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Quiz about I am the Goddess or God of Love
Quiz about I am the Goddess or God of Love

I am the Goddess (or God) of Love Quiz

Match the deity of love with the mythology of a particular culture.

A matching quiz by bernie73. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Mar 05 22
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9 / 10
Last 3 plays: Guest 104 (10/10), mulligas (7/10), rayvendragon (3/10).
Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Aztec culture  
2. Celtic culture  
3. Chinese culture  
4. Egyptian culture  
Ba Nguyet
5. Guarani culture  
6. Hindu culture  
7. Mesopotamian culture  
8. Norse culture  
9. Vietnamese culture  
10. Yoruba culture  

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Sep 14 2023 : Guest 104: 10/10
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Aug 23 2023 : Guest 174: 10/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Aztec culture

Answer: Xochiquetzal

Xochiquetzal was the goddess of fertility, beauty, and love in Aztec culture. She was traditionally depicted as an attractive young woman and had a strong connection with flowers. Her festivals were associated with flowers, drinking, and intercourse. She was one of the oldest gods in the Aztec pantheon.
2. Celtic culture

Answer: Aine

Aine was the goddess of love, fertility, and summer in Celtic culture. There was a strong connection between her and what is now County Limerick in Ireland. Feasts associated with Aine were often celebrated in Midsummer. She is associated with a legend where she bit off the ear of an ancient king who assaulted her.
3. Chinese culture

Answer: Yue-Lao

Yue-Lao was the god of love and marriage in Chinese culture. In comparison to the youthful appearance of love deities in many culture, Yue-Lao is traditionally imagined as an old man. He is traditionally shown with a thin red cord which is used to tie together a married couple. In modern China, Yue-Lao serves somewhat of the same role that Cupid serves in some Western societies.
4. Egyptian culture

Answer: Bastet

Bastet was the goddess of love and lust, as well as pregnancy and childbirth in Egyptian culture. She was traditionally described as appearing in feline form. Evidence of her can be found as far back as the third millennium BCE. In myths she was often described as a good mother and was often depicted surrounded by numerous kittens.
5. Guarani culture

Answer: Kurupi

Kurupi was the god of fertility and sexuality in Guarani culture. Traditionally, he was blamed for unwanted or inconvenient pregnancies. He was traditionally depicted as small,, ugly, and hairy. The Guarani people traditionally lived in central South America.
6. Hindu culture

Answer: Rati

Rati is the goddess of love, lust, and passion in Hindu culture. Rati is sometimes described as so beautiful that she can even enchant other gods. Rati's name comes from a Sanskrit root that means "enjoy". She is said to have been formed from the sweat of Daksha. She was later reincarnated as Mayavati.
7. Mesopotamian culture

Answer: Inanna

Inanna (also known as Ishtar) is the goddess of love, beauty, sex, and war in Mesopotamian culture. She appears in a large number of Mesopotamian myths as well as "The Epic of Gilgamesh". References to Inanna can be found as far back as the fourth millennium BCE, but became more prominent later. Worship of Inanna was noticeable among those would today be classed as non-binary.
8. Norse culture

Answer: Freya

Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and sex in Norse culture. Traditionally, she was said to wear a cloak made of falcon feathers and ride a chariot pulled by two cats. She is referred to several times in the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda.Some have argued that Freya and the goddess Frigg are one in the same.
9. Vietnamese culture

Answer: Ba Nguyet

Ba Nguyet and her husband Ong To are the deities of love and marriage in Vietnamese culture. She is usually shown holding a fan (meant to help bring harmony to a marriage). He holds a red cord (meant to tie the couple together).
10. Yoruba culture

Answer: Osun

Osun is the goddess of femininity, fertility, beauty, and love in Yoruba culture (centered in southwestern Nigeria). The Osun River in Nigeria is named for her. She was born as a human queen who became a goddess after her death. She is associated with the colors white, yellow, and gold.
Source: Author bernie73

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