Quiz about Alphabet Soup
Quiz about Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup Trivia Quiz

You see these abbreviations online or on TV and you hear them in everyday conversation but do you know what they mean? Take this quiz and find out!

A multiple-choice quiz by Snipercatcher. Estimated time: 2 mins.
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2 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. BIOS Hint

Bi-metallic Oxide Setup
Basic Input Output System
Binary Integrated Operating System
Blame It On Some One Else

2. USB Hint

Universal Service Bus
US Beef
Universal Serial Bus
Unified Serial Bus

3. HTML Hint

Houston Texas-Monroe Louisiana (Refers to a bus line connecting those cities)
How to Make Lasagna
Hypertext Markup Language
Hypertonic Myeloma

4. CMOS Hint

Complimentary Metal-oxide Semiconductor
Complimentary Medal-oxide Semiconductor
Complementary Medal-oxide Semiconductor
Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor

5. DSL Hint

Double Synchronous Lithium-Ion
Don't Say Liverwurst
Digital Subscriber Line
Data Subscriber Line

6. WI-FI (unofficially) Hint

Weird Invertebrate Fetishists International
We In FInland
Wireless Fidelity
Call letters for an AM radio station in Findlay, Ohio with a frequency of 530 kHz.

7. BSOD Hint

Brinsley Schwarz O'Donnell (The man who invented the computer mouse at Stanford University)
Buy Siri On Demand
Blue Screen Of Death
Binary Serial OverDrive

8. WWW Hint

Willy Wonka Wedgies
Walter Whitman White, the protagonist of The American Movie Channel's "Breaking Bad."
Women Who Weave
World Wide Web

9. iOS Hint

The Greek island on which Socrates came up with the Pythagorean theorem
International Order of the Sith
iPhone Operating System
Inline Optical Simulation

10. Li-Ion Hint

A train that runs from Livermore, California to Oxnard, California and back.
Lithium Iron
Linked Ionization

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Answer: Basic Input Output System

BIOS is responsible for providing your computer with instructions for its basic functions. One of the tasks BIOS performs is the POST or "Power On Self-Test" to make sure all the hardware is working together properly. You can find the BIOS chip on your motherboard.
2. USB

Answer: Universal Serial Bus

USB is the standard for cables and connectors for computers, phones, tablets and their peripherals. Most Android devices use USB chargers, but iOS devices do not. So if you have an iPhone and all that's available is an Android (USB) charger you're out of luck.

Answer: Hypertext Markup Language

HTML is a markup language or code which is considered one of the basic "building blocks" of most web sites and applications. It provides instructions for text for headers, paragraphs and "hot links" among other things.

An example: if you see #FC1111 in a segment of HTML code, that means the text will be a certain shade of red. #FCF711 is code for yellow and #11C6FC is blue.

Answer: Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor

Spelling is everything! The CMOS battery is that shiny little disk you see on your motherboard. Some of its functions are your computer's basic hardware, time and date settings.
5. DSL

Answer: Digital Subscriber Line

DSL is a form of technology that transmits digital data over copper telephone lines. It became widely used by consumers during the late 20th and early 21st centuries. While more expensive than the analog dial up technology it is still cheaper than fiber optic transmission.
6. WI-FI (unofficially)

Answer: Wireless Fidelity

WIFI refers to wireless local area networking. It allows laptop and desktop computers, tablets, phablets, smartphones, digital cameras and other devices to connect to the Internet without a telephone cord or ethernet cable. While it is convenient for the user it can sometimes be less secure than a wired connection as well as unreliable and subject to cross talk. Wireless Fidelity is not the official name for Wi-Fi, but very few people would appreciate this, and it has been used in advertising for the system.

Also, there is no such US AM radio frequency as 530 kHz. The lowest legal AM frequency for a US radio station is 540 kHz.

Answer: Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen of Death refers to an error screen seen on Windows computers after a system crash. Common causes are poorly written device drivers, hardware or memory issues. While it does not always mean the computer is "dead" it does mean it cannot operate safely until the situation is remedied.

The man credited with inventing the computer mouse was Douglas Englebart, not Brinsley Schwarz. Brinsley Schwarz is the name of a 1970s British rock band.
8. WWW

Answer: World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is an information system that allows users to "surf" from one web page to another by use of electronic hyperlinks. It is part of the internet.

A bit of TV trivia: Walter HARTWELL White was the protagonist of AMC's "Breaking Bad," not Walter Whitman White.
9. iOS

Answer: iPhone Operating System

Apple, Inc. introduced the iPhone Operating System (IOS) for its mobile devices starting in 2007. It is also used with the iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Its main competitor is Google's Android operating system.

Also, Pythagoras, not Socrates, developed the Pythagorean theorem.
10. Li-Ion

Answer: Lithium-Ion

Lithium-Ion is a type of rechargeable battery used in most computing devices. While Li-Ion batteries are more expensive they are also smaller, lighter and charge faster than the commonly-used nickel-cadmium battery. While Livermore, California did have at least one railway station during the early 21st century, it did not connect to the city of Oxnard, California.
Source: Author Snipercatcher

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