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1520 Batman TV Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Batman TV? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Batman TV (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 The actor, who played Mickey in the "Rocky" film franchise, also played Penguin in the TV series "Batman". Who is he?
Answer: Burgess Meredith

Born Oliver Burgess Meredith, November 16, 1907, Burgess Meredith was active in the film and television industry for more than 60 years. Early in his movie career he was a favoured actor of Otto Preminger, who was to play Mr Freeze in season 2 of "Batman". Meredith played Rocky Balboa's trainer, Mickey Goldmill, in the first three "Rocky" films, a role for which he received a nomination for an Academy Award in 1976. Meredith played Penguin in the television series "Batman" for the duration of the series. Burgess Meredith was so popular with the audience that the show's writers always had a script ready, subject to Meredith's availability.
  From Quiz: Television's "Batman" Villains
2 What color is the Batphone?
Answer: Red

That one was easy! You see the red Batphone in every episode.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series-Part 2
3 Who played Batman in this film?
Answer: Adam West

The others all played Batman in the more modern films.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' - The Original Film
4 At the very beginning of the series, Bruce Wayne quits the superhero business. Why does he do so?
Answer: He was forced to violate his vow to never use a gun.

In the very first scene of the show, we see an aged Bruce Wayne fighting crime as usual. However, when a villain gets the drop on him, he's forced into using a gun to save his own life...something he vowed never to do. As a result, he decides to give up crimefighting.
  From Quiz: Batman Beyond
5 How many batphones (red phones) were there total?
Answer: 7

One in the study, another in the batcave, 3rd in Gordon's office, 4th in batmobile, 5th in Londinium batcave, 6th in Venerable Ireland yard, and a mini in the utility belt (only used once).
  From Quiz: "Batman" 1965
6 What make and model of car was the Batmobile modeled after?
Answer: 1955 Lincoln Futura

The Batmobile was designed by George Barris, "The King of the Kustomizers"! The design was based on the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car shown at the Chicago Auto Show.
  From Quiz: "Batman": The TV Series
7 Which villain can NOT be seen in the opening credits of the Batman TV show?
Answer: The Riddler

Dr. Hugo Strange and Clayface never actually appeared on the show, but they were among the villains that the dynamic duo clobber in the opening credits.
    Your options: [ Catwoman ] [ The Riddler ] [ Dr. Hugo Strange ] [ Clayface ]
  From Quiz: Riddle Me This! Batquiz Returns!
8 Who played the characters Batman and Robin in the TV series?
Answer: Adam West and Burt Ward

These two made quite a pair with their kapows and bams.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' The TV Series
9 Who portrayed the villain Egghead?
Answer: Vincent Price

Meredith was the Penguin, Buono was King Tut, and Gorshin was The Riddler.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' Names
10 Who did the arch-criminal Sandman hope to marry?
Answer: J. Pauline Spaghetti

Sandman planned to double cross Catwoman and elope with J. Pauline Spaghetti to get his hands on her entire fortune.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series-Part 4
11 What Batman and Robin memorabilia is on display in the Gotham City Museum of Fame?
Answer: A life-size photo of them

A photo of the Dynamic Duo is seen in the museum. However, it got ruined when the Dynamic Duo sprung into action to capture the Riddler!
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series-Part 3
12 The first villain to appear in the show "Batman" was The Riddler. Which comic impressionist played The Riddler?
Answer: Frank Gorshin

Born April 5, 1933, Frank Gorshin, initially, was an impressionist who regularly appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and Steve Allen's "Tonight". Frank Gorshin guest starred in many television shows but it for his role as the Riddler that he is best remembered. For his portrayal of The Riddler, Gorshin was nominated for an Emmy in 1966. It is believed that The Riddler's deranged cackle was an impression of Richard Widmark, from the movie "Kiss of Death" (1947).
    Your options: [ Frank Gorshin ] [ Peter Lorre ] [ Jim Hutton ] [ George Gershwin ]
  From Quiz: Television's "Batman" Villains
13 Who did Mr. Freeze kidnap in order to get a formula for instant ice?
Answer: Professor Isaacson

