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Quiz about The Love Witch
Quiz about The Love Witch

The Love Witch Trivia Quiz

Presented as though it were a 1960s B-movie, "The Love Witch" (2016) follows a woman who loves men a bit too much, often with disastrous results. Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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7 / 10
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Question 1 of 10
1. Elaine's new apartment is inspired by which of these? Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. Elaine admits to being a 'love witch'.

Question 3 of 10
3. What is Wayne's profession? Hint

Question 4 of 10
4. Which of these items does Elaine leave next to Wayne's body, linking her to his death? Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. Trish tells Elaine that she'll be out of town for which of these events? Hint

Question 6 of 10
6. How long does Wayne go missing before he's found? Hint

Question 7 of 10
7. How is Elaine found by the police? Hint

Question 8 of 10
8. Where do Elaine and Sergeant Griff have their mock wedding? Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. Richard, unable to cope with his feelings towards Elaine, does which of the following? Hint

Question 10 of 10
10. Elaine and Griff live happily ever after together.

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Elaine's new apartment is inspired by which of these?

Answer: Tarot

A woman drives through California to start a new life amongst the redwoods where no one knows her. Not too long ago, she poisoned an ex-husband-- Jerry. Her therapist claimed that there was nothing wrong with her at all; people are abused every day.

She did feel, however, that she needed a fresh start after the loss. And that's why she moves to Arcata, California and into a black Victorian house. Upon arriving, she meets Trish, the interior decorator for her apartment, and is moved in. Apparently, the landlady, Barbara (who Elaine knows quite well), is into 'all that Wicca stuff', so the apartment is outfitted with colours from the tarot deck.

It's perfect, according to Elaine.
2. Elaine admits to being a 'love witch'.

Answer: True

Elaine asks Trish about lunch on her first day and the two of them had for lunch at the Victorian Tearoom. There, over a quaint meal, the two talk about fairy tales and Elaine alludes to not yet finding her Prince Charming, especially with Jerry having left her, but now that she's studied parapsychology, she feels better equipped to understand men.

She was reborn though, after the loss of Jerry, as a witch. The meal goes into discussions of the patriarchy and men's needs and Elaine admits that she's really just addicted to love. Trish has to ground her though; a realist, Trish believes she found her prince charming despite not living in a fairy tale.

It's not long before Richard, Trish's husband, arrives to join the women for lunch. It's clear that there's chemistry at play between Richard and Elaine, but no one is too concerned yet.
3. What is Wayne's profession?

Answer: Professor

Elaine, seemingly moved into her new place, ends up bringing out her cauldron and her mortar and pestle and mixes up some love potions and tonics that she can use for a ritual to find a new lover. The next day, after dropping off some soaps and items at a local herbalist's shop, she uses her powers to attract a man at the park and the man, Wayne, becomes quickly enamoured with her, taking her into his vehicle and driving out to his cabin in the woods. Elaine gives Wayne a drink of her potion and she convinces him to finish it while she makes him dinner. Over dinner, Wayne reveals that he's an English literature professor.
4. Which of these items does Elaine leave next to Wayne's body, linking her to his death?

Answer: Witch bottle

Elaine reveals to Wayne that she drugged his drink with hallucinogenic herbs before she starts to make herself more comfortable. The two of them move to the bedroom for a passionate night together, but it all culminates in an overly-emotional and anxious talk afterwards. Wayne starts to get self-conscious and worries that he can't take the pressure of a relationship with her.

When he starts to feel sick, Elaine says she loves him and will always be there for him...but she can't take how attached he is to her. So instead of maintaining the relationship, she lets him down easy by letting him die.

She accepts his death by heading outside, naked, to pick flowers and creating a witch bottle. This way she can bury Wayne out in the woods and leave a part of her with him forever.

After bathing in rosewater, she heads home.
5. Trish tells Elaine that she'll be out of town for which of these events?

Answer: Furniture convention

Trish comes by Elaine's for a visit to check in on her and after the two have a cup of tea together, Trish lets it slip that she'll be going to Dallas for a while to attend a furniture convention for her work. In the meantime, Richard will be staying home, forced to fend for himself for a while. Elaine ends up meeting with her friend and landlady, Barbara, at a burlesque and there, she discusses the odd happenings that occur when she uses her love spells to woo men since they never turn out as she hopes.

There's a long discussion about sexuality and the power of sex and dance magic, especially since female sexuality is so natural, only restrained by emotionlessness and marriage. To regain the primal powers of the goddesses, women must woo men, get them to love them, and then do with them what they will. Simple as that.
6. How long does Wayne go missing before he's found?

