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86 Remember the Titans Trivia Questions & Answers

Remember the Titans .
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1 As the new coach of the high school football program, I tried to get both black and white players to work together and was successful. Who played me?
Answer: Denzel Washington

Washington, born on December 28th, 1954 in Mount Vernon, New York was cast as Herman Boone. Mr. Boone was an African American man who was hired to be the new coach for a high school in Virginia. Herman realized that he would have a team of both black and white players since the school had just been integrated. Nevertheless, he worked hard to get the players to work together and respect one another, despite the racist views of that time. Boone was a strict, no nonsense coach who had a rigorous schedule for practices. In one scene, he took the players to the fields of where the Battle of Gettysburg was fought and told them there that they needed to stick together or they would fail. At the end of the movie, Coach Yoast (who Herman succeeded as the football coach) told Coach Boone he was very proud of what he did with the boys.

Washington starred in the movies, "Man on Fire", "Mo' Better Blues" and "Philadelphia". In 2002, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the movie, "Training Day", becoming just the second African American to win an Oscar in that category (the first being Sidney Poitier). Other Oscar nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role that year were Russell Crowe for "A Beautiful Mind", Will Smith for "Ali", Sean Penn for "I Am Sam" and Tom Wilkinson for "In the Bedroom".
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2 Alan plays one of his favorite songs for Blue, but Blue hates it. What is the name of the song?
Answer: Act Naturally

Alan plays "Act Naturally" for Blue. When Alan says "I don't even have to ask you about this one, but I will. What do you think?" Blue yells "Does the term 'cruel and unusual punishment' mean ANYTHING to you?!"
3 Who said, "Then you can use your x-ray vision Superman, and look right through it cause it ain't coming down?"
Answer: Julius

Julius said this when fighting with Gerry at football camp when Julius was trying to put his poster up.
4 What is Julius' father's name?
Answer: Charles

We find this out when Coach Boone steps out of his house when all the people are there. Mr. Campbell steps forward and says "Coach Boone, I'm Charles Campbell. This is my son, Julius."
5 Who said "In Virginia, high school football is a way of life"?
Answer: Cheryl

This is one of the first lines in the beginning of the movie when the Titans are reuniting.
6 What are the names of the main coaches in the film?
Answer: Coach Boone and Coach Yoast

Coach Boone was played by Denzel Washington and Coach Yoast was played by Will Patton.
7 What is the number of Gerry?
Answer: 42

He was the captain of the Titans and later on in the movie was paralyzed from a crash before the Championship Game.
8 What is the name of the high school after the integration?
Answer: T.C. Williams High

9 I played Coach Yoast's daughter when she was a little girl. Who am I?
Answer: Hayden Panettiere

Panettiere, a native of Palisades, New York won the role of a young Sheryl Yoast. Sheryl was Coach Yoast's daughter and had a knack for being outspoken and opinionated in how she felt. She helped her father coach the team and did not like it when he was replaced as the high school football coach. Near the beginning of the film, she kicked dirt at the man who replaced him. When the players fought in one scene, Sheryl told them to stop acting like sissies and quit the fighting. At first, Sheryl did not bond with Coach Boone's daughter, Nicky, but they eventually became friends.

Panettiere had guest starring stints on the TV series', "Commander in Chief", "Malcolm in the Middle" and "Touched by an Angel".
10 What song do Rev. and Louie sing in the cafeteria at camp?
Answer: Ain't Too Proud To Beg

Louie says that he and Rev both dig the Temptations, and then they both start singing: "I know you wanna leave me, but I refuse to let you go. If I have to beg and plead for your sympathy, I don't mind 'cause you mean that much to me. Ain't too proud to beg..."
11 Who said, "Well I'm a dark-skinned cracker?"
Answer: Julius

Julius said this at lunch the first day at camp when Louie Lastic came to sit at the black table.
12 What is Petey's father's name?
Answer: Eric

