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Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans . There are 86 questions on this topic. Last updated Dec 05 2023.
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76 What was thrown into Herman Boone's window?
Answer: A brick

'Whoever threw this brick through my window can come visit me anytime.' -Herman Boone
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Who said, "I'm not playing I'm accessorizing?"

77 Who called these jokes "Momma jokes"?
Answer: Gerry

He said this after Louie made the joke about Petey's mom weighing twice as much as himself.
78 Who was five time player of the week?
Answer: Alan

'He was five time player of the week.'- Alan's dad
79 Whose music was "cruel and unusual punishment" to Blue?
Answer: Alan

He said this when the players had to get to know each player of a different race.
80 Who was the 'fruitcake' that came to camp a couple of days after the others got there?
Answer: Sunshine

This is my son, Ronnie Bass,' later known as 'Sunshine' by Petey.
81 Who said that "Camp was over" when he tried to shake one of the white player's girlfriend's hand?
Answer: Julius

He said this when he tried to shake Emma's (Gerry's girlfriend's) hand when they got off the bus from camp
82 What brought the team together one last time at the end of the movie?
Answer: Gerry's Funeral

Gerry was hit by a car in the movie, and was paralyzed, and was killed ten years later by a drunk driver. That is what brought the players together for one last final time.
83 What number is Sunshine?
Answer: 12

84 How many siblings did Coach Boone say he had? How many did he really have? (The answer to the first part of the question is the first number and the answer to the second part of the question is the second number).
Answer: 12,8

'You had 12 brothers and sisters?' 'Eight.' 'Yeah, twelve sounds better.' -Coach Boone and the offensive line coach
85 Who was in the car crash before the Championship Game and was paralyzed from the waist down?
Answer: Gerry

86 At the end, how were they all united after ten years?
Answer: Gerry's death

'Ten years later Gerry died, and that's what brought us back together' -Cheryl Yoast