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Dirty Dancing Trivia Questions

Dirty Dancing . There are 115 questions on this topic. Last updated Sep 25 2023.
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26 Finish this quote by Jake Houseman, 'You know if your mother ever leaves me it will be for _________ . '
Answer: Arnold Palmer

They are on the golf course and Jake tells Marge she is over correcting.
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What is the name of the couples who were wanted?

27 What is the last item of food Neil offers Baby when they go in the kitchen?
Answer: sweet gherkin

'So what do you want, you can have anything you want... brownie, left over rice pudding,... sweet gherkin?'
28 What is Johnny's dance partner's name?
Answer: Penny

Baby thinks that they are together but it turns out that they are just dance partners. She seems relived when she finds this out.
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29 What song is playing in the car on the return journey from the Sheldrake Hotel?
Answer: Some Kind of Wonderful

30 What is the name of the famous resort that the family stayed in?
Answer: Kellerman's

The Kellerman's resort was the popular getaway in the 1960s.
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31 "That's an awful lot of money Baby. What's it for?"
Answer: Jake

Baby's father, Jake Houseman, asks Baby this when she asks him for $250 for Penny's abortion...only he doesn't know that's what the money's for.
32 Who got Penny pregnant?
Answer: Robbie

Robbie got her pregnant, but Penny never had the baby because she had an abortion.
33 Nobody puts Baby in a ___.
Answer: Corner

The correct answer to this question is "Corner." In the movie Dirty Dancing, Johnny Castle famously declares "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" during the final dance scene. Interestingly, the line was not originally in the script and was added by actor Patrick Swayze during rehearsals. The line has since become one of the most iconic movie quotes of all time and has been referenced in numerous other films and TV shows.
34 When did Johnny arrive at Kellerman's?
Answer: before dinner

Baby was peeking in the door of the main house.
35 When Baby goes to the Sheldrake with Johnny what does she tell Lisa to tell their parents?
Answer: she has a headache

When Baby tells Lisa to cover for her at the Sheldrake with Johnny, she instructs her to tell their parents that she has a headache. Interestingly, headaches are a common side effect of dehydration, which can occur when dancing for extended periods of time without proper hydration. In fact, the cast of Dirty Dancing had to endure grueling dance rehearsals and filming in the hot summer months, leading to many cases of dehydration and exhaustion on set.
36 What year is the movie set in?
Answer: 1963

It was the summer of 1963, before Kennedy was assassinated. When people called her Baby and it never occured to let it bother her.
37 When Penny went to the doctor what did Billy say he had?
Answer: Dirty Knife and a Folding Table

'He had a dirty knife and a folding table, I tried to get in...I tried!'
38 What does Baby's father do for a living?
Answer: He's a doctor

He takes care of Penny after the abortion goes bad. He also thinks that Johnny is the father which isn't the case at all.
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39 What is the number of Penny's cabin?
Answer: 5

This one is also hard to see, but the best time to see it, is when Baby goes to visit Penny, the day after they dance at the Sheldrake.
40 What did Baby help carry into the clubhouse?
Answer: watermelon

I carried a watermelon?
Question Reference: Quiz: Dirty Dancing.
41 "Have you had many women?"
Answer: Baby

She asks Johnny this when they are in bed together.
42 Where did Johnny and Baby perform the Mambo at?
Answer: Sheldrake Hotel

They performed at the Sheldrake Hotel. Baby had to fill in for Penny because she had a doctor's appointment.
43 What is the name of the song that the last dance is performed to?
Answer: 'I've Had the Time of My Life'

The song that the last dance is performed to in Dirty Dancing is 'I've Had the Time of My Life'. Interestingly, the song was not originally written for the movie, but was instead chosen by the producers after they heard it on a demo tape. The song went on to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. It also became a huge hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and staying there for four weeks. The song has since become synonymous with the movie and is often played at weddings and other special events as a tribute to the film.
44 Where will Neil go to school?
Answer: Cornell School of Hotel Management

He wanted to be like his grandfather.
45 Who does Lisa, Baby's sister, want to go out with?
Answer: Robbie

Lisa, Baby's sister in Dirty Dancing, wants to go out with Robbie, who is a womanizer and a member of the waitstaff at the resort where the movie takes place. Interestingly, Robbie was played by actor Max Cantor, who tragically passed away in 1991 at the age of 32. Cantor was also known for his roles in the movies "Fear, Anxiety & Depression" and "Dirty Work."
46 Finish this quote by Robbie. 'Oh, it looks like I picked the wrong sister. That's ok, Baby, I went _____ too.'
Answer: slummin'

47 What did Johnny keep repeating to Baby when he was first teaching her how to dance?
Answer: Don't put your heel down

'Don't put your heel down' 'I didn't' 'Don't put your heel down!'
48 What does Johnny say is the most important part of lifts?
Answer: balance

That's why they move to the water because it's easier, but Baby never really got it until the last time that they danced at the hotel. That's one of my favorite parts of the movie.
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49 What are Lisa and Marge eating for breakfast the day Jake (Baby's father) announces they're leaving early?
Answer: Grapefruit

50 What did Neil offer Baby to eat after she saw her sister on the golfcourse with Robbie?
Answer: gherkin

'Sweet Gherkin?'
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