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Quiz about Same Word Two Meanings
Quiz about Same Word Two Meanings

Same Word; Two Meanings Trivia Quiz

You'll be given two definitions and you have to match them with the word that fits both of them.
This is a renovated/adopted version of an old quiz by author finlady

A matching quiz by rossian. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 23 22
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10 / 10
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Crypt or serious  
2. Gaudy or piercing  
3. Inlet of a sea or healthy  
4. Overcome or persuade  
5. Container or small tree  
6. Sportsman or jug  
7. Slim or slant  
8. Answer or chemical mixture  
9. Disagreement or line  
10. Season or water  

Select each answer

1. Crypt or serious
2. Gaudy or piercing
3. Inlet of a sea or healthy
4. Overcome or persuade
5. Container or small tree
6. Sportsman or jug
7. Slim or slant
8. Answer or chemical mixture
9. Disagreement or line
10. Season or water

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Sep 25 2023 : Guest 31: 10/10
Sep 23 2023 : Guest 174: 8/10
Sep 22 2023 : Guest 107: 1/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Crypt or serious

Answer: Grave

A crypt is an underground chamber which can be part of a mausoleum where bodies are buried. If you are a serious person, you can be sombre or lacking in humour. Both these meanings can also be described as grave.

Other meanings of grave are an accent, to show how a word should be pronounced, and something of great importance - 'this is a grave threat to our survival'.
2. Gaudy or piercing

Answer: Loud

Gaudy means to be ostentatious or tasteless. Something at a high or piercing volume is noisy. Loud is a word which can be used for both of these meanings.

It is not a compliment to be told that what you are wearing is loud - it is generally meant as an insult and that you are standing out in an offensive manner. As to the noise, it rather depends on what it is. Some music needs to be played loud to get the full effect.
3. Inlet of a sea or healthy

Answer: Sound

A sound can describe the part of an ocean which lies between the mainland and an island, or an inlet close to land. It is also used to describe a state of health, as in 'of sound mind' or in connection with livestock - 'the horse is sound'.

Sound more often refers to something heard, such as 'I loved the sound of her voice'. It also means something firm or solid - 'the property stands on sound ground' and harshness, as in 'he received a sound beating for stealing'.
4. Overcome or persuade

Answer: Prevail

To overcome means to gain control or win, while persuade means to convince someone to agree with you or what you want them to do. Prevail can be used to mean either of these situations.

If you prevail, you have won, either by force of argument or by being stronger physically. To prevail upon someone is to present arguments that mean they agree with you, as in 'the prevailing view' meaning the majority opinion.
5. Container or small tree

Answer: Box

A container is something which can be used to store something. In this sense, box has the same meaning, often used to refer to a container made from cardboard. In the other meaning offered in the question, box refers to a small evergreen tree or bush, often used to create hedges.

Other meanings of box are a sport involving fighting, a private area of seating in a theatre or protective equipment worn in some sports. Colloquially, it can refer to a television, as in 'what's on the box tonight'. It can also mean a small square on a form where you place a mark, often a cross.
6. Sportsman or jug

Answer: Pitcher

The sportsman would appear in a game of baseball, when it refers to the person who delivers the ball to the batter. A pitcher is a container with a handle and a lip for pouring out liquids.

A pitcher could also be used in golf to refer to a club which hits the ball into the air to get over obstacles. Other words for the jug like pitcher are ewer or flagon. There is also a plant called a pitcher, due to its shape and the way in which it captures insects.
7. Slim or slant

Answer: Lean

If you are slim, you carry little in the way of fat and lean is a synonym in this sense of the word. You can also use lean in the same way as deviate or bend from the vertical.

Other antonyms for lean when describing a person's build are plump or chubby. Lean is rather more pejorative than slim and is more akin to skinny, meaning being too thin. It can be used to describe a shortage of something, as in 'lean pickings'. Lean can be used as a verb too - you can lean against a wall or lean something against a support if it is getting too heavy.
8. Answer or chemical mixture

Answer: Solution

One use of the word 'solution' is as the answer to a problem or mathematical poser. A solution is also the word for a liquid made by mixing a solid into water, as in mixing salt into water to create saline.

In the first sense, solution is related to solving and resolution, where a problem is settled in a way which suits the majority.
9. Disagreement or line

Answer: Row

A disagreement can be a quarrel, as squabble or an argument. A line can refer to a queue of people or a mark made on paper. The word 'row', pronounced differently, can be used to describe both these situations.

A row is mostly used to refer to a heated disagreement, literally making a lot of noise or a row. Row can refer to propelling a boat using oars, to a line of knitting or a row of seats in a theatre.
10. Season or water

Answer: Spring

The season in the question referred to the season of the year, rather than to add flavour to food, while the water part meant the type which bubbles up from underground.

The four seasons are, of course, summer, winter, autumn (or fall) and spring, the season of hope and new life. As mentioned, season can also mean to add flavourings such as salt and pepper to food. Additionally, it can mean a series of television shows using the same characters. A spring is a natural source of water, and can also refer to bent metal, which can expand or contract, and a sudden leap as in to 'spring into action'.
Source: Author rossian

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