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Quiz about Colourful Alternatives V
Quiz about Colourful Alternatives V

Colourful Alternatives V Trivia Quiz

Another foray into the shades of the rainbow (plus). Be careful when matching - some shades fit more than one colour, so make sure all the shades match a colour correctly at the same time.

A matching quiz by reedy. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
# Qns
Avg Score
9 / 10
Last 3 plays: polly656 (10/10), psnz (10/10), Guest 81 (8/10).
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Bone  
2. Chartreuse  
3. Flaxen  
4. Fuchsia  
5. Ginger  
6. Mauve  
7. Onyx  
8. Sapphire  
9. Scarlet  
10. Walnut  

Select each answer

1. Bone
2. Chartreuse
3. Flaxen
4. Fuchsia
5. Ginger
6. Mauve
7. Onyx
8. Sapphire
9. Scarlet
10. Walnut

Most Recent Scores
Jun 09 2024 : polly656: 10/10
Jun 09 2024 : psnz: 10/10
Jun 02 2024 : Guest 81: 8/10
May 21 2024 : Guest 75: 8/10
May 17 2024 : MissDove: 10/10
May 15 2024 : PurpleComet: 10/10
May 08 2024 : Guest 216: 7/10
Apr 29 2024 : Guest 24: 5/10
Apr 18 2024 : Guest 136: 4/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Bone

Answer: White

Bones are, of course, the individual components of a skeletal structure in a human (or other vertebrate).

As a shade of white, bone ranges from a yellowish to a grayish white, sometimes with a slight green undertone.
2. Chartreuse

Answer: Green

Chartreuse is a naturally green liqueur that has been made by Carthusian Monks since 1737.

As a shade of green, chartreuse (the liqueur) lent its name to the colour of the same hue. Used since the mid 1880s, it can be described as a delicate, pale green with a yellow tinge.
3. Flaxen

Answer: Yellow

Flaxen refers to the fibre crop that is used to make linen (amongst other things).

As a shade of yellow, flaxen refers to the colour of unspun dressed flax, which is a pale yellowish-gray. But it has also come to be known as a variant of blond hair, described as a light but not whitish blond, with no traces of red, gold, or brown.
4. Fuchsia

Answer: Pink

Fuchsia is the name of a flowering plant known for its vivid pink-purple colour.

As a shade of purple, fuchsia took its name from the flower, and a dye of that colour called fuchsine was patented in 1859. Later that year, it was renamed magenta in honour of the French victory at the Battle of Magenta. Fuchsia resurfaced as a colour name again in the 1890s.
5. Ginger

Answer: Orange

Ginger is a root used as a spice and in medicinal folk remedies.

As a colour shade, ginger has a range that can be described as a brownish red/orange. While a person with ginger hair is often referred to as a 'redhead', their hair is actually closer to orange than red, hence the similarly common 'carrottop' moniker.
6. Mauve

Answer: Purple

Mauve is named after the mallow plant's flower (called mauve in French).

It is a light shade of purple with hints of gray and blue - sometimes called a pale violet colour.
7. Onyx

Answer: Black

Onyx is a variety of the silicate mineral chalcedony known for its dark shade.

As a shade of black, onyx is used to describe the colour of the gemstone after which it is named, and is a dark, greenish-black.
8. Sapphire

Answer: Blue

A sapphire is a precious gemstone of mineral carborundum.

Although multiple colours of sapphire exist, it is primarily associated with the saturated shade of blue of the most common variant of the gem.
9. Scarlet

Answer: Red

Scarlet is purely a reference to the colour. It first appeared to describe dyes in the 8th century BCE.

As a shade of red, it is described as a brilliant red colour with a slightly orange tinge.
10. Walnut

Answer: Brown

A walnut is the nut of any tree of the genus Juglans.

As a shade of brown, walnut is used to describe a range of shades, dependent upon the type of tree wood is being used. It can range from light brown to dark chocolate.
Source: Author reedy

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