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Quiz about What kind of animal could it be
Quiz about What kind of animal could it be

What kind of animal could it be? Quiz

Match the animal name with the type of animal it is.

A matching quiz by bigjohnsludge. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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8 / 10
Last 3 plays: KittyLover2619 (10/10), papabear5914 (10/10), moonraker2 (10/10).
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. dik-dik  
2. sugar glider   
3. tasseled wobbegong  
4. hellbender  
5. strange-tailed tyrant  
6. coypu  
7. sarcastic fringehead  
8. aye-aye  
9. sparklemuffin  
10. markhor  

Select each answer

1. dik-dik
2. sugar glider
3. tasseled wobbegong
4. hellbender
5. strange-tailed tyrant
6. coypu
7. sarcastic fringehead
8. aye-aye
9. sparklemuffin
10. markhor

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. dik-dik

Answer: antelope

The dik-dik is a small antelope that lives in Africa. Dik-diks don't form herds like regular antelope. They pair off and each pair defends their territories. They are roughly a foot to a foot and a half tall at the shoulders.
2. sugar glider

Answer: marsupial

Sugar gliders are small possums that inhabit parts of Australia and New Guinea. They have a flap of loose skin on both sides of their body so when they stretch out their legs, the skin acts like a sort of wing which allows them to glide from tree to tree much like the flying squirrel. They strip bark from trees in order to suck the sweet sap from the tree.
3. tasseled wobbegong

Answer: shark

The tasseled wobbegong is a shark that is flat and lies on the bottom of the sea floor and camouflages itself to resemble its surroundings. Its edges look like a frayed carpet or tassels. It lies still on the bottom and then pounces on its prey when it swims by.
4. hellbender

Answer: salamander

The hellbender salamander is a large salamander of the northeastern United States. One story of how it got its name is from settlers who, because of its odd look, thought it looked like something hellbent on returning from hell.
5. strange-tailed tyrant

Answer: bird

The strange-tailed tyrant is a sub-tropical bird of South America. Its tail is elongated and resembles one long twisted feather. It lives in grassland areas and feeds primarily on insects.
6. coypu

Answer: rodent

The coypu is a large semi-aquatic rodent also known as the nutria. Originally from South America, the coypu was brought to the U.S. a century ago for its fur. It is now categorized as an invasive and harmful species because of the damage it does to wetland areas. Adult coypus can weigh up to 20 pounds.
7. sarcastic fringehead

Answer: fish

The sarcastic fringehead is a mostly scaleless, small, large mouthed, aggressive ocean fish. They are found off the west coast of the United States. They reside in abandoned shells of other aquatic animals or sometimes in discarded man-made containers.
8. aye-aye

Answer: lemur

The aye-aye is a lemur native to Madagascar. It is the largest nocturnal primate in the world. The aye-aye is arboreal thus spending most of its time in the trees. Its diet consists of nectar, fungi, seeds, fruits, and insect larva.
9. sparklemuffin

Answer: spider

The sparklemuffin is a relatively new species of spider native to Australia. They are similar in looks to the peacock spider and have a colorful striped abdomen that they raise and wiggle during courtship.
10. markhor

Answer: goat

The markhor is a wild goat native to Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is also called the screw horn goat. The word markhor is a Persian word meaning snake eater.
Source: Author bigjohnsludge

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