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Legally Blonde Frequently Asked Questions

Legally Blonde . There are 105 questions on this topic. Last updated Jun 22 2024.
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101 What color is Elle's car?
Answer: black

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What is the name of Paulette's dog?

102 Brooke was a popular exercise instructor. What was her alibi which she only told Elle?
Answer: She was having liposuction.

Brooke would rather go to jail then to ruin her reputation that her body was not natural.
103 Who convinced Elle to stay at Harvard, after Professor Callahan made a pass at her?
Answer: Professor Stromwell

She was in Neptune's Beauty Nook while Elle was saying goodbye to Paulette.
104 Who finally admitted to killing Brooke's husband?
Answer: Chutney

She announced this after Elle explained perm etiquette. If Chutney got a perm that morning, she would not have washed her hair when she got home, because it would take out the curl. Especially since Chutney has had a perm twice a year since she was 12 years old.
105 In the subtitles at the end of the movie, when was Emmitt planning to propose to Elle?
Answer: tonight

They all live happily ever after. THE END!