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Quiz about Fancy a Beer
Quiz about Fancy a Beer

Fancy a Beer? Trivia Quiz

Advertising Slogans

Can you match these advertising slogans to the various brands of beer, of various types, from around the world?
This is a renovated/adopted version of an old quiz by author pbarb

A matching quiz by rossian. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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May 22 23
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8 / 10
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Last 3 plays: Mikeytrout44 (10/10), Guest 75 (10/10), Joeldude1 (3/10).
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1. Champagne of beer   
2. Australian for beer  
3. Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach  
  Harp lager
4. The lion of Asia  
  Stella Artois
5. Is good for you  
6. Life beckons  
7. Reassuringly expensive  
  Miller High Life
8. Stays sharp till the bottom of the glass  
9. The beer that made Milwaukee famous   
10. Probably the best lager in the world  

Select each answer

1. Champagne of beer
2. Australian for beer
3. Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach
4. The lion of Asia
5. Is good for you
6. Life beckons
7. Reassuringly expensive
8. Stays sharp till the bottom of the glass
9. The beer that made Milwaukee famous
10. Probably the best lager in the world

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May 29 2024 : Mikeytrout44: 10/10
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May 28 2024 : Joeldude1: 3/10
May 28 2024 : Guest 99: 2/10
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May 15 2024 : Guest 204: 4/10
May 12 2024 : Guest 24: 8/10
May 12 2024 : tmc61: 3/10
May 09 2024 : Guest 24: 10/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Champagne of beer

Answer: Miller High Life

This slogan dates from 1906 and was originally 'the champagne of bottled beer' before being shortened. The beer, which is light and fizzy, does resemble champagne in appearance, if not taste, and is the oldest still being produced by Miller, which became part of Molson Coors in 2016. The company even sold it in clear bottles to emphasise the appearance of the product.

The beer cannot be sold using this slogan in the European Union as the name champagne is protected by law and can be used only for champagne produced in that region of France.
2. Australian for beer

Answer: Foster's

Unsurprisingly, Foster's originated in Australia in 1889 although it became part of the Japanese owned Asahi Group in 2020. Lager is their best-known product internationally and is brewed, under licence, by various different brewers depending upon which country it is being marketed in.

The slogan 'Australian for beer' was used primarily in the USA while in the UK it was described as the 'amber nectar'. Paul Hogan was a regular spokesman for the brand, especially in his 'Crocodile Dundee' persona. Although it seems unquestionably Australian around the world, it is quite a rare brand in that country, with efforts being made to increase its popularity down under.
3. Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach

Answer: Heineken

This is one of the best-known beer slogans, at least in the UK, and was in use from 1975 accompanied by various illustrations, including one showing Concorde's dropped nose straightening up when fuelled by Heineken. Even Prince Charles, as he then was, adapted the slogan for his book on painting, describing it as 'refreshing the soul in a way other activities can't reach'.

Heineken is a long-established Dutch brewery company, dating from 1873. It creates a range of lagers including a non-alcoholic version called Heineken 0.0. The company sponsors several sporting competitions, including the Rugby Union European Cup and the UEFA Champions League. It also has an agreement with the Bond film franchise, so you might see James Bond drinking Heineken in preference to his usual martini.
4. The lion of Asia

Answer: Singha

First brewed in 1933, Singha is another lager, but it originates from Thailand, which is definitely in Asia. The brewing company is named Boon Rawd Brewery and Singha is its most famous product. The company also produces bottled water and soft drinks.

As well as using the slogan, Singha has raised its profile by sponsorship in sports including football (soccer) and motor racing.
5. Is good for you

Answer: Guinness

'Guinness is good for you' is a slogan dating from 1929. The drink is a strong, dark beer known as stout, and was believed to have some medicinal benefit due to the iron it contains. It was often recommended to women who had given birth.

Guinness was also known for using toucans in their advertising - not a bird regularly found in Dublin where the brand started back in 1759.
6. Life beckons

Answer: Beck's

There is a hint to this one in the slogan, of course. Other slogans used by Beck's include 'unmistakeable German craftmanship' and 'Brewed in Germany. Drunk all over the world'.

Founded in Bremen in 1873, Brauerei Beck & Co. became part of the Anheuser-Busch group in 2008. The company logo is a key, as St. Peter is the patron saint of Bremen and is depicted as holding the keys to Heaven. The word 'key' has been included in other slogans used by the company.
7. Reassuringly expensive

Answer: Stella Artois

This slogan was used by Stella Artois in the UK between 1982 and 2007. The lager is a strong pilsner type and does cost more than weaker brands so the advertising was meant to reassure customers that paying extra was worthwhile.

The brand was established in Belgium in 1926 and became another subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch in 2008. Stella Artois is still produced in Belgium as well as in other countries, and much of its sponsorship activities are connected to the entertainment business including film and television.
8. Stays sharp till the bottom of the glass

Answer: Harp lager

Harp has used variations of this slogan for many years, with another version being 'time for a sharp exit'. Other slogans have linked to the musical name of the brand, such as 'brewed with the melody of Ireland'.

The brand is newer than most of the beers in the quiz, dating from 1959 when it was brewed in Dundalk. Production was moved to Dublin in 2008. As with Foster's, Harp is rarely sold in the Republic of Ireland where it is produced, but it is a popular brand in Northern Ireland.
9. The beer that made Milwaukee famous

Answer: Schlitz

Other slogans used by Schlitz included 'the greatest name in beer' and 'when you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer' with the company being America's biggest brewing company for some years.

Founded in Wisconsin, in Milwaukee of course, in 1849, Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company ran into financial difficulties in the late twentieth century and was acquired by Pabst Brewin Company in 1999. The company is defunct but beer is still sold under the original Schlitz name into the twenty-first century.
10. Probably the best lager in the world

Answer: Carlsberg

Carlsberg is a Danish company originally founded in 1847. The slogan in the question was created in 1973 and is among the best known and remembered of all the ones chosen for the quiz. The first advertisements with the slogan had Orson Welles providing the voice over. Variations of it have been used to market other products too.

Shockingly, in 2019 Carlsberg admitted that their lager probably wasn't the best in the world and that they'd sacrificed quality for quantity over the years. Who would have thought that what we hear in advertising might not be 100% true?
Source: Author rossian

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