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77 Spaceballs Trivia Questions & Answers

Spaceballs .
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1 What was Lord Helmet doing privately in his room that he didn't want anyone to see?
Answer: he was playing with dolls

Lord Helmet was playing with "Spaceball" dolls pretending that Princess Vespa and Lord Helmet find true love after Lord Helmet injured both Lone Starr and Barf.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
trivia question Quick Question
What is Yogurt doing on the Moon of Vega?

2 Take one drink everytime you hear mention of the character Dom De Luise voiced. Take two drinks if you actually see him. Who is this character?
Answer: Pizza the Hutt

You'd better be careful, or as Vinnie says to Lone Starr and Barf, "Pizza will send out for you!"
3 John Candy plays a creature that is half-man half, what?
Answer: dog

John Candy is a Mog (half-man half-dog).
4 What is the first line spoken in the movie?
Answer: "Colonel Sandurz!"

This line is said by the space ball who tells Colonel Sandurz that they are nearing Druidia.
Question Reference: Quiz: SpaceBalls.
5 How did the people in the diner know that they were on Pluto?
Answer: from the bark

"From the bark you dummies!"
6 What chapter of the "Spaceballs" saga does this film show?
Answer: eleven

It says it in the beginning scroll, right after 'there lived a ruthless race of beings known as..."Spaceballs".'
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
7 What statement can be read on the bumper sticker located on the back of 'Spaceball 1'?
Answer: We Brake For Nobody

This is found about three minutes into the movie after 'Spaceball 1' flies by the screen for almost the full three minutes. 'Spaceball 1' is a really big ship.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
8 How long of a break does Dark Helmet say the Spaceballs should take?
Answer: 5 minute

When he hit the terminal, he was moving at ludicrous speed.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
9 What did the alien do after it jumped out of the guy's stomach at the bar?
Answer: it sang and danced

Making a reference to the hit movie "Alien" directed by Ridley Scott, the alien jumped out of the man's stomach. The alien then proceeded to dance on the counter with a top hat and cane.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
10 Take a drink every time this actor (as Prince Valium) yawns. What actor plays the Prince?
Answer: JM J. Bullock

In addition to being a frequent guest on "Hollywood Squares", Bullock used to appear on the TV show "Too Close for Comfort".
11 What is the name of John Candy's character?
Answer: Barf

Pizza the Hutt mistakenly refers to him as "Puke".
12 Who plays Princess Vespa?
Answer: Daphne Zuniga

Joan Rivers did the voice of Dot Matrix.
Question Reference: Quiz: SpaceBalls.
13 What planet do Lonestar and company crash land on?
Answer: The Moon of Vega

It tells you, when Dark Helmet, Colonel Sanders and some other guy are watching "SpaceBalls" the movie.
14 What planet does President Skroob wish to take all the air supply from?
Answer: Druidia

Even though any of these would fit in a "Star Wars" spinoff, the correct answer is indeed Druidia.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
15 Who is the Spaceball that is shot because he disobeyed Dark Helmet in the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Sgt. Ricco

Colonel Sandurz says his name in the very first scene inside Spaceball 1.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
16 What kind of yogurt is Yogurt?
Answer: plain

He looks like more of a lime yogurt.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
17 Take a drink everytime this parody of the "Star Wars" FORCE is mentioned--two drinks if it's actually used! What is the source of Yogurt's, Dark Helmet's, and Lone Starr's power?
Answer: The Schwartz

The movie ends with the message, "May the Schwartz Be With You."
18 Who was Princess Vespa originally supposed to marry?
Answer: Prince Valium

Prince Valium was supposedly the last Prince that Princess Vespa COULD marry.
19 Who did the voice of Pizza the Hutt?
Answer: Dom De Luise

Mel Brooks directed the film and played a few roles but not Pizza the Hutt. He also made the films 'Young Frankenstein' and 'Robin Hood, Men in Tights.'
Question Reference: Quiz: SpaceBalls.
20 How fast can SpaceBall 1 go?
Answer: Ludicrous Speed

"Ludicrous Speed! GO!"
21 How many engines does the Spaceball One boast?
Answer: three

Right underneath, a bumper sticker is visible which says "We brake for nobody."
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
22 How many years of fresh air is there on Planet Druidia?
Answer: 10,000

Check out the scene with Mr. Radar.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
23 Where was President Skroob's air made?
Answer: Druidia

It was salt-free air.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
24 What was Pongo (a movie reviewer) going to review on their TV?
Answer: Rocky 5,000

When the TV reporter informed that Pizza the Hutt died after eating himself to death in a limo, he mentioned afterwards that Pongo, a fictional movie reviewer, was going to review Rocky 5,000.
Question Reference: Quiz: Spaceballs.
25 Take a drink anytime this character (played by George Wyner) asks the crew to "prepare to" anything. What character did Wyner play?
Answer: Colonel Sandurz

"Prepare for ludicrous speed" (said by Sandurz) is probably one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie!