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Quiz about Get the Table Set
Quiz about Get the Table Set

Get the Table Set Trivia Quiz

Each clue has three dishes associated with a particular Indian state. Pair them up correctly. Note: While a particular dish may seem to fit for more than one state, all three together will only match with the correct answer.

A matching quiz by zorba_scank. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
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Dec 03 21
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1. Thepla, Dhokla, Undhiyu  
2. Choriz, Xacuti, Sorpotel  
3. Alu posto, Daab chingri, Kosha mangsho  
4. Varan bhat, Poha, Kombdi vade  
5. Dal makhani, Sarson ka saag, Tandoori chicken  
  Jammu & Kashmir
6. Rogan josh, Shab deg, Yakhni  
  West Bengal
7. Avial, Karimeen pollichattu, Pazham pori  
8. Nga-thongba, Kangshoi, Singju  
9. Lal maas, Dal baati, Mirchi bada  
10. Litti, Ghugni, Kadhi-bari  

Select each answer

1. Thepla, Dhokla, Undhiyu
2. Choriz, Xacuti, Sorpotel
3. Alu posto, Daab chingri, Kosha mangsho
4. Varan bhat, Poha, Kombdi vade
5. Dal makhani, Sarson ka saag, Tandoori chicken
6. Rogan josh, Shab deg, Yakhni
7. Avial, Karimeen pollichattu, Pazham pori
8. Nga-thongba, Kangshoi, Singju
9. Lal maas, Dal baati, Mirchi bada
10. Litti, Ghugni, Kadhi-bari

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Thepla, Dhokla, Undhiyu

Answer: Gujarat

Gujarati food is mainly vegetarian. Theplas and dhoklas are generally eaten as snacks or side dishes to the main meal. Dhoklas are steamed preparations of rice while theplas are akin to light crackers and made using different flours and may also contain some vegetables like spinach. Undhiyu is a special dish cooked during the winters since the vegetables used in its preparation grow only during this season. Traditionally this dish was cooked in earthen pots that were made to stand upside down and heated from above.
2. Choriz, Xacuti, Sorpotel

Answer: Goa

Goa is a former Portuguese colony and the cuisine reflects this influence. Given the state's location along the coast, seafood is a main part of the cuisine. Choriz are sausages made from pork. The meat is marinated in a spicy mixture for several days and choriz can be used to prepare a variety of dishes ranging from rice pulao to a dry dish with onions and potatoes. Sorpotel is a spicy pork gravy commonly eaten with rice cakes called sannas. Xacuti is a curry made of grated coconut, vinegar and other spices and usually includes meat.
3. Alu posto, Daab chingri, Kosha mangsho

Answer: West Bengal

Alu posto is a staple of Bengali cuisine and is a simple dish consisting of potatoes and poppy seeds. Daab chingri is another unique Bengali dish prepared with prawns and mustard. The dish is cooked in a coconut shell giving it a distinct flavour. Kosha mangsho is a thick mutton gravy.
4. Varan bhat, Poha, Kombdi vade

Answer: Maharashtra

Varan bhat is a simple staple dish consisting of steamed rice and a thick lentil gravy. Kombdi vade is a meal by itself where kombdi refers to a chicken gravy and the vade are deep fried breads made of rice. Poha is eaten at breakfast or as a snack. It consists of flattened rice mixed with coconut, peanuts, onions and boiled potatoes.
5. Dal makhani, Sarson ka saag, Tandoori chicken

Answer: Punjab

The popularity of Punjabi food has led to it sometimes being erroneously considered as the sole representative of Indian cuisine. Tandoori chicken gets its name from the clay oven called the tandoor in which it is cooked. The dish may be described as a form of roast chicken. Dal makhani is a lentil gravy while sarson ka saag is a dish prepared during the winter and consists of spinach.
6. Rogan josh, Shab deg, Yakhni

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

These dishes are more reflective of the Kashmir part of the state. In Kashmir, a special meal known as a wazwan is served to honour guests and consists of multiple courses. Rogan josh is a preparation of lamb cooked with yogurt and chilies while yakhni is a mutton gravy again consisting of yogurt. Since both these dishes don't use onions, the yogurt creates the thick gravy. Shab deg comprises turnip and some kind of meat - chicken, lamb or mutton.

The dish is left in the pot to cook over the course of the night and this preparation method has led to its name ('Shab' means night and 'deg' means pot in Urdu).
7. Avial, Karimeen pollichattu, Pazham pori

Answer: Kerala

Kerala is located at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent and is nicknamed the 'Land of Spices'. This is an indicator of the fiery nature of some of the dishes. Karimeen pollichattu consists of fish marinated in a thick paste of various spices and then cooked inside a banana leaf. Avial is generally served during vegetarian feasts called sadya and is a mixture of various vegetables along with coconut. Pazham pori are banana fritters.
8. Nga-thongba, Kangshoi, Singju

Answer: Manipur

Manipuri cuisine has similarities with the that of the other north eastern states. The cuisine of the north eastern states is distinct from that of other parts of India and the ingredients used are unique to this region. Nga-thongba is a fish stew that is considered to be a delicacy in Manipur. Singju is a salad prepared using different herbs, the stems of the banana and lotus plants, ginger and seasonal vegetables. Kangshoi is a stew consisting of vegetables and fermented fish.
9. Lal maas, Dal baati, Mirchi bada

Answer: Rajasthan

Rajasthan is largely a desert state and the food reflects the natural habitat. It is usually dry and prepared using spices to keep the body warm during the cold winters. Lal maas is a spicy mutton gravy traditionally prepared using game meat. Mirchi bade are like cutlets and consist of chillies and potatoes. Dal baati is one of the most popular dishes of Rajasthani cuisine.

The dal is made using a variety of lentils while the baati are round breads prepared of wheat.
10. Litti, Ghugni, Kadhi-bari

Answer: Bihar

Litti consists of dough filled with baked gram, onions and chillies and then fried. Ghugni is made using black gram or dried white peas which is cooked into a gravy and then eaten with puffed rice or poori, a type of flat bread. Prepared especially during the festival of Holi, kadhi-bari consists of a gram flour gravy then fashioned as dumplings using dough and eaten with rice.
Source: Author zorba_scank

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