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Quiz about Avengers Infinity War
Quiz about Avengers Infinity War

The Ultimate Avengers: Infinity War Quiz | Movies

It all builds to this, the nineteenth movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this 2018 film, Thanos enacts his plan to collect the Infinity Stones in an attempt to wipe out half of the universe's population. Will the Avengers stop him? Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Question 1 of 10
1. Who does Heimdall manage to send to Earth during Thanos' attack? Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. Who, during the fight for the Time Stone in New York City, is not brought back to outer space aboard a spaceship? Hint

Question 3 of 10
3. Which Infinity Stone was left with Taneleer Tivan on the planet of Knowhere? Hint

Question 4 of 10
4. Wanda Maximoff and Vision are ambushed while hiding out in what location? Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. Who, according to Steve Rogers, might have the ability to properly remove Vision's Infinity Stone? Hint

Question 6 of 10
6. What is the name of the weapon that Thor forges on the star of Nidavellir?

Answer: (One Word)
Question 7 of 10
7. Who, as is discovered, is the guardian of the Soul Stone? Hint

Question 8 of 10
8. Who knocks Thanos free from restraint, accidentally allowing him to prevent the removal of his gauntlet? Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. What does Dr. Strange trade to save Tony Stark's life? Hint

Question 10 of 10
10. Thanos is able to snap his fingers and wipe out half of the life in the universe.

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Who does Heimdall manage to send to Earth during Thanos' attack?

Answer: The Hulk

In space, the Asgardians are assaulted by Thanos' forces. Thanos, lifting Thor in his grip and dragging him across the deck of the ship, kindly asks Loki for the Tesseract while wielding his gauntlet. Loki suggests that he kill Thor; he won't give it up.

But as Thanos places the Power Stone, recovered from Planet Xandar, against Thor's head, Loki relents, admitting that he stole the Tesseract from the vault in Asgard before it was destroyed by Surtur. Loki reveals the Tesseract, but not before the Hulk leaps in to go head-to-head against Thanos. Hulk, alone, is no match for the titan though, and he's quickly put out of commission.

As Thor is restrained, it's Heimdall who saves Banner, calling upon the power of Bifrost to transport Hulk away before he's killed for his actions. Thanos takes the Tesseract, his second Infinity Stone, and crushes it, taking the stone from within and placing it into his gauntlet.

He sends his warriors to Earth to find the two stones to be found there, but before they leave, Loki offers himself to travel with them as a guide.

He's lying, as usual, and Thor notices that Loki plans to kill Thanos, but before Loki can swing his dagger at the foe, he's stopped. Thanos instead grabs Loki by the throat and snaps his neck, killing him instantly. Thanos departs with his followers, leaving Thor to die on his decaying ship all alone. The Hulk, meanwhile, travels through the cosmos, landing in New York City...right through the ceiling of Dr. Stephen Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. All Banner can do is give the warning: Thanos is coming.
2. Who, during the fight for the Time Stone in New York City, is not brought back to outer space aboard a spaceship?

Answer: Natasha Romanoff

In New York, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, walking through the park, talk about Tony's dream wherein the two of them had a kid. They're interrupted, however, when Dr. Strange appears before them alongside Dr. Banner. It's important, they claim, since the fate of the universe is at stake. Wong later tells them that during the creation of the universe, six stones, each responsible for an element of human existence (space, reality, power, soul, mind, and time), were created and shot to different locations. Thanos plans to wipe out half of the universe, as he's been doing from planet to planet, but with two of the stones already in his possession, he's potentially the strongest being in the cosmos. With six it would be catastrophic. Banner recommends that they locate Vision, who has the Mind Stone embedded into his forehead, but Vision stopped communicating two weeks earlier and, as Stark says, the Avengers broke up. Banner convinces Tony that it'd be best to contact Steve Rogers but before he can, some of Thanos' followers touch down in New York and start a fight for Strange's Time Stone.

The fight spans Manhattan, and while Tony and Wong are able to send one of Thanos' children away, the other grabs Strange, knocks him unconscious, and beams him up into his spacecraft to deal with later. Tony, aided by Peter Parker, manages to get onboard the ship as it ascends into space, and then there's not much to do but go along with it. On Earth, Wong takes over the Sanctum to protect it in Strange's absence while Banner, unable to transform himself into the Hulk, finds Tony's dropped cell phone and dials Steve Rogers himself.
3. Which Infinity Stone was left with Taneleer Tivan on the planet of Knowhere?

Answer: Reality

In outer space, the Milano jets through the cosmos. The Guardians of the Galaxy fly out to help out at a distress signal, but when they arrive they only find chaos and corpses. One body, specifically Thor, ends up colliding with their ship and they bring him inside to lay him out and discover that he's still alive despite the situation. Mantis, sensing his emotions, awakens him and they come to learn of Thanos' plan though Gamora, his daughter, knows exactly what's happening.

Intending to take their escape pod and set out alone, but being stopped by Quill, Thor informs the Guardians that they all need to go to Knowhere together as that is where Thanos is likely to head next, specifically to grab the Reality Stone, which his warriors left with The Collector, Taneleer Tivan.