Answer: Two weeks

Police Sergeant Griff Meadows is met by a woman named Ms. Curtis. She's come to the police station to discuss Wayne's disappearance. After she reveals that it's been two weeks and he's often spent time up at his cabin, they head up to the woods to find the place a mess. Eventually, they stumble upon the burial site in the forest out back, uncovering Elaine's witch bottle in the process. Sure enough, they don't need to dig too deep to find the corpse. Elaine, meanwhile, treats Trish's husband, Richard, to dinner at her place while Trish is out of town.

After Elaine gives Richard some food and drinks, he too becomes somewhat enamoured with her, revealing some of his secrets. Elaine believes Richard to want a sordid love affair, and using her powers of dance magic she seduces him to give him what he wants.
7. How is Elaine found by the police?

Answer: Through items she sold to the apothecary

Sergeant Griff gets a lab report and discovers that Wayne's body contained Devil's Weed. He goes to visit a professor of cult studies to determine what exactly a witch bottle is and learns at least a bit more about the threat of pockets of wishes all throughout the United States.

The knowledge leads Griff to the apothecary where Elaine sold her wares. As it seems, she sold some witch bottles to the shopkeeper as well. A quick chat with Barbara reveals that Elaine had to break off her 'sordid love affair' with Richard because he started getting too emotional ("like such a Pisces"), but the truth is much more dire than that; Richard threatened to kill himself if he couldn't be with her any longer.

At home, Trish finds Richard drinking instead of working in his office.

He refuses to go to bed, instead breaking down over not seeing Elaine.
8. Where do Elaine and Sergeant Griff have their mock wedding?

Answer: A renaissance faire

Elaine is met at her apartment by Sergeant Griff and she helps in any way she can to supply information about the homicide he's looking into. When she realizes the man involved is Wayne, she keeps her story quiet, insisting that she has never seen the victim and that she has nothing to do with the witch bottle found at the burial site.

She does, however, admit to being a witch. It's not long before Griff and Elaine become friendly with one another, partly because Elaine was told of Griff through her tarot cards; he is her fate. Griff invites her horseback riding the next day.

This goes well, and when they finish riding horses they wander into a renaissance faire nearby. It's somewhat of a trick though since a number of the people involved are part of Elaine's witch coven.

The people of the faire convince Elaine and Griff into a mock wedding, even going so far as to dress them up and present them with rings. It kind of feels binding. Not going to lie.
9. Richard, unable to cope with his feelings towards Elaine, does which of the following?

Answer: Kills himself

Griff has a noticeable change in his demeanour at work, especially when confronted with some of Elaine's history. He chooses not to pursue the leads involving witches and suggests to mark Wayne's death as a heart attack. Griff's partner suggests that he should stay away from Elaine...who's the only suspect.
Trish, meanwhile, finds Richard's body in the bathtub of their house. Evidently, he couldn't cope with his feelings towards Elaine and slit his wrists.
Trish later meets with Elaine at the Victorian teahouse and, there, she deduces that Richard likely started an affair during the Dallas trip. During this meal, Elaine reveals that she met a man-- Griff-- and they were somewhat married at the faire. Trish tries the ring on her finger but Elaine forgets it in a hasty exit. In kindness, Trish decides to drop it off at her apartment since she still has the keys. That's when she discovers the truth (while trying all of Trish's makeup and clothing): Elaine and Richard were having a secret affair.
10. Elaine and Griff live happily ever after together.

Answer: False

Griff, waiting to meet with Elaine, ends up hearing rumours about witches and their influence on the local area. Elaine arrives to find her man angry and he informs her that she's connected to Wayne's death by DNA found at the crime scene. Additionally, Trish dropped off some evidence at the station, implicating her in Richard's suicide. Elaine admits to being a bad girl who used sex magic to create strong love magic, and she would do anything for love. Griff admits that he doesn't love Elaine, but Elaine claims he's lying to himself.

She has to use magic to obtain love since men can't love women for who they are. The people of the bar overhear this and, understanding that she would be arrested for her crimes, attempt to restrain Elaine to burn her. Griff, instead of siding with the people, protects her and brings her out to his police car and, eventually, drops her off at home.

She thanks him for what he did but, hands him a new brew, suggests that everything will be okay because she loves him...even if she has to punish him.

She stabs him three times in the chest for what he did.
Source: Author kyleisalive

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