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Quiz about Avengers Endgame
Quiz about Avengers Endgame

Avengers: Endgame Trivia Quiz

In this, the twenty-second movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers travel through space and time to stop Thanos once and for all, bring back their loved ones, and save the world. "Endgame" was released in 2019. Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 2 mins.
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2 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Question 1 of 10
1. Tony Stark is saved from dying in outer space only with the help of who of these? Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. The Avengers locate Thanos, post-snap, on a distant planet. What do they do to him? Hint

Question 3 of 10
3. Scott Lang claims he was only in the Quantum realm for five hours. In reality, he was trapped for five years.

Question 4 of 10
4. What happens to Thor in the years following the Snap? Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. According to Lang, how many round trips through time can each Avenger make using the Pym Particles at their disposal? Hint

Question 6 of 10
6. Going back in time, three of the Infinity Stones are discovered to be in what spot? Hint

Question 7 of 10
7. Which planet must be visited to claim one of the Infinity Stones? Hint

Question 8 of 10
8. Who sacrifices themselves for the Soul Stone? Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. Who brings half of the universe back from the dead using the newly-constructed Infinity Gauntlet? Hint

Question 10 of 10
10. Who performs the final snap of the Infinity Gauntlet, sacrificing themselves to do so? Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Tony Stark is saved from dying in outer space only with the help of who of these?

Answer: Carol Danvers

When the Snap happens in Wakanda, Clint Barton is with his family enjoying retirement from The Avengers. As he teaches he daughter archery, his whole family seems to disappear. He doesn't notice as they vanish in a puff of ash.
In outer space, Tony Stark and Nebula bide their time. Since battling Thanos, they've been lost in space, drifting aimlessly for weeks. The fuel cells were cracked after the battle but they still found themselves a thousand lightyears away. Their oxygen would be expected to run out in another day. After Tony records a message to Pepper he lies down to sleep. He awakens when a bright light appears outside the cockpit window - the photon light of none other than Carol Danvers, who appears to rescue them.
On Earth, Steve Rogers and the Avengers emerge from their headquarters as Tony' ship is returned home. A briefing confirms everything they expected: Thanos killed half of all life. The problem is that they don't know where he went after completing his task.
While Tony is left to recover, the rest of the team considers their next move. It's Nebula who has answers. She knows that when his plan was completed, he would go to a distant planet where he could relax. The Avengers decide they need to go. If they can get the Infinity Stones off of him, they can reverse the whole event.
2. The Avengers locate Thanos, post-snap, on a distant planet. What do they do to him?

Answer: Decapitate him

The Avengers launch into space and perform a hyper-jump to Thanos' planet. Danvers confirms that there are no defences on the planet as they descend to its surface. When they land, they find Thanos living a simple life of simple pleasures, but it doesn't stop the team from swooping in and subduing him with little effort.

As they hold him down, Thor slices Thanos' hand off, allowing them to grab the Infinity Gauntlet, but when they do they find all of the Stones missing. Thanos admits he foresaw the inevitable - that the Stones would be used to reverse his actions - and it's why he used the Stones to destroy themselves.

It nearly killed him, but the work was done and always would be. Thor, in anger, decapitates Thanos in retribution.
3. Scott Lang claims he was only in the Quantum realm for five hours. In reality, he was trapped for five years.

Answer: True

Five years after the Avengers kill Thanos, things change. Steve Rogers runs a support group for survivors of the Snap, consoling those who lost loved ones. In a San Francisco U-Haul storage unit, a mouse trods atop a control panel and accidentally activates the Pyms' Quantum Tunnel, freeing Scott Lang from within. Having only experienced a short time, he returns home to find he's been missing for five years. He stumbles upon a monument to those who vanished in the city and he finds his own name amongst them. His own daughter, Cassie, is not, and when he returns to her home he's able to embrace her.
Natasha Romanoff, now spearheading a task force of remaining Avengers to protect the planet and beyond, speaks to Rhodes about what Clint has been doing, traveling from country to country and working as a vigilante. Rhodes agrees to find him.
Steve stops in to visit Natasha at her office and while they talk, Lang arrives at their front gate claiming to have an answer. Five years ago, he was in the Quantum Realm but it didn't feel like five years to him; it felt like five hours. Since time works differently in the Quantum Realm, perhaps they could navigate it to find a way to execute time travel. But they need help. They need Tony Stark. The only problem is that he's living with Pepper and his daughter at their cottage in the woods. That's where they find him when they visit him.
And Tony doesn't like the idea either since Lang's circumstances seem like a cosmic fluke. They leave empty-handed, but Rogers has another idea. He brings Scott and Natasha to meet with Dr. Banner who, since the Thanos fight, came to accept himself, embracing both his human side and his Hulk side. He agrees it might be worth a shot.
4. What happens to Thor in the years following the Snap?

