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85 Sleeping Beauty Trivia Questions & Answers

Sleeping Beauty
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1 What time period best describes the era in which the events of "Sleeping Beauty" (1959) take place?
Answer: Medieval or Renaissance Europe

The knights, the horses, the flags, the castles, the fairies are all evocative of late Medieval and Renaissance Europe. As a matter of fact, art designer and creative director Jon Hench, with Walt Disney's approval, based the artistic style for "Sleeping Beauty" on the Flemish Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries (c. 1495) in The Cloisters museum, Fort Tyron Park, Washington Heights, New York City (managed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which received the tapestries in 1938). Hench's concept was developed by Kay Nielsen, who had made the initial sketches for the "Night on Bald Mountain" segment in "Fantasia" (1940). Eyvind Earl further developed the styling, colors, and background for "Sleeping Beauty" before leaving the project before its completion. Over their objections, animators were ordered by Walt Disney to conform to the realistic and flat and ironically modernist style, in a departure from earlier animated features.
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When the fairies finally decide to use magic for Aurora's birthday, what does Flora tell Merriweather to do?

2 What was the name of the princess in "Sleeping Beauty"?
Answer: Aurora

Her name was Aurora, which means "the dawn".
3 What is the name of Aurora's father?
Answer: King Stephan

Aurora and Phillip's fathers betrothed the two of them when Aurora was born.
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4 Aurora's eyes are brown at the beginning of the movie but what color are they when she awakens from the spell?
Answer: blue

Yes - her eyes change color when they reopen after love's kiss.
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5 Which fairy gives the baby princess the gift that lessens the evil spell of Maleficent?
Answer: Merryweather

Maleficent's spell originally stated Aurora would die when she pricked her finger. Merryweather couldn't undo the spell because Maleficent was too powerful, but she was able to change it so that she'd only sleep when she pricked her finger and true love's kiss would break the spell.
6 Where is Aurora when Prince Philip sees her for the first time?
Answer: the throne room

He's a {boy;} she's a baby in her cradle.
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7 During the opening titles of "Sleeping Beauty" (1959), Technicolor and which other "tech"-nology are listed right under the very title "Sleeping Beauty"?
Answer: Technirama

Alongside the rich Technicolor process long used by Disney, the opening titles and the posters of the movie's initial run boasted of using the Technirama screen process, an anamorphic widescreen technology yielding a 2.35:1 ratio when projected, identical in size to CinemaScope, but much sharper. To be more accurate, however, "Sleeping Beauty" employed the "Super Technirama 70" process, meaning it was done on 70-mm film rather than 35-mm film. From "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937) through the mid-1980s, none of Disney's animated features used widescreen but rather the standard Academy ratio (roughly the same aspect as used in pre-digital television), with the exception of "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Lady and the Tramp", both in widescreen. With the release of "101 Dalmations" (1961), the next feature film after "Sleeping Beauty", the Disney company reverted to the smaller aspect ratio. Not until "The Black Cauldron" (1985) did Disney return to widescreen for animated movies, which has been the company's standard since.

"Sleeping Beauty" makes excellent use of Technirama, taking full advantage of the extra space for panoramic vistas. It is especially effective for taking the viewer through the dark corridors of the castle, for example, during the opening scenes.
8 Did Maleficent sing a song in this movie?
Answer: No

Although a song was written for the movie, the song was cut and Maleficent did not sing any songs. At this point in the history of the Disney animated classics - which went back to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" - no villain had sung a song about them. Songs were sung about them (like Brom Bones singing about the headless horsemen in "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad") or songs sung by villains but had nothing to do with the villains themselves (like Honest John and Gideon singing "Hi Diddle Dee Dee" in "Pinocchio").
9 What was the name of the prince in this movie?
Answer: Phillip

Prince Phillip met the princess when she was just a baby. When he met her later, just before her 16th birthday, he fell in love with her.
10 What were the names of the two fairies that were fighting over the color of Aurora's dress?
Answer: Merriweather and Flora

The two fairies were Flora and Merriweather. At the end of the story, right before the book closes, the dress is pink.
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11 While Sleeping Beauty is in the forest she sits down next to some of the forest creatures. At one point she extends her leg and this animal rolls away from her foot. What creature is it?
Answer: chipmunk

