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Fun Trivia
8 Victoria I quizzes and 90 Victoria I trivia questions.
  Queen Victoria    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about Queen Victoria. Have fun.
Average, 10 Qns, JsusFreak, Sep 14 14
2812 plays
  Average Queen Victoria Trivia    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on Britain's longest reigning monarch, Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837-1901.
Average, 10 Qns, lizzie2108, May 20 15
902 plays
  Queen Victoria, The Grandmother of Europe   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Victoria I ruled her small island nation and vast empire for 63 years, and following the births of nine children and 42 grandchildren she took on the title "The Grandmother of Europe." This quiz is about her descendants.
Average, 10 Qns, brewster76, Nov 12 14
739 plays
  The First Empress of India    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The title 'Empress of India' was created for Victoria in 1876, much to her delight. What do you know about England's longest reigning monarch?
Average, 10 Qns, fringe, Jun 25 03
fringe gold member
815 plays
  The Many Descendants of Queen Vicky    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Queen Victoria had many children, and through them she is the ancestress to hundreds of people. Some have become famous, others not. This quiz is about them.
Tough, 10 Qns, royalty101, Sep 11 10
344 plays
  The Life and Loves of Victoria, Queen of England    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Victoria is a heroine of mine. She was the longest reigning monarch and loved Albert with a passion until her death. This is the life and loves of Victoria, Queen of England.
Tough, 20 Qns, DarcyUK, Jan 16 22
Jan 16 22
977 plays
  "Victoria's Daughters"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
By Jerrod M. Packard.
Average, 10 Qns, valjoedg, Nov 25 17
valjoedg gold member
Nov 25 17
205 plays
  Queen Victoria's Children    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is about Queen Victoria's 9 children. How tough it is depends on your knowledge, but for the average historian, I would say it's about Average. Enjoy!
Tough, 10 Qns, westiesarecool, Nov 12 14
942 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What killed Prince Albert?

From Quiz "The First Empress of India"

Victoria I Trivia Questions

1. How many children did Victoria "Vicky" and Frederick "Fritz" have?

From Quiz
"Victoria's Daughters"

Answer: 8

Vicky and Fritz had eight children: William, Charlotte, Henry, Sigismund, Victoria, Waldemar, Sophie and Margaret. They were born in 1859, 1860, 1862, 1864, 1866, 1868, 1870 and 1872 respectively.

2. Victoria married her first cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg Gotha and they had nine children. Their firstborn, also named Victoria, married Prince Frederick of Prussia. Who was Victoria and Frederick's famous eldest child?

From Quiz Queen Victoria, The Grandmother of Europe

Answer: Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany

Prince Albert and Victoria were first cousins. Albert brought the German tradition of decorating Christmas trees to England when he married Victoria. They were shown in a London newspaper decorating the tree with their children, and the Yuletide tradition took root in England.

3. What were Queen Victoria's given names?

From Quiz Queen Victoria

Answer: Alexandrina Victoria

Georgiana Charlotte Augusta Alexandrina Victoria was the name first proposed for Queen Victoria but the Prince Regent who would later be George IV refused to allow his name, George, or his daughter's name, Charlotte Augusta, to be used as a name for the young princess. Victoria was named Alexandrina after the Russian Czar, Alexander I. Queen Victoria's mother wanted Victoria to come before Alexandrina but the Prince Regent said that no name would come before that of the Russian Czar. After a long debate the Prince Regent told the priest who was baptizing Queen Victoria that the baby's name would be Alexandrina Victoria. Queen Victoria's mother thought it an insult that the princess should only have two names. As a child Queen Victoria was called Drina.

4. When she was born at Kensington Palace on 24th May 1819, who did Victoria's uncle George insist she be named after?

From Quiz The First Empress of India

Answer: Her godfather

Although her parents wanted to name their only child 'Victoria', her uncle George, later George IV, insisted that she be named after her godfather, Russia's Tsar Alexander I, so she was baptised Alexandrina Victoria.

5. When was Victoria born?

From Quiz The Life and Loves of Victoria, Queen of England

Answer: 1819

Before the birth of Victoria, the only heir to the throne (in the next generation) was Princess Charlotte, who died in childbirth in 1817. Coincidentally, Charlotte was married to Victoria's uncle, the King of the Belgians.