Although there's argument, it's decided that half of the people on the Milano will need to go to Knowhere while the other half, Thor included, will need to travel to Nidavellir to craft a powerful weapon to kill Thanos. Rocket and Groot join Thor; the rest go to Knowhere.
4. Wanda Maximoff and Vision are ambushed while hiding out in what location?

Answer: Scotland

In Scotland, Wanda Maximoff and Vision worry about the stone in Vision's head. Happy together, they fear what may lay ahead for them, but it's clear that the stone knows better. Both of them are attacked by Thanos' other two children and the fight takes them through the streets.

The weapons Thanos' children brought to Earth, as it turns out, are able to directly damage Vision's stone and disrupt his abilities, but it doesn't much matter in the moment as Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Sam Wilson arrive to turn the tides of battle. Gamora remembers the day she was separated from her mother and taken by Thanos while half of the people on her planet were killed. On the Milano, Gamora tells Quill that the path, undoubtedly, leads back to Thanos.

She asks him, sincerely, that if anything bad happens then she needs to be killed because she has a secret that Thanos can't possibly know.
5. Who, according to Steve Rogers, might have the ability to properly remove Vision's Infinity Stone?

Answer: The Wakandan people

Arriving on Knowhere, Quill, Gamora, Drax, and Mantis track exactly where they need to be but discover that Thanos is already in the Collector's presence. Though Drax nearly moves in to attack as revenge against the deaths of his wife and daughter, Mantis puts him to sleep, spurring Gamora to act and lash out at her adoptive father.

She succeeds in attacking Thanos, but it's for nothing; Thanos already collected the Reality Stone and reveals that everything the Guardians found upon landing on Knowhere was an illusion.

He anticipated their arrival. He incapacitates both Drax and Mantis, but leaves Quill to contend with the idea of following through on his promise to kill Gamora if she were placed into a compromising position. Quill can't do it though, and when he finally gathers the strength to fire the gun, Thanos alters reality and vanishes with his daughter. On Earth, Rogers' team brings Wanda and Vision to Upstate New York, reuniting with James Rhodes at Avengers HQ and asserting that they are still around to protect the planet. Dr. Banner emerges as well, seeing his colleagues for the first time since Sokovia. Banner apprises the team of the situation and Vision suggests that they eliminate the Mind Stone altogether, removing it from him in some way and destroying it to stop Thanos. Rogers believes there's a way, and for that they need to go to Wakanda.
6. What is the name of the weapon that Thor forges on the star of Nidavellir?

Answer: Stormbreaker

In space, Dr. Strange, suspended in the air and surrounded by sharpened blades, is tortured for his Time Stone while Tony, Peter, and the Cloak of Levitation watch on from above, waiting for the right moment. They take the moment as soon as they can, blasting a hole in the side of the ship and sucking Thanos' underling into space, saving Strange's life. Unfortunately, their spaceship is automatically headed to Thanos. Stark thinks it's a good idea to go since Thanos has already wreaked havoc on New York once before. Strange agrees with the decision provided nothing takes the Time Stone from him, and Stark says that's fine before dubbing Peter an Avenger.
Thanos brings Gamora some food while she's held captive and the two talk about their sordid past together. He insists that he has to follow through on his plan to save the universe from overpopulation and resource overuse and, much to her shock, reveals that he has Nebula in his possession and has been torturing her for information. To prevent him from doing any more harm, Gamora reveals the truth-- she's known the Soul Stone's location the entire time and it's on Vormir. He asks her to show him.
Thor, Rocket, and Groot, meanwhile, head to Nidavellir for a new hammer. Thor reasons that all will be fine. Though everyone he loves has died, the fates have kept him going thus far. He doesn't have much else to lose otherwise. Rocket kindly gives Thor a new prosthetic eye as they reach Nidavellir to discover the neutron star at the center, where Thor's hammer Mjolnir was forged, has gone out. They find that it was co-opted by Thanos, who used the forge to make the Infinity Gauntlet before killing all of the dwarves there save for one, Eitri. Thor, thankfully, is able to convince the last dwarf to help him out, molding a new weapon known as Stormbreaker by reawakening the hearth in the dying star with Rocket's pod and then placing himself in the path of the star's concentrated beam to complete the task. Groot uses his own abilities to create a hilt for the new weapon, joining the forged metal.
On Thanos' ship, Nebula is able to take control of her body enough to take down her captor. She sends a transmission to Mantis, asking to meet her on Titan. Coincidentally, Stark, Strange, and Parker arrive, crash landing at that very same destination.
7. Who, as is discovered, is the guardian of the Soul Stone?

Answer: Red Skull

Stark, Strange, and Parker are almost immediately ambushed by Quill, Drax, and Mantis upon arriving on Titan and what results is a stand-off that only deescalates when Stark realizes that Quill is from Earth. When the former trio admits to being the Avengers, they find they're all linked through Thor and they're all there to stop Thanos.

While most of them argue, Dr. Strange takes the time to use the Time Stone, moving forward in time to see all potential futures. He claims to have traveled to 14,000,605 timelines, but they only win in one. Thanos and Gamora land on Vormir and walk to their destination to find the one in possession of the Soul Stone-- Red Skull.

