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114 Dirty Dancing Trivia Questions & Answers

Dirty Dancing .
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1 What is Baby's first name?
Answer: Frances

She is named after the first woman in the cabinet.
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What does Baby's father do for a living?

2 What song does Lisa mention twice?
Answer: 'I Feel Pretty'

Lisa mentions the song 'I Feel Pretty' twice in the movie Dirty Dancing. Interestingly, the song was originally written for the musical West Side Story and was sung by the character Maria. The song has since become a popular tune and has been covered by various artists. In Dirty Dancing, Lisa sings the song during the talent show and later mentions it again when she is trying to convince Baby to join her and Robbie for a game of tennis.
3 What was the year that the movie was set in?
Answer: 1963

'It was before the Beatles came, before President Kennedy was shot, when I couldn't wait to join the Peace Corps and I never thought I'd find a guy as great as my dad.'
4 What is Baby's real name?
Answer: Frances

Frances, also known as "Baby," is the protagonist of the iconic movie Dirty Dancing. The coming-of-age film is set in the summer of 1963 and follows Frances as she falls in love with her dance instructor, Johnny Castle. The movie was a huge success and has become a classic, with its soundtrack selling over 32 million copies worldwide. Interestingly, the famous lift scene where Johnny lifts Frances above his head was almost cut from the movie due to safety concerns, but it ended up becoming one of the most memorable moments in cinematic history.
5 What is the name of Johnny's cousin who also works at Kellerman's?
Answer: Billy

Johnny and Billy are cousins!
6 How many pairs of shoes did Lisa bring?
Answer: 10

'I should have brought those coral shoes they would have matched that dress.' 'But sweetheart you brought 10 pairs.'
7 What does Lisa say she should have brought with her when they first get to the hotel?
Answer: Coral shoes

When she sees how many pairs of shoes some of the other girls brought she says 'Ma I should have brought the coral shoes.'
Question Reference: Quiz: Dirty Dancing.
8 What is the most important thing to remember in lifts, according to Johnny?
Answer: Balance

Johnny says this to Baby when they're out in the woods and he's standing on the log over the creek.
9 What did the doctor performing an abortion on Penny have, along with his folding table?
Answer: dirty knife

It's the funniest phrase in the movie: 'He had a dirty knife and a folding table'.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dirty Dancing.
10 "I should have brought the coral shoes."
Answer: Lisa

Lisa says this to her mom in the car. She brought 10 pairs of shoes except the coral ones.
11 What did Baby help Billy carry up to where all the dancers were?
Answer: Watermelon

"I carried a watermelon."
12 Who gets into a fight?
Answer: Johnny and Robby

In the movie Dirty Dancing, Johnny and Robby get into a physical altercation. This scene takes place after Robby impregnates Penny and refuses to help pay for her abortion. Johnny, who has developed feelings for Baby, defends Penny's honor and confronts Robby about his actions. The fight ultimately leads to Johnny being fired from the resort, but it also solidifies his relationship with Baby. Interestingly, the iconic lift scene from the movie was almost cut due to safety concerns, but Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey were determined to make it work and practiced extensively to perfect the move.
13 How many pairs of shoes did Lisa bring with her?
Answer: 10

'Sweetheart, you brought 10 pairs.'
14 What is the name of the resort that Baby's family is at?
Answer: Kellerman's

Located in the Catskill Mountains, Kellerman's is the name of the resort where Baby's family spends their summer vacation in the movie Dirty Dancing. The resort is known for its activities such as golf, tennis, and dance lessons, which play a significant role in the film's plot. Interestingly, the resort used for filming was actually the Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia, which still attracts fans of the movie to this day.
15 Neil says he took away a girl away from a lifeguard. What is the lifeguard's name?
Answer: Jamie

Because Neil has TWO hotels.
16 What is Vivian's husband's name?
Answer: Moe

'Moe coming up on Friday?' 'Friday.'
17 In what year does the action take place?
Answer: 1963

At the beginning of the movie, in voiceover, Baby lists things that had yet to happen, including Kennedy being shot and the Beatles making it big.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dirty Dancing.
18 What is the number of Robbie's cabin?
Answer: 16

You have to be watching closely to see this, but you can see it when Lisa goes to 'visit' him.
19 What is Baby's real name?
Answer: Frances

First lady of the cabinet.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dirty Dancing.
20 "Go back to your playpen, Baby."
Answer: Penny

Penny says this to her when Baby trys to make everything perfect. Baby was only trying to help her.
21 How is Billy related to Johnny?
Answer: Cousin

Billy and Johnny are cousins. Johnny was played by Patrick Swayze and Billy was played by Neal Jones.
22 What is the name of the couples who were wanted?
Answer: The Shumachers

The correct answer to the question is "The Shumachers". In the movie Dirty Dancing, the Schumachers are a couple who are wanted by the resort staff for stealing wallets and causing trouble. Interestingly, the movie was set in the 1960s and was based on the experiences of screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein, who spent summers with her family in the Catskill Mountains where the movie takes place. Dirty Dancing was a huge success and became a cultural phenomenon, with its iconic dance scenes and memorable soundtrack.
23 What did Jake ask Max about?
Answer: blood pressure

'So, how's the blood pressure?'
24 Who do Baby's parents want her to date?
Answer: Neil

Baby's parents want her to date Neil in Dirty Dancing. Neil is a preppy waiter at the resort where Baby and her family are vacationing. Interestingly, Neil is portrayed as a contrast to Johnny, the rough-around-the-edges dance instructor who Baby falls in love with. While Neil is polite and well-mannered, Johnny is more rebellious and passionate. Despite her parents' wishes, Baby ultimately chooses to be with Johnny and learns to dance from him. Dirty Dancing is a beloved coming-of-age film that has become a cultural touchstone, particularly for its iconic dance scenes and memorable soundtrack.
25 Finish this quote by Jake Houseman, 'You know if your mother ever leaves me it will be for _________ . '
Answer: Arnold Palmer

They are on the golf course and Jake tells Marge she is over correcting.