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1 In the beginning of the movie, where does the shopkeeper, Mr. Bixby, suggest Adam go to find a wife?
Answer: Back east

Mr. Bixby, owner of the general store in town, says there are 10 men for every woman in the Oregon territory, and suggests Adam should go back east to find a wife. Adam assures him that he always gets what he wants and leaves the store checking out every woman he passes. Then he spots Milly and knows she is the gal for him!
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What made Milly mad at Adam when he first brought her home?

2 Which brother fell out of the bobsled while being pursued by the townsfolk?
Answer: Benjamin

The bobsled was loaded down with 15 people, including six feisty kidnapped young ladies, so it seemed inevitable that someone would fall out. In real life, if he had fallen out, he probably would not have been able to have gotten back in before being overtaken by the townspeople.
3 What does Adam come to town looking for?
Answer: a wife

As he sings in "Bless Yore Beautiful Hide", his specifications were, "Pretty and trim but not too slim. Heavenly eyes but oh, that size. Gotta be right to be the bride for me."
4 Who is the first brother we see in the movie?
Answer: Adam

We first see Adam when he is looking for a wife in town. Adam was played by Howard Keel, who died in 2004.
5 When Millie goes up the mountain with Adam, she picks some sorrell to make what for supper?
Answer: nourishing soup

Millie is so excited about starting her new life with Adam that she picks some wild sorrell to make some homemade soup. When she gets to the cabin and meets the rest of the brothers, she comments, "I guess I should have picked more sorrell".
6 Adam Pontipee proposes to Milly the first day he meets her. What is her response?
Answer: "I'd have to finish my chores."

Milly has accepted marriage proposals before, but every time before "a horrible sinking feeling" would hit her and she'd back out. It didn't happen with Adam, so they were married the same day.
7 How long had Adam known Milly before they were married?
Answer: 1 day

Adam had just met Milly that day and knew she was the girl for him.
8 Easy one: What was the name of the first brother shown?
Answer: Adam Pontipee

9 What is Milly doing when Adam first spots her?
Answer: Chopping wood

Adam sees Milly chopping wood, and then watches her go into the restaurant where she serves the men a meal she has cooked. When he sees how hard she works, he believes she will be able to be a wife who will work beside him. Adam lives a hard life on the frontier and he needs a woman who can be a partner and handle her share of the work.
10 Which brother barely missed being clobbered by a snow shovel-wielding town gentleman, while trying to lure his bride-to-be out of her house?
Answer: Gideon

Gideon imitated a cat's meow to try to get Alice to come out looking for her cat. Exactly why he thought Alice would come, instead of her suitor or father, is not clear. When Alice's suitor saw Gideon kneeling in the snow meowing for all he was worth, he grabbed a snow shovel and sneaked up to whack Gideon over the head with it. Thankfully, Benjamin came along just in time to insure that it was the town suitor who collapsed from a blow to the head, rather than Gideon!
11 Which of the brothers is Daniel?
Answer: The brother in the purple shirt

When Adam is introducing his brothers to Millie for the first time, both Ephraim and Daniel run over at the same time. When Millie asks "Which one is Ephraim and which is Daniel" they answer "me" so you don't really find out who is who until the arm wrestling at the barn raising.
12 During the barn raising sequence, the brothers form a team to try to win the little Brown Swiss heifer. What was the little calf's name?
Answer: Annabelle

The barn dance is the first appearance of the brothers after their transformation. Millie "took a shinin'" to Annabelle, so the Pontipee brothers formed one of the barn raising teams.
13 Which of the following is NOT one of Adam's brothers?
Answer: Isaac

They wanted to go alphabetically right now to Zedekiah, but their father took one look at Gideon and chopped a tree down on himself.
14 Adam and his brothers were named alphabetically from men out of the ...?
Answer: Bible

All the brothers were named from men out of the Bible in alphabetical order starting with Adam and Benjamin and ending with Gideon.
15 Which is NOT the name of a bride?
Answer: Carol

Dorcas, Ruth, Liza, Alice, Milly, Sarah and Martha.
16 On their way home, after the wedding, Adam and Milly stop to water the horses. What herb does Milly pick to use in a soup?
Answer: Sorrel

Milly says that Sorrel makes "real nourishin' soups"! She has been cooking and serving the men in town at the restaurant, and she is excited to take care of just one man. She doesn't know that she has six brothers-in-law, yet, or that they all live with Adam!
17 During the barn dance scene, one of the brothers was unexpectedly jostled by one of the town gentlemen, nearly knocking him over. Rather than start a fight, this brother non verbally invited his opponent to a gentlemanly game of balance beam wrestling. Who was this conciliatory brother?
Answer: Daniel

Daniel had very few distinctive lines, and very few distinctive actions in the movie. He always seemed a bit more bashful and pensive than some of the other brothers. Too bad the town man knocked him off the balance boards!
18 What animal does Gideon imitate to get Alice to come outside?
Answer: a cat

He meowed like a cat, but at first he drew out Alice's suitor instead.
19 What book is "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" based on?
Answer: The Sobbin' Women

"Sobbin' Women" was actually the original title of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".
20 When Gideon tries to kidnap his sweetheart Alice, he pretends to be the family cat. What is the cat's name?
Answer: Pansy

Gideon does such a poor job of imitating the cat, that the preacher comments that Pansy sounds like she has the croup.
21 This checks how many times you've actually watched this movie. Which brother really never dances?
Answer: Benjamin

They had to cast people who were under contract with MGM. At the same time, however, MGM was filming "Brigadoon," and most of the dancers under contract were working there. Benjamin is handsome, and can sing, but he can't dance. He's always off screen or hidden behind someone else if he's supposed to be dancing.
22 What is the name of the girl Gideon marries?
Answer: Alice

23 The shopkeeper's wife told Adam ' No woman is going to go off and live in ______ country with you!'
Answer: Bear

To cook and slave for seven, slomachy back woodsman!
24 When Adam and Milly arrive home, she is shocked to learn that she has six brothers-in-law. Then the brothers begin to fight. Why does Frank get into a fist fight with his brothers?
Answer: They tell Milly his full name

Frank is very sensitive about his name. His full name is Frankincense. The brothers are all named after men in the Bible, in alphabetical order, but they couldn't find a name that began with the letter "F". The brothers names are Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frankincense and Gideon.
25 Which brother did Gideon sock in the jaw after dressing him down?
Answer: Adam

In a particularly poignant scene, youngest brother Gideon told Adam what he thought of him for hiding out in the trapping cabin and not reconciling with Millie after their fight. It was evident that, as Gideon said, Adam could very well have "licked the tar out of" him. But Adam knew Gideon was right, and didn't retaliate when Gideon hit him.