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Trivia Questions and Answers
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130 Utah Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Utah? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Utah (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 The county seat and name of this county make up the last and first name of the 13th president of the United States. What is it?
Answer: Millard Fillmore

Fillmore is the county seat for Millard County (and former capital of Utah).
St. George is the county seat for Washington County (but Washington wasn't the 13th president). Panguich is the county seat for Garfield County.
There is no Taylor county in Utah.
  From Quiz: Utah Counties
2 Where is the Golden Spike National Historic Site located?
Answer: Promontory

In May of 1869 Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroad met and they laid out the last spike in the rails to join them together and they called it the Golden Spike. West of Brigham City at Promontory Summit.
  From Quiz: Northern Utah
3 Which two National Parks surround Moab?
Answer: Arches and Canyonlands

Bryce and Zion are National Parks in Utah, but they are on the west side of the state. Dead Horse Point is a State Park, but is equally beautiful.
    Your options: [ Arches and Bryce ] [ Bryce and Zion ] [ Arches and Canyonlands ] [ Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands ]
  From Quiz: All Things Moab
4 In 1919, which park was established as Utah's first National Park?
Answer: Zion National Park

Zion was first designated as Mukuntuweap National Monument by President Taft in 1909.
    Your options: [ Arches National Park ] [ Zion National Park ] [ Bryce Canyon National Park ] [ Grand Canyon National Park ]
  From Quiz: National Parks of Utah
5 Which city is home to the University of Utah Medical Center?
Answer: Salt Lake City

The University Medical Center, or the UMC, is known as one of the top medical facilities in the state of Utah.
    Your options: [ Draper ] [ Provo ] [ Salt Lake City ] [ Ogden ]
  From Quiz: Major Utah Cities
6 The State of Utah is world-renowned for its snow, but which resort hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics Men and Women's Downhill competition?
Answer: Snowbasin

Snowbasin, which lies on the backside of Mt. Ogden, about 40 miles north of Salt Lake hosted the Downhill competitions.
    Your options: [ Brighton ] [ Alta ] [ Snowbasin ] [ Park City ]
  From Quiz: This Is the Place
7 What language did the name Utah come from?
Answer: Ute

Meaning "people of the mountains".
  From Quiz: Utah--The Beehive State
8 A monument lies near the northeast corner of the city, at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, with a quote signifying that 'This is the Place!' Who was the founder of Salt Lake City that made this utterance?
Answer: Brigham Young

Brigham Young became president of the Mormon church following the death of its founder, Joseph Smith. You may still visit Brigham Young's Salt Lake home, called the 'Lion House', situated in the downtown area. Incidentally, frontiersman Jim Bridger may have been the first Caucasian man to visit the site on which Salt Lake was built, and is also rumored to have been the first person of European descent to have viewed the Great Salt Lake.
  From Quiz: Salt Lake City
9 Which mountain range contains the highest point in Utah?
Answer: Uinta Mountains

The highest point in Utah is Kings Peak at 13,528 ft. The Uintas are the highest mountains in Utah, with several peaks over 12,000 ft. It is also a very odd range, because it runs east-west.
    Your options: [ Wasatch Mountains ] [ Uinta Mountains ] [ Book Cliffs ] [ Oquirrh Mountains ]
  From Quiz: So You Think You Know Utah?
10 There is a famous motorcycle/snowmobile hill climb named the Widowmaker. Where is it located?
Answer: Croydon

There is a professional hill that is 1000 ft, a 500 ft qualifying hill, and a 325 ft trophy hill for amateurs. Most motorcycles have longer tracks and special rear tires to dig in.
  From Quiz: Northern Utah
11 Moab has many creeks and washes but only one river. What is its name?
Answer: Colorado River

The Colorado is famous for its rapids. The rapids in the Moab area are pretty tame. Many harder river trips start in Moab and they can take weeks.
  From Quiz: All Things Moab
12 What is the name of the geological feature that runs north-south through Capitol Reef National Park?
Answer: The Waterpocket Fold

The Waterpocket Fold is a 100-mile long giant step (called a "monocline" by geologists) in the plateau.
  From Quiz: National Parks of Utah
13 What is Utah's state mammal?
Answer: Rocky Mountain Elk

