-pointed Star of David is perhaps the most familiar symbol of Judaism. Although the symbol itself is well over a millennium old, it was adopted as an international symbol of the religion during the twentieth century. The Star features prominently on the flag of Israel.
2. Pentagram

Answer: Wicca

Whether circumscribed by a circle or not, the five points of the Wiccan pentagram represent the five core elements - air, water, earth, fire and spirit. The symbol is often confused for a Satanic symbol - in fact, Satanism's primary symbol, the Sigil of Baphomet, contains additional details that distinguish it from Wicca, most notably that it is upside down.
3. Om

Answer: Hinduism

In Hinduism, om is one of the most sacred symbols. Its name is pronounced as three sounds (a, u, and m) which coalesce into one, indicative of the many threes of Hinduism (in particular, Brahma, Vishnua and Shiva). It is commonly spoken at the beginning or the end of mantras, and represents the essence of the universe.
4. Sigil of Baphomet

Answer: Satanism

The Sigil resembles an upside-down pentagram inscribed within a circle, wherein the symbol of a goat's head fits within the five points of the pentagram. Though not created by Anton LaVey, one of the Church of Satan's most prominent figures, he chose it to represent Satanism and it subsequently appeared on the cover of his published works.
5. Dharmachakra

Answer: Buddhism (traditional)

The wheel of dharma, or dharmachakra, with its eight spokes, is one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism. It is closely associated with the Noble Eightfold Path, a group of eight tenets which are thought of as core to the faith - 'right' practices which help practitioners avoid the fate of samsara (neverending cycles of rebirth).
6. Star and crescent

Answer: Islam

Originally a symbol of the Ottomans, the star and crescent has been one of the many symbols representative of Islam since being popularised during the twentieth century. It is not a traditional symbol, and is not necessarily favoured by all Muslims, but nonetheless is recognised internationally, particularly on the flags of Muslim nations, including Turkey and Pakistan.
7. Flaming chalice

Answer: Unitarian Universalism

The chalice is a symbol of Unitarian Universalism, a relatively modern faith in comparison to the other major religions, which promotes tolerance, freedom of intellect, and acceptance. There is no single meaning behind the faith's symbolic chalice - some regard it as representative of the liberality of Unitarian Universalism, while others consider it a symbol of hope, courage and sacrifice.
8. Nine-pointed star

Answer: Bahá'í

Although the five-pointed star of Bahá'í is considered the 'official' symbol, the number nine crops up quite often. One school of thought suggests that it represents perfection, with Bahá'í being the ninth major world religion. Bahá'í teaches equality and the acceptance of other religions.

Initially formed in the Middle East, the faith is practised across the world by millions of adherents.
9. Torii

Answer: Shinto

The torii is a gate that acts as a boundary between a normal and a sacred place. As such, it is commonly found straddling the entrance to Shinto shrines across Japan. There isn't one ubiquitous torii design - although the most basic torii is constructed of a rope tied between two parallel posts, they can vary in size, material, shape and ornamentation.
10. Khanda

Answer: Sikhism

The Khanda is a traditional symbol of the Sikhs and consists of a symmetrical arrangement of three swords (a khanda and two kirpans) and a chakram into one figure. The khanda, which is a double-edged sword, represents the duality of life and death. The two dagger-like kirpans symbolise the spiritual and material aspects of existence, while the circular chakram represents balance.
Source: Author eburge

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