Answer: He gains a lot of weight

The seed is planted in Tony's mind. After the team leaves, he remembers Peter and gets to work running models of a device that could follow through on Lang's hypothesis. And sure enough, it works. His daughter watches the whole experiment before Tony takes her to bed and tucks her in. He tells Pepper though, and she's shocked he would even consider the prospect of time travel. That said, she knows that he could never stop him and she wouldn't want to. He could save everyone.
At the Avengers' HQ, the team runs tests using Scott's van but quantum physics is not a field that Banner is well-versed in. These tests don't go as planned. But that's when Tony pulls up and rejoins the team with the aim to do what he can to save the past, but preserve what he has. He hands over a new and improved vibranium shield and asks Steve about the team.
The truth is, they have to pull a bunch of people in back in. While Rhodes and Nebula fly in,
Dr. Banner and Rocket head to New Asgard to meet with Valkyrie and Thor and convince them to join their cause. Thor, unfortunately, lives in isolation and only visits the town once a month. The truth is that he's spent the time letting himself go, gaining weight and drinking to cope with his failures. They're only able to bring him along by claiming that there's beer on their ship.
Natasha finds Clint in Tokyo, killing bad guys to deal with the loss of his family. She tells him that they have a chance, but he fears his hopes being ruined. It doesn't take much convincing to bring everyone back together.
5. According to Lang, how many round trips through time can each Avenger make using the Pym Particles at their disposal?

Answer: One

With the Avengers reunited, Scott suggests that they don't have many Pym Particles - enough, perhaps, for one test run and a round trip for every participating Avenger. Clint volunteers to take the test run into the Quantum Realm, believing he has nothing to lose.

It works; Tony's time GPS transports him to his old homestead before his family turned to dust. Before he can interact with them, he's pulled back into the present time. Now all they need to do is locate the Infinity Stones in time and location and split up to collect them.

They have to pick their targets. Thor's target is the Aether, the Reality Stone; Rocket knows Quill took the Power Stone from Morag; Nebula knows Gamora took the Soul Stone from Vormir; the Time Stone was with Doctor Stone in New York City and, as Natasha realizes, the Space Stone and the Mind Stone could also be in New York depending on the year. All they need to do is divide and conquer in three teams.

They have one shot.
6. Going back in time, three of the Infinity Stones are discovered to be in what spot?

Answer: New York City

Tony, Steve, and Bruce join Scott Lang in New York City to claim three of the stones, arriving in 2012 during the Chitauri invasion on the city. Dr. Banner reaches the Sanctum Santorum alone, arriving five years before Dr. Stephen Strange would take up the mantle operating the location. He arrives to meet the Ancient One and she seems unsurprised when he asks for the Eye of Agamotto. She punches Banner's spirit from Hulk's body in an attempt to protect it. She refuses to give up the Time Stone because of the effect it could have on her own timeline, but when Banner reveals that Strange gave the Time Stone to Thanos willingly, she agrees to hand it over, easy as that, knowing that Strange did it for a reason.
Tony and Scott arrive at Stark Tower to find the Avengers dealing with Loki in the penthouse. They hand Loki's staff off to S.H.I.E.L.D. but Cap intercepts, getting into the elevator with Rumlow and the men who would be revealed as Hydra agents. All it takes to claim the staff is a quick lie; Cap whispers 'Hail Hydra' to them and walks out with the case. Unfortunately, he ends up running into himself in the building, sparking a fight through the building until future Cap can get his hands back on the staff and use it to subdue his double.
In the lobby, Lang causes 2012 Stark's chestpiece to short circuit and allows for future Stark to pick up the case containing the Tesseract. Unfortunately, their plan is thwarted by an unknowing Hulk and Loki, seeing the opportunity, nabs the case and vanishes with it in the chaos.
7. Which planet must be visited to claim one of the Infinity Stones?

