Quiz about Trust Me Youll Love the Haggis
Quiz about Trust Me Youll Love the Haggis

Trust Me, You'll Love the Haggis! Quiz

Pair up these dishes with the country they are commonly associated with. Note: While an answer may fit more than one question, there is only one complete solution.

A matching quiz by zorba_scank. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Dec 03 21
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1. Dumplings - fried or steamed ball of dough  
2. Moussaka - layered eggplant dish  
3. Kimchi - fermented vegetables  
4. Goulash - stew of meat or vegetables  
South Korea
5. Pho - noodle soup  
6. Sushi - vinegar flavoured rice with accompaniments  
7. Ceviche - raw fish in citrus juice  
8. Doner kebab - meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie  
9. Nasi lemak - rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf  
10. Apple pie - fruit pie  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Dumplings - fried or steamed ball of dough

Answer: China

There are more variations to this simple dish than can be described in this quiz. Typically it may consist of a wrapper of dough filled with minced meat or vegetables and then steamed. Shrimp or fish is also used as a filling. There are different varieties based on the type of filling, kind of dough used and method of preparation.
2. Moussaka - layered eggplant dish

Answer: Greece

The mousakka is popular among various countries in the Balkan region as well as the eastern part of the Mediterranean region. It is a layered casserole which typically consists of aubergine and minced meat. Other ingredients include tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.
3. Kimchi - fermented vegetables

Answer: South Korea

Kimchi is associated with both North Korea and South Korea. It is a side dish which may consist of fermented vegetables like cabbage, radish or cucumbers. Traditionally, it was prepared during the summer and stored underground in jars for preservation. The dish was then eaten during the winter.
4. Goulash - stew of meat or vegetables

Answer: Hungary

The origin of this dish can be traced to the 9th century when Hungarian shepherds prepared a hearty stew of meat and vegetables. The meat was cooked, sun dried and stored in bags made of sheep's stomachs. When it was time to be consumed, water was added to make the stew. Goulash is strongly associated with the country of Hungary and is regarded as one of the nation's symbols.

It is typically flavoured with paprika, Hungary's national spice.
5. Pho - noodle soup

Answer: Vietnam

Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam and is eaten at any time of the day. It is basically broth with noodles, herbs and meat which may be beef or chicken. Multiple variations exist based on the type of meat, broth or sauce used and the different vegetables and other accompaniments included.
6. Sushi - vinegar flavoured rice with accompaniments

Answer: Japan

The rice is cooked with vinegar and may then be combined with any of various ingredients like vegetables or raw fish. It is served with pickled ginger, wasabi (also called Japanese horseradish) and soy sauce. Rice is a necessary ingredient for this dish and both the white or brown varieties may be used in its preparation.
7. Ceviche - raw fish in citrus juice

Answer: Peru

The origins of the dish can be traced to a type of food brought by Moorish women to Latin America during the Spanish conquest of the region. Ceviche consists of raw fish marinated and cooked in citrus juices with chili pepper added for seasoning. There is no heat used in the preparation of this food and hence it must always be served fresh.
8. Doner kebab - meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie

Answer: Turkey

The method of preparation by roasting on a vertical roasting spit is also used in other dishes like the shawarma from Arabic cuisine and gyros from Greece. The meat most often used is lamb though beef or chicken may also be used. A slice of meat is cut from the full kebab and served wrapped in pita bread. It is typically eaten more as a quick snack rather than part of an elaborate meal.
9. Nasi lemak - rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf

Answer: Malaysia

Nasi lemak is considered as the national dish of Malaysia though it is also popular in other neighbouring countries like Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. While preparing the dish, the rice is soaked in coconut milk and then steamed. The pandan leaf is commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisine to add flavour to food.

The dish is served along with sambal which is a spicy sauce made using a variety of chilli peppers. Other accompaniments may include cucumber slices, fried or boiled egg and peanuts.
10. Apple pie - fruit pie

Answer: USA

Apple pie is so strongly associated with America that it has resulted in an idiom - 'as American as apple pie'. It is a typical fruit pie where the main ingredient is apple. The dish is generally served with ice cream or whipped cream.
Source: Author zorba_scank

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