Mr. Freeze ordered his icemen to activate his ice-magnets to pull the S.S. Gotham Queen closer to his iceberg hideout, and have them go aboard and bring Professor Isaacson to reveal his secret formula.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series-Part 2
14 Catwoman once owned a tiger as a pet. What was the tiger's name?
Answer: Tinkerbell

Batman used his Batclaws to climb up a wall to get out of reach of the tiger. While he was up there, Catwoman told him the tiger's name was Tinkerbell through a microphone.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series
15 The Catwoman was played in the series by a number of different actresses. Who played her in the film?
Answer: Lee Merriweather

Michelle Pfeiffer was in the modern film version. Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmarr played Catwoman during the series, but it was Lee Merriweather in the film.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' - The Original Film
16 What drove Terry McGinnis (the new Batman) take up the role of the new Dark Knight?
Answer: He stole the futuristic Batman suit to get revenge on his father's killer.

When Terry McGinnis randomly stumbled upon the Batcave, he saw a golden opportunity to get revenge for his dad, who had recently been killed by men hired by Terry Powers, Bruce Wayne's business partner.

Interesting side note: the option about the gymnast? That would the be the origin of Dick Grayson, better known as the first Robin.
  From Quiz: Batman Beyond
17 Who got into the study, and gained access to the batpoles by mistake, and slid down Bruce's?
Answer: The Joker

He never made it to the bottom, Alfred pushed the button, and brought him back up.. then down.. then back up...
  From Quiz: "Batman" 1965
18 On which television network was "Batman" originally shown in the USA?
Answer: ABC

ABC bombarded TV viewers with promos for the show. They even went so far as to hire a skywriter to write "Batman Is Coming" above the Rose Bowl game.
    Your options: [ ABC ] [ NBC ] [ PBS ] [ HBO ]
  From Quiz: "Batman": The TV Series
19 What writer once made a cameo as Ballpoint Baxter?
Answer: Stanley Ralph Ross

From that day on, everyone on the set called him Ballpoint.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Quiz
20 What city does the Dynamic Duo help every episode?
Answer: Gotham City

The two live with Aunt Harriet Cooper at Wayne Manor in Gotham City. Alfred the trusted butler resides there too!
  From Quiz: 'Batman' The TV Series
21 Who portrayed The Penguin?
Answer: Burgess Meredith

Danny DeVito was The Penguin in the recent Batman movies.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' Names
22 What is the name of Bruce Wayne's prize-winning horse?
Answer: Waynebow

Bruce Wayne got Batgirl to ride Waynebow in the Bruce Wayne Foundation Memorial Handicap horse race. Waynebow won!
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series-Part 4
23 Batman and Robin occasionally drink what while crime-fighting?
Answer: Milk

Whenever Batman and Robin eat a meal, they are always seen drinking milk.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series-Part 3
24 The Riddler was also played by another actor from the television series, "The Addams Family". Who was the actor who stepped in for the role of The Riddler in "Batman" season 2, episodes 45 and 46?
Answer: John Astin

John Astin is best know for his role as Gomez Addams in the TV series "The Addams Family". When Frank Gorshin acquired new agents, they demanded the producers of "Batman" increase his fee for the role, with some believing it was because he had been nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal. The producers refused to pay and John Astin was awarded the role. Frank Gorshin reprised the role in season 3 for one episode.
  From Quiz: Television's "Batman" Villains
25 Which villainess did Batman almost get married to?
Answer: Marsha, Queen of Diamonds

Marsha, Queen of Diamonds ordered Batman to marry her so she could to get her hands on the Bat-Diamond which powered the Bat-Computer. If he didn't marry her then she would not release Robin from her love spell.
    Your options: [ Marsha, Queen of Diamonds ] [ Lola Lasagne ] [ Calamity Jan ] [ Catwoman ]
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series
26 Apart from the Catwoman, who else do Batman and Robin have to deal with in this film?
Answer: All of these

I love the scene where the good guys work this out using some very strange logic. Something fishy is going on, so it must be the Penguin. The shark pulled Batman's leg, so the Joker must me involved. It all is a complete riddle, so the Riddler is part of the team.
    Your options: [ The Riddler ] [ All of these ] [ The Joker ] [ The Penguin ]
  From Quiz: 'Batman' - The Original Film
27 How many times was Aunt Harriet seen in the final season?
Answer: 2