Answer: Morag

Thor returns to Asgard in the year 2013 alongside Rocket, both of them knowing that they can claim the Reality Stone from within Jane Foster during her visit to the realm. During their sneaking through the palace, Thor is shocked to see his mother walking the halls and he knows that they've arrived on the day that she dies. Rocket asks him to keep himself together to save everyone else. When Thor wanders off, Frigga finds him and comforts him, suggesting that while he may have failed, he's no idiot. Rocket manages to nab the Aether from Jane in her room before Frigga sends her son off to be who he was meant to be. Before they leave, Thor reaches out and calls Mjolnir. It works. He's still worthy.
Natasha and Clint drop Nebula and Rhodes off on Morag while they head off to Vormir. On Morag, however, they simply need to wait until Quill shows up to grab the Power Stone, the problem being that Thanos, Gamora, and Nebula were originally trying to find it there as well. Little do they know, the Nebula of the past has knowledge of their arrival. Digging deeper, they find that current Nebula is sharing her memories with the future Nebula and, unfortunately, this gives Thanos knowledge of the locations of the other Stones... and The Avengers. They decide to go to Morag.
While on Morag, it takes no time to knock out Quill. Nebula uses Quill's tools to sneak into the Power Stone's chamber and grab it with no major issue. They prepare to depart with the Stone, and Rhodes does, returning to the present, but Nebula doesn't. As Thanos plays future Nebula's memories and learns the truth, she's unable to teleport herself. Thanos claims her body from Morag while she tries to communicate with the others.
8. Who sacrifices themselves for the Soul Stone?

Answer: Natasha Romanoff

In New York in 2012, Tony admits to failing on the Tesseract but he realizes that they have another option. He hands Loki's staff to Lang to bring back to the present and he and Cap take a risk by traveling once more, on their last Pym Particles, to New Jersey in the year 1970. Reaching Camp Lehigh, they find the old S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker and descend inside. Up in the labs, Rogers makes a convincing call to get Hank Pym out of his lab. Doing this, he smuggles several doses of Pym Particles out. He's forced to hide in an adjacent office and when he does, he finds that it is, coincidentally, Peggy's. Tony searches the storage areas and finds the Tesseract with little effort, using his Iron Man suit to break in and steal it from his father's containment unit. It only becomes more interesting when Tony encounters his father. The two have a pretty heartfelt talk; it convinces Tony that things are going to be alright.
Nebula is forced to face herself on Thanos' ship and it gives the past Nebula the opportunity to help her father. She reaccessorizes to look like her future self, takes her Pym Particles, and prepares to take a trip.
On Vormir, Barton and Romanoff navigate their way to the keeper of the Soul Stone, Red Skull, who tells them the same that he told Thanos - to claim the Soul Stone, they must sacrifice someone they love. One of them must die and the other can depart. Natasha realizes that she will need to do whatever it takes to get the stone, but Clint knows he's lost everyone he loves and would sacrifice anything to bring them back. They both fight each other to prevent the other from being the one to die, but Natasha manages to get a leg up on Clint as they both plummet. As he hangs from the edge of the cliff, she casts herself off it. He returns to the future alone.
9. Who brings half of the universe back from the dead using the newly-constructed Infinity Gauntlet?