6. When was Queen Victoria born?

From Quiz Queen Victoria

Answer: 1819

She was born in 1819, ascended the throne in 1837, and married in 1840.

7. Which daughter of Queen Victoria was four years old when her father died?

From Quiz Queen Victoria's Children

Answer: Beatrice

She was Queen Victoria's youngest daughter and was known in the family as 'Baby.'

8. How many of Alice's children suffered from hemophilia?

From Quiz "Victoria's Daughters"

Answer: 1

Of Alice's seven children Victoria, Elizabeth, Irene, Ernst, Friedrich, Alexandra and Marie only Friedrich suffered from hemophilia. Irene and Alexandra were carriers, but not sufferers as females are not sufferers of hemophilia.

9. Victoria and Albert's oldest son, King Edward VII, had a long term affair with the great-grandmother of which modern day royal(s)?

From Quiz Queen Victoria, The Grandmother of Europe

Answer: Camilla, Queen Consort to King Charles III

The former Camilla Shand is said to have remarked to the now King Charles III on their first meeting in 1970: "You know that my great-grandmother was your great-great-grandfather's mistress, so how about it?" (Source: CBC News Online, April 18, 2006)

10. In 1994, Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg married Sibilla Weiller. What child of Queen Victoria is Sibilla descended from?

From Quiz The Many Descendants of Queen Vicky

Answer: Princess Beatrice

Sibilla's mother is the great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria via Princess Beatrice's daughter Victoria Eugenie, who married the King of Spain.

11. Who were Queen Victoria's half brother and half sister?

From Quiz Queen Victoria

Answer: Charles and Feodora

Charles and Feodora were Victoria's mother's, Princess Victoire of Saxe-Coburg's, children from her first marriage to Prince Emich Charles of Leiningen.

12. Who was her father?

From Quiz The Life and Loves of Victoria, Queen of England

Answer: Edward, Duke of Kent

The above named was the fourth son of George III, his elder brothers had failed to produce legitimate heirs, and so he felt it his duty to marry, and leave his mistress of thirty years standing.

13. Prince Albert, Victoria's husband (and first cousin), was from which country?

From Quiz Queen Victoria

Answer: Germany

He was an obscure German prince before he married Victoria.

14. What was Helena addicted to?

From Quiz "Victoria's Daughters"

Answer: Laudanum

Whether she was truly ill or not remains to be seen. The doctor prescribed laudanum, which she became addicted to. Her husband Prince Christian persuaded the doctor to lessen the medicine and eventually stopped giving it to Helena altogether. The doctor prescribed a spirit lotion which she rubbed in her eyes with which was nothing more than a placebo.

15. In 1884 Victoria's granddaughter, Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, wed Prince Louis of Battenberg. During World War I, having become British citizens, the family surname was changed to which less Germanic sounding name?

From Quiz Queen Victoria, The Grandmother of Europe

Answer: Mountbatten

Lord Louis Mountbatten, the son of Princess Victoria and Prince Louis of Battenberg, was the uncle of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. He was murdered by an IRA bomb while sailing near his country home in County Sligo, Ireland in 1979. The last Viceroy of India, "Uncle Dickie" as he was known to family, was a beloved mentor to Charles, the Prince of Wales.

16. How many grandchildren did the Queen and the Prince Consort have in all?

From Quiz The Many Descendants of Queen Vicky

Answer: 42

Out of nine children, Victoria and Albert had 42 grandchildren, it's true! That's an average of 4.6 grandchildren per child. Nowadays, the average amount of children per family in the US is two!

17. Until the age of three, what language did Queen Victoria speak?

From Quiz Queen Victoria

Answer: German

Princess Victoire did not like any of Queen Victoria's uncles and preferred to keep Victoria away from them. Victoria spoke German until she was three years old when her uncle the future King Leopold of Belgium told Princess Victoire that if Victoria was to become England's Queen she would need to speak English and be English. He said that Victoria could not show any signs of being anything but English, or the English people would not accept her.

