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Quiz about Oklahoma
Quiz about Oklahoma

States Quiz: Oklahoma | 10 Questions

This quiz is about my state. I will give you a town name and you tell me what festival it is famous for. Good Luck.

A multiple-choice quiz by opiefan78. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Sep 18 23
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1. What festival is Muskogee famous for? Hint

Calf Fry Festival
Mozart Festival
Azalea Festival
Rose Rock Festival

2. What festival is Jay famous for? Hint

Huckleberry Festival
Kolache Festival
Strawberry Festival

3. What festival is Guthrie famous for? Hint

Canna Festival
Red Earth
National Sand Bass Festival
Internationl Blue Grass Festival

4. What is Stroud famous for? Hint

Will Rogers
Czech Festival
International Brick & Rolling Pin Competition

5. What is Noble famous for? Hint

Jim Thorpe
Troy Aikman
Rose Rock Festival
Lake Eufala

6. What festival is Vinita famous for? Hint

Mason-Dixon Line
Little Italy
Calf Fry Festival

7. What is Tahlequah known as? Hint

Capital of the Cherokee Nation
Oklahoma's second largest city
Pretty Boy Floyd
Circus City, USA

8. What is Tulsa known for? Hint

Roger Miller
J.M Davis Arms and Historical Museum
Oil Capital of the World
Largest rural industrial park in the nation

9. What festival is Grove famous for? Hint

Mozart Festival
Canna Festival
Pelican Festival

10. What is Oklahoma's largest lake? Hint

Lake Eucha
Lake Eufaula
Lake Keystone
Arkansas River

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. What festival is Muskogee famous for?

Answer: Azalea Festival

Muskogee's Azalea Festival, held throughout the month of April, is know for its many different blooming azaleas. It is located at Honor Heights Park. Muskogee is also know for the Honor Heights Parade of Lights every winter. If you are ever in Oklahoma, I would recommend that you go and visit Muskogee.
2. What festival is Jay famous for?

Answer: Huckleberry Festival

Jay is known as the Huckleberry Capitol of the World. Jay also has a fishing lake called Lake Eucha. During the Huckleberry Festival, you can look at classic cars, go to a carnival, or on the Fourth of July view fireworks. There are lots of activities, including a parade. It all happens Fourth of July weekend.
3. What festival is Guthrie famous for?

Answer: Internationl Blue Grass Festival

Guthrie is known for its many historical buildings. It is home to the Pollard Theater, an old drugstore with a working ice cream fountain. It is not to be confused with the cowboy singer Woody Guthrie. Guthrie was also the state of Oklahoma's first capital.
4. What is Stroud famous for?

Answer: International Brick & Rolling Pin Competition

Stroud used to be home to the largest outlet mall until a tornado came and tore everything down. You can reach Stroud on the Turner Turnpike from Oklahoma City or Tulsa.
5. What is Noble famous for?

Answer: Rose Rock Festival

Noble is home to the Rose Rock Museum. It has all kinds of rocks that look like a rose. The state rock is the rose rock. There are also all kinds of museums for rock collectors.
6. What festival is Vinita famous for?

Answer: Calf Fry Festival

The Grand Lake O' the Cherokees is near Vinita. The Calf Fry Festival, held in September, is a festival with lots of fun activities. A calf fry is like a big barbecue.
7. What is Tahlequah known as?

Answer: Capital of the Cherokee Nation

Tahlequah is where the Cherokee Trail of Tears ended. The Cherokee Indians traveled from the east after being forced out of their homes. Many lives were lost on the trail. The Cherokee traveled from North Carolina and went through Tennessee and then finally made their way into Oklahoma. Cherokee Holiday, a festival to honor the many Native Americans who traveled the trail, is held every Labor Day at the courthouse square.
8. What is Tulsa known for?

Answer: Oil Capital of the World

Tulsa is Oklahoma's second largest city. In 2004, the Tulsa Zoo won the title "America's Favorite Zoo" in a Microsoft-sponsored contest. In October, the Tulsa State Fair is held at the Expo Square with a carnival, arts and crafts, and music. There are lots of Native American casinos in Tulsa such as the Cherokee Casino and Resort, Creek Nation casino, and Million Dollar Elm Casino.
9. What festival is Grove famous for?

Answer: Pelican Festival

Grove is on Grand Lake O' Cherokees and is known for the Harbor Village, Lendonwood Gardens and migrating pelicans. The pelicans land on the lake and find fish to eat. They also fly in a circle in the air before landing. The Pelican Festival even has a pelican viewing tour that people can take to watch the pretty birds.
10. What is Oklahoma's largest lake?

Answer: Lake Eufaula

Lake Eufaula is Oklahoma's largest lake, near McAlester. Lake Keystone is a lake near Tulsa and Sand Springs. Many campers come to the lake and fish. They fish for crappie, perch, bass, or sand bass.
Source: Author opiefan78

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