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Dirty Dancing Trivia Questions & Answers

Dirty Dancing . There are 114 questions on this topic. Last updated Mar 05 2024.
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51 What is the name of the woman who Lisa found in bed with Robbie?
Answer: Vivian

This was the night when Lisa was gonna go all the way with Robbie but when she got to his place, she found him in bed with Vivian.
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What does Baby say to Johnny when they get in the car to go practice lifts?

52 What does Baby help Billy carry?
Answer: watermelon

'I carried a watermelon.'
53 What does Baby's father do for a living?
Answer: doctor

Baby's father in Dirty Dancing is a doctor. Interestingly, the role of Baby's father was originally written as a wealthy businessman, but was changed to a doctor to make him more relatable to the audience. The film's writer, Eleanor Bergstein, based the character of Baby's father on her own father who was a doctor. The character's profession also plays a small role in the plot, as it allows for a scene where Baby helps her father with a medical emergency and gains his respect.
54 Which 'Seinfeld' actor played Stan in 'Dirty Dancing'?
Answer: Wayne Knight

Yup, Newman!
55 What does Johnny tell Robby to put on everybody's plate?
Answer: Pickle

'Just put your pickle on everybody's plate college boy and leave the hard stuff to me.'
56 What did Baby do when she messed up dancing when she was alone outside?
Answer: Kicked the railing

You can see her have a little fit. She jumps up and down and kicks the rail.
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57 Where does Lisa say she does NOT want to go on honeymoon?
Answer: Niagara Falls

'Oh what is with all this rain? Remind me not to take my honeymoon at Niagara Falls'.
58 What is the dance step that Johnny and Baby practice in the lake?
Answer: The Lift

It's the most romantic.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dirty Dancing.
59 "I don't just gotta do anything."
Answer: Lisa

Lisa says this to Baby after she asks her to tell their parents that she is in bed and doesn't feel well. She is really going to the Sheldrake Hotel with Johnny to perform the 'Mambo'.
60 How much money did Baby ask her father for in order for Penny to get the abortion?
Answer: $250

"That's an awful lot of money Baby. What's it for?"
61 Where does Baby find Penny crying?
Answer: in the kitchen

Neil had carried Baby to the kitchen because she might have been hungry.
62 When Baby goes to ask her father for the money for the abortion, where are her parents?
Answer: golf course

On the day that Baby goes to ask her father for money for Penny's abortion, her parents are playing golf. Interestingly, the golf course scene was actually filmed at the Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia, which was also the filming location for Kellerman's Resort in the movie. The hotel now offers a Dirty Dancing-themed weekend package, where guests can participate in dance lessons and even a watermelon toss.
63 Who directed 'Dirty Dancing'?
Answer: Emile Ardolino

He also directed 'Sister Act'.
64 What is Baby's last name?
Answer: Houseman

65 What is Baby going to do when she gets out of school?
Answer: Join the Peace Corps

That was before the Beatles came, before president Kennedy was shot, when she couldn't wait to join the Peace Corps, and when she thought she'd never find a guy as great as her dad. That was the opening statement of the movie.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dirty Dancing.
66 Who is Baby (Frances) named after?
Answer: The first woman in the cabinet

'What's you real name Baby?' 'Frances - after the first woman in the cabinet.'
67 What did Johnny say to Jake, Baby's father, when he comes and gets Baby for the final show?
Answer: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"

Take that Jake!
Question Reference: Quiz: Dirty Dancing.
68 "You make me sick. Stay away from me. Stay away from my sister or I'll have you fired."
Answer: Baby

Baby says this to Robbie while she is talking to him about helping pay for Penny's abortion. After she said it to him she poured water down the front of him.
69 Where did the Houseman's stay?
Answer: Kellerman's

They stayed at Kellerman's. The owner, Max Kellerman is good freinds with the Housemans.
70 What book does Robby try to give to Baby to read?
Answer: The Fountainhead

'Make sure you return it. I have notes in the margin.'
71 After Baby sleeps with Johnny, and the next day it's raining and she wants to go see him again, where does she tell her parents she is she going?
Answer: charades

In Dirty Dancing, Baby tells her parents that she is going to play charades with the staff, when in reality she is sneaking off to see Johnny. Charades is a classic party game where players act out a word or phrase without speaking, and their teammates try to guess what they are acting out. It's interesting to note that while Baby's excuse for leaving is innocent enough, her actions are actually quite rebellious for the time period the movie is set in. Dirty Dancing takes place in the early 1960s, a time when societal norms were much more strict, especially for young women like Baby.
72 How many Oscars did 'Dirty Dancing' win?
Answer: 1

'Dirty Dancing' won only one Oscar. For Best Song for 'I've Had The Time Of My Life'.
73 Who was the teacher when Mrs. Shumacher was in dance school?
Answer: George Burns

'George Burns was a teacher!'
74 Where is Robbie going to school?
Answer: Yale

We find this out whenever Max brings him over and introduces him to Lisa, and the rest of the family.
Question Reference: Quiz: Dirty Dancing.
75 What union did Uncle Paul get Johnny into?
Answer: Housepainters and Plasterers Local 179

Johnny tells Baby this when they're walking up the path after Neil has told Johnny they're going to do the Pechanga for the final show.