18. When Victoria invited the Conservative leader, Sir Robert Peel, to form a government in 1839 he refused. Why?

From Quiz The First Empress of India

Answer: Because she would not change her ladies of the Bedchamber to Tories

It was the custom that when there was a change in government, the ladies attending the queen would change accordingly. Victoria did not want to change her Whig attendants to those Tory ladies suggested by Peel, so the previous government under the leadership of Lord Melbourne returned to office for a further two years. This would have pleased Victoria, as she was very fond of Melbourne, nevertheless she had learned a valuable lesson in the ways of court and never again challenged that unwritten rule.

19. What was her full name?

From Quiz The Life and Loves of Victoria, Queen of England

Answer: Alexandrina Victoria

These names had to be approved by the the Prince Regent. They originally chose Victoire Georgiana Alexandrina, but the Regent refused Georgiana, as Alexandrina was in reference to the Tsar, and he refused to have his name come before or after that of the Tsar.

20. How many children did Victoria and Albert have?

From Quiz Queen Victoria

Answer: 9

Victoria, Albert, Alfred, Alice, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold, and Beatrice are the children of Victoria and Albert. The Church of England didn't allow contraceptives and the doctors at the time had a poor understanding of gynecology.

21. Queen Victoria's daughter, also named Victoria, also had a large family. How many children did she have?

From Quiz Queen Victoria's Children

Answer: 8

Two of her children died young and her eldest almost died in birth.

22. How many children did Louise have?

From Quiz "Victoria's Daughters"

Answer: None

It's entirely possible that a teenage bout of meningitis rendered Louise unable to have children. Her husband John Campbell Marquess of Lorne not once blamed her for it.

23. What Canadian lake is named for Victoria and Albert's sixth child, the future Duchess of Argyll?

From Quiz Queen Victoria, The Grandmother of Europe

Answer: Lake Louise

Lake Louise is an alpine lake within the Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. Princess Louise was married to John Campbell, the Duke of Argyll who also served as the Governor General of Canada from 1878-1883.

24. How many of Queen Victoria's grandchildren became reigning monarchs?

From Quiz The Many Descendants of Queen Vicky

Answer: Four

Yup, there was at some point four monarchs that were all first cousins. They were: George V of the United Kingdom, Wilhelm II the German Emperor, Carl Eduard the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Ernest Louis the Grand Duke of Hesse. Talk about funny family reunions!

25. Why was Queen Victoria never left alone when she was a child?

From Quiz Queen Victoria

Answer: Her mother feared that Victoria's uncles would try to kill her to become king

Princess Victoire was afraid that any of Queen Victoria's uncles would kill Victoria just so they could be King when George IV died. If Princess Victoire could not be with Victoria she had one of her maids of honor stay with Victoria.

26. What was the name of her governess?

From Quiz The Life and Loves of Victoria, Queen of England

Answer: Baroness Lehzen

Her governess and a friend, who also looked after Victoria's eldest two children. She was sent back to Germany after the eldest child had a high fever and was not treated properly.

27. Victoria had a poor childhood. Her mother, the Duchess of Kent, treated her poorly along with which man?

From Quiz Queen Victoria

Answer: Sir John Conroy

The Duke of Kent was Victoria's father and died very early on so she never knew him. King William IV, who ruled before Victoria, treated her wonderfully (he was her uncle). Lord Melbourne was Victoria's first Prime Minister and she looked up to him as a father figure.

28. How many sons did Queen Victoria have?

From Quiz Queen Victoria's Children

Answer: 4

Their names where: Albert Edward, Alfred, Leopold and Arthur.

29. Who was Queen Victoria's first prime minister?

From Quiz Queen Victoria

Answer: Lord Melbourne

Victoria's first prime minister was Lord Melbourne. They became close friends and he helped her learn her role as queen. Because of her loyalty to Melbourne, the queen supported his party, the Whigs, early in her reign. Later her husband, Prince Albert, persuaded her that the monarch should not favor any particular party.

30. Who was on the throne when Princess Victoria turned 18?

From Quiz The Life and Loves of Victoria, Queen of England

Answer: William IV

This King had no legitimate children, but did have a number of illegitimate children, by the name of FitzClarence.

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