He brings them to the place they need to be, claiming to be the guardian of a stone he can not possess. What they seek lies in front of them.

The Soul Stone requires that its possessor create a sacrifice; one must lose that which they love-- a soul for a soul. With little hesitation, Thanos turns to Gamora, admits his love for his adopted daughter, and casts her off the cliffs to her death, thus becoming the Soul Stone's new owner.
8. Who knocks Thanos free from restraint, accidentally allowing him to prevent the removal of his gauntlet?

Answer: Peter Quill

Rogers' team reaches Wakanda and they are met by T'Challa, Okoye, and a healed Bucky Barnes. In the labs, Shuri claims that she is able to reconfigure Vision's neural capabilities, but it will take as much time as she can get. Her proposal is interrupted though since Thanos' forces, led by his remaining three children, enter the atmosphere and land in Wakanda in pursuit. T'Challa asks his men to get Steve Rogers a shield as the others head out to battle.

At the edge of the Wakandan dome, Steve, Natasha and T'Challa meet Thanos' envoys and say a few words before the armies commence the onslaught, breaking their way through the dome, killing themselves to diminish its power. To prevent the enemies from going around, T'Challa opens the barrier in a bold tactic and they take their foes head on, quickly becoming overwhelmed.

But with Stormbreaker in-hand, Thor is able to get across the universe with Rocket and Groot, reuniting with several of his fellow Avengers to change the battle with his Thanos-killing weapon. Thanos, however, isn't in Wakanda.

After collecting the Soul Stone he teleports himself back to Titan to find his former planet in ruins. Dr. Strange, there with the Time Stone, gets a story out of Thanos to distract him while the others get into position and before long they all fight valiantly to ensure that Thanos not have the opportunity to use his gauntlet. They manage to restrain Thanos and Mantis uses her powers to calm his mind, but while Peter and Tony try to remove the stones, Quill and Nebula deduce that Thanos had to kill Gamora to collect the Soul Stone. The truth enrages Quill and his actions set off a chain of events in which Thanos regains control, brings down his team, and destroys Titan's moon, bringing it down on the planet.
9. What does Dr. Strange trade to save Tony Stark's life?

Answer: An Infinity Stone

Time runs out in Wakanda. Wanda is pulled from the labs to intervene on the battlefield and it gives a group of insurgents the chance to infiltrate the labs, knocking Shuri out before she can finish Vision's operation. Vision is, thus, forced onto the battlefield while the other Avengers and their support are pushed into battle against Thanos' children. Banner, still struggling to transform into the Hulk, uses Tony Stark's Hulkbuster armor to dispatch one of the most fearsome foes while Black Widow, Okoye, and Wanda end the life of another. Steve Rogers comes in to help Vision with the last, putting an end to the remainder.
On Titan, Peter Parker uses his abilities to pull the unconscious fighters to safety while Dr. Strange battles with space, time, and reality against Thanos, losing against the villain's numerous powers only to reveal that he had a fake Eye of Agamotto the entire time. Strange is knocked out and Tony Stark resumes where he left off, but it isn't enough; the gauntlet proves relentless and Stark is impaled on a piece of his own suit. Thanos lets him sit to die. But that's when Dr. Strange awakens and asks for a deal: if Thanos spares Tony's life, then he will give up the Time Stone. Sure enough, they both follow through on their word and Thanos gets his fifth stone before teleporting away. Strange tells Tony that they're in the endgame.
Thanos travels to Wakanda, arriving as his forces start to make a retreat. Wanda finds Vision in horrible pain due to Thanos' imminent arrival and, as the Avengers struggle to stop him, Vision begs Wanda to do what they must. She has no choice. She destroys the Mind Stone, killing Vision then and there by forcing her powers while holding Thanos back.
10. Thanos is able to snap his fingers and wipe out half of the life in the universe.

Answer: True

Thanos doesn't blame Wanda for what she did out of love, but it's not enough for her. Using the power of the Time Stone gained from Dr. Strange, he reforms the Mind Stone and brings Vision back to life, tearing into his recreated skull to remove the stone from it and place it into his gauntlet. It works, empowering Thanos to unbelievable strength, but that's the moment when Thor flies in, tossing the Stormbreaker at Thanos and plunging it directly into his chest, forcing it further in for what he did to the Asgardians. Thanos, breathing deeply, tells Thor that he should've gone for the hand before he snaps the gauntlet and changes everything before teleporting away.
On the Wakandan battlefield, Steve and Thor watch as Bucky Barnes disintegrates into ash before their eyes. Half of the warriors of Wakanda vanish in an instant. Okoye lays on the ground in shock as T'Challa vanishes from her grasp. Groot dies in Rocket's hands while Wanda and Sam disappear nearby.
On Titan, Peter pulls Tony to his feet as the others fade to nothing, perishing in the wind. Strange tells Tony that there was no other way as he and Peter become nothing. It leaves only Tony and Nebula to contemplate what happened in silence.
On a calm and distant planet, Thanos steps out of the shadows to watch the setting sun.
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