The elk is prized by hunters because of its antlers. At Hardware Ranch, east of Hyrum, elk are protected and fed during the winter to keep them from foraging on farms.
  From Quiz: Utah--The Beehive State
14 Which Utah national park is named, in part, for a geologic feature thought to resemble a Washington D.C. landmark?
Answer: Capitol Reef National Park

The dome of the U.S. Capitol is the landmark. The 'reef' in the name of the park refers to the rocky formations resembling an obstacle to travelers like an ocean reef to seafarers.
    Your options: [ Arches National Park ] [ Zion National Park ] [ Capitol Reef National Park ] [ Canyonlands National Park ]
  From Quiz: Utah National Parks
15 What does the Golden Spike National Monument commemorate?
Answer: The place where the Transcontinental Railroad was finished

Golden Spike National Monument is in northwest Utah, just above the Great Salt Lake. When the two train companies met to form the first transcontinental railroad in America, Utah became known as "The Crossroads of the West".
  From Quiz: So You Think You Know Utah?
16 What great lake used to cover northern Utah?
Answer: Lake Bonneville

Lake Bonneville covered most of northern Utah, parts of Idaho and Nevada, you can go on a lot of different mountain sides and find sea shells!
  From Quiz: Northern Utah
17 There is a spring open to the public in Moab what is it called?
Answer: Matrimony Spring

It is said if you take a date to the spring and you each drink the water you'll get married. That may or may not be a good thing.
  From Quiz: All Things Moab
18 Spanning 291 feet, the world's longest natural arch can be found in Arches National Park. What is it called?
Answer: Landscape Arch

Due to erosion, a portion of this arch fell in 1991. Hikers are no longer allowed to walk under the arch.
  From Quiz: National Parks of Utah
19 The community orchestra that performs in Cedar City is named what?
Answer: Orchestra of Southern Utah

The Orchestra of Southern Utah has been entertaining residents of Cedar City for years. One of its trademarks is its annual production of Handel's "Messiah" which is free to the public.
  From Quiz: Cedar City, Utah
20 Which northern Utah city was founded by Perrigrine Sessions on 27 September 1847?
Answer: Bountiful

Sessions and his family were the sole occupants of Bountiful until the spring of 1848 when other settlers joined them.
    Your options: [ Salt Lake City ] [ Logan ] [ Bountiful ] [ Ogden ]
  From Quiz: Major Utah Cities
21 What is the state tree?
Answer: Quaking aspen

The state tree was changed to the quaking aspen in 2014 by Governor Gary Hebert and State Senator Ralph Okerlund, after a group of 4th graders at Monroe Elementary School petitioned to change it from the blue spruce, believing that the spruce was a "Colorado" tree and not appropriate as the Utah state tree.
  From Quiz: Utah--The Beehive State
22 Salt Lake City is bounded on both the west and the east by mountain ranges. The world famous Wasatch mountains are situated at the east, but what smaller range limits the Salt Lake valley to the west?
Answer: Oquirrh Mountains

The Oquirrh Mountains house the world famous Bingham Canyon copper mine, the largest open pit mine in the world. Many claim the Great Wall of China to be the only man-made object that can be seen from space, this is a myth. However, it is not a myth that the Bingham Canyon mine can be observed from well above Earth's atmosphere. The mine can be visited and it is well worth the trip. The trucks used to haul the mined materials, primarily copper ore, are fitted with the largest tires in the world...quite a sight!
  From Quiz: Salt Lake City
23 Bryce Canyon was named after Utah pioneer Ebenezer Bryce. Once, referring to the area destined to be a national park, Ebenezer said: 'Well, it's a hell of a place to lose 'what?''
Answer: a cow

Ebenezer Bryce was a Mormon pioneer who homesteaded near the canyon in 1875. He later moved on to Arizona for more promising land.
  From Quiz: Utah National Parks
24 Over 80% of the state's population resides along this mountain side in northern Utah, can you name it?
Answer: Wasatch Front

The Wasatch Front is the most populated area of the whole state. This area starts near Mount Timpanogos in Utah Valley and runs through Box Elder County.
This area is approximatly 120 miles long and on average about 5 miles wide.
  From Quiz: Northern Utah
25 What is the name of the mountains east of Moab?
Answer: The La Sals

