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Quiz about Bass Blue Bloods
Quiz about Bass Blue Bloods

Bass Blue Bloods Trivia Quiz

See if you can identify the ten bassists on the list. Several of these musicians could play multiple instruments, but their main success and fame involved strumming the four-string. Good luck!

A collection quiz by BigTriviaDawg. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Feb 11 24
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Last 3 plays: slay01 (9/10), Lord_Digby (8/10), pollucci19 (10/10).
Pick the artist who is the primary bassist for their biggest band.
There are 10 correct entries. Get 3 incorrect and the game ends.
Danny Carey Roger Waters John Paul Jones Eddie Vedder Carlos Santana Brian May Geezer Butler Paul McCartney Flea Keith Emerson Les Claypool John Entwistle Keith Richards Glenn Frey Cliff Burton Jack Bruce Dave Mustaine Geddy Lee

Left click to select the correct answers.
Right click if using a keyboard to cross out things you know are incorrect to help you narrow things down.

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Here is something interesting about each of the bassists on the list:
John Entwistle of the Who could do more than anyone else when it came to eating, drinking, or taking dares earning him the nickname "The Ox".
Many consider Cream to be the first supergroup with Jack Bruce establishing the bass as a vital part of a rock band.
Paul McCartney needs no introduction as the bassist for the legendary Beatles, now if he would just turn that bass around the right way...
While Robert Plant and Jimmy Page often get the spotlight for Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones was an epic multi-instrument musician in his own right.
Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath earned his nickname from calling everyone Geezer when he was a child.

The sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers would not be possible without the fidgety Aussie named Flea.
The Rush bassist and vocalist Geddy Lee got his name because it was how his Jewish mother pronounced Gary!
In 1990, Roger Waters, the former Pink Floyd bassist, played a solo concert at the Berlin Wall for 450,000 people.
Cliff Burton, the original bassist of Metallica, came up with their first album titled "Kill 'Em All" but sadly he passed away way too soon. One listen to Primus will tell you just how important Les Claypool's bass is for their sound, but did you know he auditioned for Metallica after Cliff Burton's death?

Most of the wrong choices gained their fame by playing lead guitar for their respective bands. Keith Emerson is a legendary keyboardist, Danny Carey is an equally legendary drummer, and Eddie Vedder is a brilliant singer. All 18 musicians on this list have created some amazing music through the years.
Source: Author BigTriviaDawg

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