" DO have a daddy, don't you?" This is said by Ray to Petey while the Titan football team is attending camp at Gettysburg College.
13 Who said "The school board put you on my staff, I did not hire you"?
Answer: Coach Yoast

He says this when he finds out that the black head coach of another school is coming to be on his staff.
14 Which two boys did Coach Boone mock, calling them Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin?
Answer: Gerry and Ray

'What'd you say your name was?' 'Gerry' 'No, you must have said Jerry, and this here must be Dean Martin.' (Referring to Ray).
15 What is the number of Julius?
Answer: 81

He was Gerry's roommate at the beginning and they had a lot of problems getting along with each other because Gerry was white and Julius was black. But by the time camp was half-way done, Julius and Gerry were closer than brothers.
16 What is the name of the new black coach?
Answer: Herman Boone

I think he ran tough and tight practices, but in the end it was worth it.
17 Even though Coach Boone replaced me as the high school football coach, I still worked well with him. Who played me?
Answer: Will Patton

Patton, born in 1954 in Charleston, South Carolina landed the part of William Yoast. As the head coach of a high school football team, Coach Yoast was well respected and the team disliked it when he was replaced by Herman Boone. Coach Yoast promised the players he would stay around and be the assistant coach. At one point, Coach Yoast reminded Coach Boone that this was a high school football team and they were not in the Marines since he felt Boone's workout schedule was extreme. Near the end of the movie, Coach Yoast was considered to be placed in a Hall of Fame but he was not entered into it due to his support for Herman Boone. However, Coach Boone told Coach Yoast at the end of the movie that he was a Hall of Famer in his book.

Patton had roles in the films, "Armageddon", "The Postman" and "Romeo is Bleeding".
18 What song are the guys singing in the locker room when Alan starts dancing?
Answer: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

The black guys on the team and Louie are singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" while most of the white guys on the team watch them with disgusted looks on their faces. Alan tries to lighten things up by dancing along to the music.
19 Who said, "Coach, we need a water break, we've been out here all day?"
Answer: Blue

Coach Boone responded "I am gonna make you do up-downs until Blue is no longer tired and thirsty".
20 What is Alan's dad's name?
Answer: Fred

Coach Yoast calls him this once, and that is the only time you hear it. They are in the Coach's office, talking about Alan.
21 Who said this: "You're our Coach. You're our Coach" when Coach Boone said he was "just a football coach"?
Answer: Julius's Father

He said this at the gathering at Coach Boone's house to tell him how grateful the blacks in Alexandria were when he became a coach at T.C. Williams High.
22 What is the number of Louie?
Answer: 73

He was the offensive lineman and just moved to Alexandria.
23 What is the name of the white head coach?
Answer: Bill Yoast

24 As Gerry's girlfriend, I did not understand why he would befriend African Americans. However, I got over my prejudices and shook hands with his best friend, an African American. Who played me?
Answer: Kate Bosworth

Bosworth portrayed Emma Hoyt in a minor role. Emma dated Gerry and really appreciated how he was a star football player. At first, Gerry had prejudices against African Americans, but he became great friends with his African American teammates. In one scene, Gerry introduced best friend, Julius, to Emma but she refused to shake his hand since Julius was black. Emma broke up with Gerry and told him that she might possibly get over her prejudicial views against black people but that she was not ready to do so at that time. In the final game to determine the champions, Emma went up to Julius, shook his hand and wished him good luck.

Bosworth was seen in the movies, "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!", "Blue Crush" and "Superman Returns".
25 What song is playing on the soundtrack as the boys arrive at camp?
Answer: Spirit In The Sky

When all the boys got ready to leave for camp, the black players got on one bus, and the white players got on another bus. The confrontation between "Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis" (a.k.a. Ray and Gerry) and Coach Boone upset Boone, so Boone told all the boys to get off the busses. When everyone was standing in the parking lot, Boone told the offense to get on one bus and the defense to get on another bus.