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1 What was the name of the original drummer for The Wonders?
Answer: Chad

Chad, played by Giovanni Ribisi, broke his arm while hurdling over a parking meter. In an effort to find a new drummer, Jimmy and Lenny made a deal with Guy to play at their upcoming gig.
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Who portrays the character, Guy Patterson?

2 Lenny says, "There he goes to write that hit song, _______."
Answer: Alone in my principles

Jimmy gets up and walks away saying, "I guess I'm alone in my principles." "Oh there he goes, off to write that new hit song 'Alone In My Principles'."
Question Reference: Quiz: Tom Hanks Movie.
3 Which song is playing on the radio right before Faye first hears "That Thing You Do"?
Answer: Drive Faster

The song ends and the announcer says "That's the Vicksburgs, with 'Drive Faster'." He then introduces The Wonders' song.
4 In what state is Diane Dane wearing her gold dress?
Answer: Wisconsin

"That is a gold dress... like a Wisconsin sunrise!"
5 Guy joins the band for a local talent show contest. Where is the contest held?
Answer: Mercyhurst College

Lenny is excited about the girls he will meet at the school. He doesn't meet any.
6 'Guys...Chad fell down.'
Answer: T.B.

T.B. (the bass player) said this to the group members after Chad had fallen down while jumping over a parking meter. Chad broke his arm, which was the whole reason Guy ended up joining the band after all.
7 'We had been watching this a week before my Grandma realized that there's strings!'
Answer: Lenny

Lenny says this to Jimmy in Patterson's Appliance Store. He is refering to some old space show.
8 What colour car does Guy have?
Answer: Black

It is shown at the start of the film when he is parking and he runs into another car.
9 Who is the guy that plays the band's manager?
Answer: Tom Hanks

What can I say?
10 The name of the "spaghetti joint by the airport" was called Villapiano's. Where did they get that name from?
Answer: A former Oakland Raider football player, Phil Villapiano

Tom Hanks grew up as a huge Oakland Raiders fan and named it after his favorite player on the silver and black. Phil Villipiano played linebacker for the Raiders.
11 Mr. Patterson says, "I come down here in the doggone middle of the night to turn out the light___________."
Answer: Can't he do anything right

Guy leaves the lights on every night. "I come down here in the doggone middle of the night, to turn out the light, can't he do anything right?"
Question Reference: Quiz: Tom Hanks Movie.
12 Which of these was not a band that Scott Pell was previously a part of?
Answer: The Four Tops

Jimmy asks "Who's he played with?" And Mr. White answers, "The Techniques, Roy Maxwell and the Corsairs..." This is before they play the Hollywood Television Showcase. T.B. Player went to the Marines, which is why they need a new bassist.
13 What actress was seen with Sol Siler (behind his wife's back)?
Answer: Suzanne Pleshette

Guy later mentions that if anybody's looking for him, he's with Suzanne Pleshette.
14 What was the name of the DJ played by Kevin Pollak at The Wonders' show in Pittsburgh?
Answer: Boss Vic Koss

Kevin Pollak was great, remember him from 'Grumpy Old Men'?
15 'How's my breath?'
Answer: Lenny

Lenny asks the group this right before heading off on his date with the woman he ends up marrying in Las Vegas.
16 'Let it burn!'
Answer: Guy's dad

Mr. Patterson yells this to himself becuase Guy has forgotten to turn the store lights off yet again.
17 When making suggestions for the name of the band, what suggestion does the bass player come up with?
Answer: The Tempos

Chad says The Corvettes, Lenny says The Band You're About To Hear and Jimmy says The Heardsmen.
18 What name does Jimmy want to give the band in the first place?
Answer: Heardsmen

When Jimmy began his solo career, he called his band 'Jimmy and the Heardsmen'.
19 What was the character name of the host of the television show that The Wonders performed on?
Answer: Troy Chesterfield

Peter Scolari played Chesterfield in the film. The show was very loosely based on "The Ed Sullivan Show". Scolari and Hanks have a history together, playing Bosom Buddies in the TV show of the same name.
20 Who portrays the character, Guy Patterson?
Answer: Tom Everett Scott

Tom Everett Scott, also played in "An American Werewolf in Paris". Good movie, by the way.
Question Reference: Quiz: Tom Hanks Movie.
21 When they are recording in the church, when does Uncle Bob tell Lenny they will get the records?
Answer: Wednesday

Guy asks his Uncle Bob, the producer, "Hey Uncle Bob, when we getting these records?" Uncle Bob says "Luke 21:19." T.B. Player recites the Bible verse. Lenny asks, "Luke? Who's Luke? When are we getting the records?" And Uncle Bob says, "Wednesday."
22 This one's pretty tough... when The Wonders are playing on "The Hollywood Television Showcase", a caption that says, "Careful Girls, He's Engaged!" comes up in front of Jimmy. What famous artist had a similar caption come up in front of him on the "Ed Sullivan Show"?
Answer: John Lennon

Lennon's caption was similar... but not exactly the same. It read,
"Sorry Girls, He's Married!"
23 There was a beer sign directly over the sign for Patterson's Appliance Store. What is the brand of beer?
Answer: Koehler

The beer's motto was 'The only beer worth drinking'.
24 'Sure, go beat on your bongo drums.'
Answer: Mr. Patterson

Mr. Patterson (Guy's father) tells him this on the phone when Guy calles to explain that he and the group are going to go to California. His father didn't like the idea of the band at first, but he sure changed his 'tune' when they were on the 'Hollywood Showcase'.
25 'You are my biggest fan.'
Answer: Guy

Guy says this to Del Paxton the first time he meets him.