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Quiz about Saves The Day
Quiz about Saves The Day

Saves The Day Trivia Quiz

I'll give you the song. You tell me what album it's on. This is one of my favorite emo bands. They rank right up there with Dashboard Confessional, Get-up Kids, Reggie and the Full Effect, New Amsterdams, Further Seems Forever and Elliott.

A multiple-choice quiz by sillyboy. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Question 1 of 20
1. 'Always Ten Feet Tall' Hint

Question 2 of 20
2. 'Firefly' Hint

Question 3 of 20
3. 'Handsome Boy' Hint

Question 4 of 20
4. 'Jessie and My Whetstone' Hint

Question 5 of 20
5. 'Houses And Billboards' Hint

Question 6 of 20
6. 'All I'm Losing Is Me' Hint

Question 7 of 20
7. 'Do You Know What I Love The Most' Hint

Question 8 of 20
8. 'Hold' Hint

Question 9 of 20
9. 'Third Engine' Hint

Question 10 of 20
10. 'You Vandal' Hint

Question 11 of 20
11. 'Freakish' Hint

Question 12 of 20
12. 'My Sweet Fracture' Hint

Question 13 of 20
13. 'Take Our Cars Now!' Hint

Question 14 of 20
14. 'Obsolete' Hint

Question 15 of 20
15. 'Jukebox Breakdown' Hint

Question 16 of 20
16. 'Shoulder To The Wheel' Hint

Question 17 of 20
17. 'The Choke' Hint

Question 18 of 20
18. 'Nebraska Bricks' Hint

Question 19 of 20
19. 'Hot Time In Delaware' Hint

Question 20 of 20
20. 'As Your Ghost Takes Flight' Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. 'Always Ten Feet Tall'

Answer: 'Can't Slow Down'

'Can't Slow Down' was their first album on Equal Vision Records.
2. 'Firefly'

Answer: 'Stay What You Are'

'Stay What You Are' is their most recent release (as of September 2001). Now on Vagrant Records.
3. 'Handsome Boy'

Answer: 'Can't Slow Down'

4. 'Jessie and My Whetstone'

Answer: 'I'm Sorry I'm Leaving'

'I'm Sorry I'm Leaving' is an acoustic 5 song EP on Immigrant Sun Records. They also do a cover of 'I Melt With You' by Modern English.
5. 'Houses And Billboards'

Answer: 'Can't Slow Down'

6. 'All I'm Losing Is Me'

Answer: 'Stay What You Are'

7. 'Do You Know What I Love The Most'

Answer: 'Through Being Cool'

'Through Being Cool' is their second release and to my opinion just might be their best album.
8. 'Hold'

Answer: 'I'm Sorry I'm Leaving'

9. 'Third Engine'

Answer: 'Through Being Cool'

10. 'You Vandal'

Answer: 'Through Being Cool'

The band is on Equal Vision Records in Hudson, NY. Other great bands on the label include American Nightmare, Converge, Bane and Fairweather. Of course they are now on Vagrant.
11. 'Freakish'

Answer: 'Stay What You Are'

12. 'My Sweet Fracture'

Answer: 'Through Being Cool'

13. 'Take Our Cars Now!'

Answer: 'I'm Sorry I'm Leaving'

14. 'Obsolete'

Answer: 'Can't Slow Down'

15. 'Jukebox Breakdown'

Answer: 'Stay What You Are'

16. 'Shoulder To The Wheel'

Answer: 'Through Being Cool'

17. 'The Choke'

Answer: 'Can't Slow Down'

The new Converge came out today, September 4th. I don't know if you like that type of music but I love it. I mean, they're no John Cougar Mellencamp but their still good.
18. 'Nebraska Bricks'

Answer: 'Can't Slow Down'

19. 'Hot Time In Delaware'

Answer: 'Can't Slow Down'

20. 'As Your Ghost Takes Flight'

Answer: 'Stay What You Are'

The Liar's Academy was recently signed to Equal Vision. I suggest you check them out.
Source: Author sillyboy

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