Quiz about Anniversary Symbols
Quiz about Anniversary Symbols

Anniversary Symbols Trivia Quiz

I will give you the Anniversary year, you select which would be the appropriate gift for that year based on the Traditional Anniversary Symbol. For instance: the 60th anniversary is Diamond: diamond earrings. Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by kitipurr. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. 45th: Hint

An emerald brooch
A mother-of-pearl pen set
Pearl cufflinks
A sapphire tie clip

2. 42nd: Hint

A yacht
A new deck on the house
Snow skis
Tennis lessons

3. Ninth: Hint

A Pet Rock
A nail file
A box of napkins
A ceramic vase

4. 31st: Hint

A wicker chair
A fake fur coat (never REAL fur, of course)
A Rolex
Tickets to a play

5. Fourth: Hint

Ice cream and chocolate sauce
Roses and strawberries
A new blender

6. Seventh: Hint

Leather gloves
A massage
A wool sweater

7. 20th: Hint

A book
Oyster shells
A china figurine

8. Sixth: Hint

A basket of apples
A box of chocolates
A brass doorknob

9. 39th: Hint

Silk sheets
A wool coat
Denim jeans
A lace table runner

10. Third: Hint

A Pepsi and a hot dog
Boxer shorts
A leather wallet
Tomato juice

11. 32nd: Hint

Plastic surgery
A refrigerator
A Honda Civic
A shopping spree on Rodeo Drive

12. 24th: Hint

A turquoise belt buckle
A mother-of-pearl brush set
A violin
An ant farm

13. Fifth: Hint

Champagne glasses
An oak desk
A calendar

14. 70th: Hint

A self-portrait
The Beatles, 'The White Album'
Dinner at Le Cirque
A grandfather clock

15. 43rd: Hint

A cruise
A pearl necklace
A dog
A bottle of water

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. 45th:

Answer: A sapphire tie clip

Tradition suggests anything sapphire.
2. 42nd:

Answer: A new deck on the house

This is the year for Improved Real Estate, or an improvement to your home. Land itself is the symbol for the 41st year.
3. Ninth:

Answer: A ceramic vase

The ninth year is represented by pottery.
4. 31st:

Answer: A Rolex

Timepieces are the symbol for the 31st anniversary. Watches specifically, along with furniture, also represent the 17th year.
5. Fourth:

Answer: Roses and strawberries

The fourth year is symbolized by fruits and flowers.
6. Seventh:

Answer: A wool sweater

The seventh year is wool.
7. 20th:

Answer: A china figurine

Of course, china plates are nice, too. Coincidently, for the 36th anniversary, the symbol is bone china, specifically.
8. Sixth:

Answer: A box of chocolates

The year of sugar or candy.
9. 39th:

Answer: A lace table runner

Anything lace on the 39th anniversary. Lace also represents the 13th anniversary.
10. Third:

Answer: A leather wallet

The third year is Leather.
11. 32nd:

Answer: A Honda Civic

This year is called the year of conveyances (transportation - especially automobiles).
12. 24th:

Answer: A violin

Musical instruments are the symbol in the 24th year.
13. Fifth:

Answer: An oak desk

Anything wood.
14. 70th:

Answer: The Beatles, 'The White Album'

Okay, I was tricky here: The 70th anniversary is represented by platinum, and a record (such as the White Album) which has sold over one million copies is said to have gone platinum!
15. 43rd:

Answer: A cruise

Trips are the symbol of the 43rd anniversary.
Source: Author kitipurr

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