Although it looks like she's kicking the chipmunk, I think it was just a coincidence.
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12 What did the King and Queen name their baby princess?
Answer: Aurora

13 What name do the three fairies give Aurora while they take care of her?
Answer: Briar Rose

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14 "Sleeping Beauty" (1959) is the last animated feature film that Walt Disney himself would directly influence. But who is listed as the supervising director during the opening titles?
Answer: Clyde Geronomi

In reality, three supervising directors shaped the production of "Sleeping Beauty" (1959), although only one, Clyde Geronomi, would ultimately get the official credit as such on screen, and aside from Disney, had the final say.

First is Wilfred Jackson, who had worked on the original Mickey Mouse cartoons and "Silly Symphonies" of Disney's early days and the animated segments of "Song of the South" (1946) and the "Bald Mountain" segment of "Fantasia" (1940) and ended up leaving "Sleeping Beauty" following a heart attack. Second is Eric Larson, who animated none of the characters but directed all of the Forest sequences and was briefly supervising director before he was fired; he remains listed in the credits, however, as a sequence director. Lastly was Clyde Geronomi, who became supervising director until the film was finished; he conflicted with artist Eyvind Earl (credited with "Color Styling") over the backgrounds, and simplified them when Earl left Walt Disney for a more favorable work environment.
15 What type of pet did Maleficent have?
Answer: Crow

Maleficent had a pet crow named Diablo that was almost always by her side. One such time in which Diablo wasn't by her side was when Maleficent had him search for Aurora, who was hiding from Maleficent. Eventually, Merryweather turned the crow into stone and that was the last time Diablo was shown in the movie.
16 Who crashed Aurora's christening?
Answer: Maleficent

In the middle of Aurora's christening, Maleficent crashed the ceremony and scared the people who were there. She made an announcement that frightened everyone. She stated that she would cast a spell on Aurora where she would prick her finger on a spindle on a spinning wheel before the sun set on her sixteenth birthday and fall to her death.
17 What type of creature was Maleficent?
Answer: A fairy

Maleficent was actually a fairy, though she was nothing like the good fairies who are in this movie.
18 When we first see Aurora singing in the forest, what color is the bird that starts singing with her first?
Answer: blue

The bird hears Aurora singing in the forest and flies to her, singing along. That bird is also one of the birds that wake up the other animals to see her.
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19 What task do the three fairies come up with to get Aurora out of the cottage for the day?
Answer: pick some berries

Even though she picked berries yesterday, she still goes.
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20 What did the fairies call the princess when they took her to the cottage in the woods to raise her?
Answer: Briar Rose

The fairies changed her name to protect her from Maleficent.
21 What does Flora want to turn Aurora into to protect her from Maleficent?
Answer: a flower

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22 In what order did Aurora receive her gifts from the three fairies when she was a baby?
Answer: Beauty, song, lessen Maleficent's curse

Each of the three good fairies (Flora, Fauna, Merryweather) would bestow a single gift onto Aurora. Flora gave Aurora the gift of beauty; Aurora would have blonde hair. Fauna gave the gift of song; Aurora's singing voice would sound beautiful. Before Merryweather could give her gift, Maleficent appeared and gave Aurora her own "gift" - that Aurora would prick her finger on a spinning needle and die. Merryweather wasn't able to undo the curse but she was able to change it, from dying after pricking her finger to being in a deep sleep until true love's kiss would awaken her.
23 Whose kiss led to Aurora waking up at the end of the movie?
Answer: Prince Philip's

Aurora pricked her finger on the spindle and fell asleep because ot the earlier gift from Merryweather. The gift was, should Aurora prick her finger on the spindle, she would simply fall asleep and could be awakened by true love's first kiss. Prince Phillip was the one who planted a kiss on Aurora's lips which caused her to wake up.
24 For how many years did the princess live with the three good fairies?
Answer: 16

The princess lived with the good fairies until her 16th birthday. On her birthday they took her back to her parents, the King and Queen.
25 When the fairies finally decide to use magic for Aurora's birthday, what does Flora tell Merriweather to do?
Answer: Clean up

Merriweather isn't very happy about it, but she does it anyway.
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