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Quiz about Great Legends
Quiz about Great Legends

Great Legends Trivia Quiz

Each of these people from myth and legend have been described as "Great". Can you determine where they were idolized?

A matching quiz by parrotman2006. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Feb 05 23
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Match the legendary figure with their culture
1. Ajax the Great  
2. Beli Mawr  
3. Bo Yi and Yu The Great  
4. Fergus Mor  
  Phyrgia and Rome
5. Gradlon  
6. Hayk The Great  
  Lakota Sioux
7. Phrom The Great  
8. Cybele the Great Mother  
9. Great Rainbow Serpent  
10. Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit)  
  Brittany, France

Select each answer

1. Ajax the Great
2. Beli Mawr
3. Bo Yi and Yu The Great
4. Fergus Mor
5. Gradlon
6. Hayk The Great
7. Phrom The Great
8. Cybele the Great Mother
9. Great Rainbow Serpent
10. Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit)

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Ajax the Great

Answer: Greece

Ajax the Great is one of the legendary Greek heroes of the Trojan war. He is noted for his prowess as a warrior. Ajax plays a major role in "The Iliad", Homer's epic story of the Trojan war.

Ajax was the son of King Telemon and Periboae, and a great grandson of Zeus.
2. Beli Mawr

Answer: Wales

Beli the Great is an ancestor figure in the legends of Wales. He is portrayed as the father of military leader Cassivellaunus, and the mythological figures Arianrhod, Lludd Llaw Eraint, Llefelys, and Afallach. Beli supposedly lived during the first century AD. The pagan holiday of Beltane is named after Beli.

Beli is also linked to Christianity as the reputed husband of Anna of Arimathea, who was the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea (the one who buried Jesus).
3. Bo Yi and Yu The Great

Answer: China

Both Yi the Great and Yu the Great are figures in Chinese mythology credited with controlling the Great Floods that plagued China. The flooding occurred roughly 4000 years ago.

While it had been viewed as myth, recent scientific findings indicate it was a historical event that did cause massive damage across China for decades.

The flood myth is central to the creation of the Chinese State. Both Yi and Yu are linked with creating China's first empire and are seen as ancestors of several royal houses.
4. Fergus Mor

Answer: Ireland

Fergus Mor is part of both Irish and Scottish legend. He reportedly lived around the year 500, and is credited as a king of Dal Riata. The earliest historical figure he is allegedly linked with is Kenneth McAlpin, the King of Dal Riata from 841-851 and one of the early kings of Scotland.

Since Fergus Mor is linked to James I, he would also be an ancestor of the British royal family as well. The direct line from James I to Charles II is: James I - Elizabeth Stuart - Sophia of Hanover - George I - George II - Prince Frederick - George III - Prince Edward - Victoria - Edward VII - George V - George VI - Elizabeth II - Charles III.
5. Gradlon

Answer: Brittany, France

Gradlon the Great was a semi-legendary king who lived in Brittany in the fifth century. Gradlon was the king of Ys, a city which was consumed by the ocean according to the legend of Dahut.

Dahut was Gradlon's daughter, who perished when she either fell or was pushed off her father's horse as they were fleeing the sinking city. Gradlon supposedly settled in Quimper, a city in Brittany which dates to Roman times.

The earliest historical record of Gradlon dates to 880. But Gradlon is a common enough name in the Brittany region that it is possible there was a real life King Gradlon.
6. Hayk The Great

Answer: Armenia

Hayk is a legendary patriarchal figure in Armenia. While there is debate among etymologists, some believe that Hayk is the root for the Armenian language name of the country "Hayk'". The word "Hay" or "Hayak" refers to the Armenian nationality.

Moses of Khorene, an Armenian historian from the fifth century, linked Hayk to Noah though Japheth, Gomer and Togarmah. Hayk also had quite a few sons, which makes him a logical candidate as the father of the Armenian nation.

Hayk is portrayed as a powerful military leader who defeated the Babylonians, meaning he lived roughly 4000 years ago.
7. Phrom The Great

Answer: Thailand

Phrom the Great is the first Thai ruler to earn the title Maharaja (Great Ruler). However, most contemporary historians consider Phrom to be legendary rather than real. Phrom was known for his military prowess, and for expanding his territory. He is also credited with establishing a large number of temples.
8. Cybele the Great Mother

Answer: Phyrgia and Rome

Cybele is an Earth goddess who originated in Phrygia (modern day Turkey). The earliest known references to Cybele are from the sixth century BCE. She is the only major goddess from Phrygia.

She was exported to Rome via Greece. While Cybele was a minor goddess in Greece, she became an important part of the Roman Pantheon, known as the Magna Mater (Great Mother). As Roman control of the Mediterranean increased, so did the spread of the Cybele cult.
9. Great Rainbow Serpent

Answer: Australia

The Great Rainbow Serpent is part of the mythology of indigenous Australia. It is a creator god/goddess (gender varies based on tribes) who is central to the creation myths of Australia. The goddess has several names but is most commonly known as Yurlunggur or Witij.

The Great Rainbow Serpent appears frequently in rock paintings in the Australian Outback. Some date back to 6000 BC. One possible basis for the myth are the native snakes of Australia such as the rock python and carpet snake.
10. Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit)

Answer: Lakota Sioux

The Wakan Tanka is the creator God of the Lakota Sioux, often called either the "Great Spirit" or "Great Mystery". According to the creation myths of the Sioux, Wakan Tanka created rock, earth, sky and sun.

The Lakota Sioux settled primarily in the Badlands of present day South Dakota. They are known for some of the most famous warriors of the Indian wars, including Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.
Source: Author parrotman2006

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