They removed her as a regular character, to make room for Batgirl.
  From Quiz: "Batman" 1965
28 What veteran TV producer was responsible for bringing the "Caped Crusader" to life?
Answer: William Dozier

Dozier had been involved with many other popular TV programs such as "Dennis the Menace" and "Bewitched".
  From Quiz: "Batman": The TV Series
29 What city did Batman and Robin travel to in order to capture Lord Ffogg and Lady Peasoup?
Answer: Londinium

The Bat-writers parodied London and Scotland Yard with Londinium and Ireland Yard.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Quiz
30 Who portrayed the villain that appeared on the final episode of "Batman"?
Answer: Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor portrayed the villainous spa owner Minerva in the final Bat-episode entitled "Minerva, Mayhem, and Millionaires".
  From Quiz: Riddle Me This! Batquiz Returns!
31 What are the true identities of Batman and Robin?
Answer: Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson was taken in by Bruce Wayne and Aunt Harriet.
  From Quiz: 'Batman' The TV Series
32 What was Shame's favorite hobby at the Gotham State Penitentiary?
Answer: Horseshoes

Shame knocked out two prison guards with horseshoes while Calamity Jan and Frontier Fanny helped him escape from prison.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series-Part 4
33 What is King Tut's real name?
Answer: William Omaha McElroy

Once King Tut got knocked unconscious and recovered, he was reverted back to his normal self. He mentioned that his name was William Omaha McElroy and a professor of Egyptology at Yale University.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series-Part 3
34 The movie "Batman" (1966) included all the cast from season 1, except for Catwoman. Which actress played Catwoman in the movie but never appeared in the TV series as that character?
Answer: Lee Meriwether

Lee Meriwether replaced Julie Newmar in the movie "Batman" (1966) because it was reported that Julie had a back problem. Julie Newmar reprised the role for season 2. Eartha Kitt played the role of Catwoman in season 3. Lee Meriwether did appear in two episodes of "Batman", during season 2, as Lisa Carson, Bruce Wayne's love interest. Lee Meriwether was Dr. Ann MacGregor in the television series "The Time Tunnel".
    Your options: [ Lee Meriwether ] [ Eartha Kitt ] [ Julie Newmar ] [ Joan Collins ]
  From Quiz: Television's "Batman" Villains
35 What were the two clues that Catwoman and Joker stole to locate an enormous cache of gunpowder?
Answer: Nightshirt and crib

Catwoman showed Joker a poem that was handwritten over 200 years ago and it mentioned that a nightshirt and crib would help lead them to 1 million pounds of gunpowder that was hidden somewhere around Gotham City.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series-Part 2
36 What was Mr. Freeze's favorite dessert?
Answer: Baked Alaska

Mr. Freeze had Batman and Robin held hostage at his hideout. During dinner, the butler brought out some Baked Alaska for dessert. Mr. Freeze said that was his favorite.
  From Quiz: 1966 "Batman" Series
37 What is the name of the seafaring character kidnapped by the villains?
Answer: Commodore Schmidlapp

He spends most of the film unaware he has been kidnapped, as the villains convince him that he is at sea!
  From Quiz: 'Batman' - The Original Film
38 Which "Boy Meets World" star voiced Terry McGinnis?
Answer: Will Friedle

Before voicing Terry, Will Friedle was the incredibly dumb Eric on "Boy Meets World."
    Your options: [ Ben Savage ] [ Rider Strong ] [ Will Friedle ] [ Matthew Lawrence ]
  From Quiz: Batman Beyond
39 What was the name of the opera that Bruce invited Commissioner Gordon and his daughter to see?
Answer: The Marriage of Figero

Barbara tells her father its her favorite.
  From Quiz: "Batman" 1965
40 What was a unique feature about the series during the first and second seasons?
Answer: There were two new episodes per week.

The first episode (on Wednesday night) always ended in some sort of cliffhanger, which was resolved at the beginning of the second episode (on Thursday night). During the third season, only one episode was aired per week.
  From Quiz: "Batman": The TV Series
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