Answer: Dr. Bruce Banner

When the Avengers reunite, Tony crafts a new Infinity Gauntlet in the lab and has the stones placed inside. The next order of business is to pick a wearer who can snap their fingers and bring everyone back. Thor volunteers, but the group doesn't feel he's in the right state to wield it. Banner, however, believes he's the only person to wear it since the glove gives off gamma radiation. He was made for it. The rest agree. They don their outfits for protection from the inevitable blast and Tony locks down the compound as Bruce wears the glove and takes its power. Even then, he's barely able to snap his fingers. He does though, snapping and destroying the gauntlet in the process. As the compound opens, the change is almost immediate.
The Avengers don't notice when past Nebula leaves the room to tamper with Tony's time machine, pulling her father's ship through the portal from 2014 and blasting through the building. After the glove is snapped, Thanos takes aim and fires on the compound, levelling it.
The Avengers struggle to climb free of the wreckage and carnage, and in navigating the tunnels beneath the facility, Clint stumbles upon the Gauntlet, taking it and running from the encroaching enemy forces. Thanos descends to the surface to meet with past Nebula and he thanks her for the great job she's done. He asks her for more though; he wants the Stones. In the ship above, future Nebula convinces Gamora to help, and when they go out they manage to locate the past Nebula as she's claiming the Gauntlet from Clint. Unfortunately, future Nebula has no choice but to kill her past self.
Steve, Tony, and Thor watch Thanos sitting from afar, waiting for the Stones. As Thor empowers himself, they prepare to kill him properly, but Thanos, still ever-powerful, is still too strong for the three Avengers. Even with Cap's returned Vibranium shield, Mjolnir back in Thor's hands, and an empowered Iron Man outfit, there's not much that can be done... at least until Captain America takes up Mjolnir in his own hands, proving himself worthy to wield it, and fight Thanos off, saving his fellow Avengers' lives.
But even then, it's still not enough. As Thanos chips away at Cap's shield, he calls upon his forces and plans to end Earth once and for all.
10. Who performs the final snap of the Infinity Gauntlet, sacrificing themselves to do so?

Answer: Iron Man

As Thanos' fleet arrives, The Avengers' backup does as well. Dr. Strange emerges with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man in tow while the nation of Wakanda, Asgard, and all of the other returning Guardians and supporters assemble. The fight proves to be a reunion for most. Peter Parker saves Tony's life; Quill encounters Gamora, but from a different time; Scott and Hope work together to hunt down their Quantum Tunnel van to return the Infinity Stones back to their proper times. And the Gauntlet goes through its own Gauntlet, passing through the hands of Clint, T'Challa, and Peter Parker while Wanda Maximoff uses her immense powers to keep Thanos at bay. She's only stopped when Thanos blasts down on the battlefield, carelessly killing anyone on the ground, friend or foe.
The rain of fire ends only when something enters from the upper atmosphere - Carol Danvers shoots through Thanos' ship and destroys it with a single blast before picking up the Gauntlet. She's supported by the team as she flies off to pass it through the Quantum Tunnel, but Thanos destroys the van at the last minute, blasting Danvers across the battlefield and leaving the Gauntlet to rest between him and Tony Stark. Thor, Rogers, and Danvers hold Thanos back, but he gets the Gauntlet on, and only Carol is able to do anything about it. She nearly pulls the Gauntlet off single-handedly, but Thanos removes its Power Stone and uses it to blast her away once again.
Tony sees this from his vantage point and, looking back to Stephen Strange, realizes what he must do to save everyone. As Thanos loads the Power Stone back into the glove, Tony grabs for Thanos and struggles with the piece. And then Thanos snaps.
When he does, nothing happens, and it's because Tony has taken all of the Stones and put them in his own suit. With the single declaration "I am Iron Man", he snaps his own fingers, wishing Thanos' army away and saving everyone. Thanos, having failed, sits and waits as he disappears into dust.
Tony, overwhelmed by the immense power he wielded in using the Stones, sits down as Rhodes and Parker rush to meet him. Pepper tells him that they're all going to be okay; he can finally rest. As she holds his hand, the light on his suit goes out.

As the world finally sees itself right again, Tony's final messages are played for his family and friends. A funeral is held outside his and Pepper's country house, and all of the Avengers attend.

Overlooking the water, Valkyrie asks Thor when he can be expected back. He says he has other plans. Instead of returning to New Asgard, he places Valkyrie in charge. He plans on riding along with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bruce, Sam, and Bucky wish Steve well on his way through time. Using the Pym Particles and a Quantum Tunnel, he heads back to return the Stones to their proper places in time. But he doesn't return through the tunnel. Instead, he waits for the guys by the water. Sam approaches him, now an old man having decided to live through the years instead of come back through the tunnel. Steve hands over his shield and tells Sam to try it on. When Sam notices Steve's wedding ring he asks about it, but Steve doesn't tell.

Instead of returning to 2019, Steve stays in the past, reuniting with Peggy and getting his dance.
Source: Author kyleisalive

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