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27 Space Jam Trivia Questions & Answers

Space Jam
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1 Who directed "Space Jam"?
Answer: Joe Pytka

"Space Jam" was Pytka's second full movie, the first being "Let It Ride". He also directed a few videos for Michael Jackson.
Danny DeVito was the voice of Mr. Swackhammer, James Newton Howard did the music on this movie, and Ivan Reitman was the producer.
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What is the name of the Looney Toon's team?

2 Who is the first "Looney Tunes" character who speaks in this movie?
Answer: Daffy Duck

He speaks for half a second on the screens as the people on Moron Mountain get their inspiration. He says "I'm a rabbit, shoot me!" He is one of the people that are on the Looney Tune team.
3 Who is the basketball great in the movie?
Answer: Michael Jordan

He gets sucked into Looney Toon land by Bugs Bunny.
Question Reference: Quiz: Space Jam.
4 What didn't Lola Bunny like to be called?
Answer: Doll

Both Bugs and Pound called her 'doll'. Everytime someone called her that, it made her angry.
5 Who is the second "Looney Tunes" character to speak in the movie?
Answer: Elmer Fudd

He's in the middle of a cartoon at this point in time. He's chasing Bugs at the point he first talks. He is another team member. In the show before he's interrupted, he says "Come back here you screwy rabbit." As if you couldn't tell, he's a hunter.
6 What is the name of the basketball team of oversized aliens?
Answer: Monstars

They originally were extremely tiny but they stole the talent from pro N.B.A. players and they got huge.
Question Reference: Quiz: Space Jam.
7 What is the name of the theme park in outer space?
Answer: Moron Mountain

Most aliens don't like it.
Question Reference: Quiz: Space Jam.
8 What color Nerdluck had the largest gun, when they blasted Bugs?
Answer: Magenta

It was funny because the magenta Nerdluck was the smallest of all of them and he had the largest gun, whereas the orange Nerdluck was the largest but he had the smallest gun. They were originally called the Nerdlucks but became the Monstars when they got bigger.
9 Which Looney Toon doesn't play in the basketball game?
Answer: Granny

She's the cheerleader.
Question Reference: Quiz: Space Jam.
10 What color was Stan's car?
Answer: White

The door on Stan's car wouldn't work. Michael couldn't open it to get out. Stan said it had a few 'pickadillos'. I guess that meant problems.
11 How does the person that makes the winning shot make it?
Answer: Stretches his arm to the basket

In a quote from Daffy, "No sweat. This is Looney Tunes Land." Michael has no idea he can do so until there is ten seconds left. Not winning would mean the world would lose the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan to the aliens because they would be forced to work for them.
12 What is the name of the Looney Toon's team?
Answer: Tune Squad

That's what is written on all their shirts.
Question Reference: Quiz: Space Jam.
13 When Bugs gave the Nerdlucks the 'rule book,' what was the real title of the book?
Answer: How to Draw Cartoon Characters

The rule was "Give them a chance to defend themselves." The 'rule' was on the page where the book showed how to draw Bugs.
14 What former pro in this movie plays in a street ball court?
Answer: Charles

His full name is Charles Barkley. He plays for a little and then gets kicked out. He's kicked out because the aliens take his talent and they don't want a "Charles Barkley look-alike" to play.
15 What do the aliens use to suck out the basketball players' skill?
Answer: a basketball

There's a little glowing thing inside the ball.
Question Reference: Quiz: Space Jam.
16 When the Tune Squad was getting ready for the game, what character was shown after Bugs?
Answer: Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd was shown after Bugs. When the players were getting ready, they were shown in a particuluar order: Lola was putting tape on her hands, Bugs was putting on his shorts, Elmer was wrapping a piece of cloth around his head, Taz was frustrated because he couldn't get his uniform on and he ripped it to shreds, Sylvester and Tweety were jumping rope, Daffy was wearing a helmet, floaties, a cup, and flippers and Michael was pulling down his shirt.
17 What name does Lola hate to be called?
Answer: Doll

She gets basketball skills and shows the person up. She scores a lot of points for her team either way though. Both an alien in-game and Bugs call her 'Doll'. She makes one of the team's shots because of the alien.
18 How does Michael get to Looney Toons land?
Answer: Through a golf hole

Question Reference: Quiz: Space Jam.
19 What did Daffy stamp on Michael's head?
Answer: A-OK

After Michael was sucked down the golf hole, Daffy did a loony inspection of Michael, then he stamped a big 'a-ok' on his head. This part was funny.
20 When they sneak into Michael's house underground, where does Daffy end up?
Answer: Dog house

Right where he belongs. Heh heh. The dog inside snarls and pretty much eats him. Good thing he's a Looney Tune. He ends up in there because he doesn't listen to Bugs and goes the way he wants to.
21 On the 'Space Jam' DVD cover, who does it NOT show?
Answer: Yosemite Sam

It also shows Bugs and Daffy.
Question Reference: Quiz: Space Jam.
22 When the orange Monstar flattened Bugs, what did he say to Lola?
Answer: "Is this your man?"

This was the romance scene between Bugs and Lola. Lola said that when Bugs pushed her out of danger, it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. Then she kissed him. I loved this scene.
23 Where are the shorts that Michel sends Daffy and Bugs to his house to get?
Answer: Mouth of Michael's wife's dog

The kids come and chase him off. They promise not to tell that Michael is in a basketball game to anyone. I say "Michael's wife's" because he hates the dog. Michael's kids show up at just the right time to shoo the dog.
24 Who directed this movie?
Answer: Joe Pytka

Question Reference: Quiz: Space Jam.
25 Who was the actor that Mr. Swackhammer had mistaken for Dan Aykroyd?
Answer: Bill Murray

In the movie, Bill wanted to be a basketball player, but Michael said that he didn't have a shot. Bill showed up at the basketball game and helped the Toons win against the Monstars.