The tallest peak is Mt. Peale at 12,721 feet which is 7,000 feet higher than Moab.
  From Quiz: All Things Moab
26 The three "districts" of Canyonlands National Park are Island in the Sky, The Needles and _________?
Answer: The Maze

The Maze is the least accessible, and least visited, district in Canyonlands.
  From Quiz: National Parks of Utah
27 The Aggies are the mascot of one of Utah's major universities located in which city?
Answer: Logan

Utah State University, home of the Aggies, is located in Logan, which is situated in the beautiful Cache Valley.
    Your options: [ Salt Lake City ] [ Layton ] [ Logan ] [ Ogden ]
  From Quiz: Major Utah Cities
28 What do Utahns celebrate on July 24th?
Answer: The arrival of the pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley

Funny enough, July 24th is Karl Malone's birthday so he would always joke that Utah held a parade every year in his honor but it is the arrival of the pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley that is commemorated by Pioneer Day.
  From Quiz: This Is the Place
29 What is Utah's state fish?
Answer: Bonneville Cutthroat Trout
  From Quiz: Utah--The Beehive State
30 This arch from Arches National Park is an unofficial symbol for Utah and appeared on the Utah centennial automobile license plates.
Answer: Delicate Arch
    Your options: [ an unnamed Arch ] [ Double Arch ] [ Delicate Arch ] [ Skyline Arch ]
  From Quiz: Utah National Parks
31 Utah is home to many great hiking and skiing locations. Park City is a world-renowned destination for Olympic athletes and skiers, but it isn't the county seat of this high-elevation county; Coalville is. Name it.
Answer: Summit

Summit County contains many of Utah's highest peaks and several ski resorts. Don't forget to check out Echo Canyon and Echo Reservoir, too.
    Your options: [ Wasatch ] [ Daggett ] [ Summit ] [ Duchesne ]
  From Quiz: Utah Counties
32 When did Mormon pioneers arrive in the Salt Lake Valley?
Answer: 1847

On July 24, 1847, Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. The largest parade in Utah is The Days of '47 Parade - held every July 24th in Salt Lake City. July 24 was also made a state holiday and is often called Pioneer Day.
  From Quiz: So You Think You Know Utah?
33 Each Easter week Moab hosts a festival what is it called?
Answer: Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is usually covered in major 4WD magazines and doubles the population of Moab for nine days! If you want to come I suggest getting reservations at least a year in advance.
  From Quiz: All Things Moab
34 Which city is home to the Utah State Prison?
Answer: Draper

This is the same prison in which Ted Bundy was incarcerated when he was arrested while attending Law School at the University of Utah.
    Your options: [ Manti ] [ Salt Lake City ] [ Draper ] [ Ogden ]
  From Quiz: Major Utah Cities
35 What is the state insect?
Answer: honeybee

The honeybee is a symbol of industry and community, and the state nickname is in reference to it.
  From Quiz: Utah--The Beehive State
36 Had the Mormon pioneers gotten their way, the State of Utah would have been much bigger and called the State of ___.
Answer: Deseret

The originally proposed borders of the State of Deseret would have included parts of nearly every state in the west, and would have rivaled Texas in size. The proposal was not accepted by congress, and statehood was not granted until many years later.
    Your options: [ Mormon ] [ Deseret ] [ Brigham ] [ Nauvoo ]
  From Quiz: So You Think You Know Utah?
37 What is the main freeway that runs from southern Utah (St George) through northern Utah?
Answer: I-15

The freeway starts in San Diego, CA, and continues through Nevada, a part of Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and ends in Sweetgrass, MT on the border of the US and Canada.
  From Quiz: Northern Utah
38 How did Moab's growth begin?
Answer: Uranium Mining

The city nearly collapsed when the uranium industry was shut down. Tourism is the main industry now.
  From Quiz: All Things Moab
39 Popular among mountain bikers, what is the name of the town just outside of Arches National Park?
Answer: Moab

The population of Moab tripled in the 1950s due to uranium mining.
  From Quiz: National Parks of Utah
40 The Brigham Young Academy originated in which city?
Answer: Provo

The Brigham Young Academy, which later became Brigham Young University, was established in 1875. The old academy building has since been redone and transformed into what is currently known as The Provo City Library at Academy Square.
    Your options: [ Bountiful ] [ Layton ] [ Provo ] [ Vernal ]
  From Quiz: Major Utah Cities
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