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Quiz about Hooray We Just Got Our First Win Part 2
Quiz about Hooray We Just Got Our First Win Part 2

Hooray!! We Just Got Our First Win! Part 2 Quiz

Hello again, All. I'm back with Part Two of my "first wins" quiz highlighting the teams in the NFL, so put on your thinking caps. I hope you'll like it.

A matching quiz by jbug1262. Estimated time: 6 mins.
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6 mins
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Dec 03 21
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. The Detroit Lions (Portsmouth Spartans) defeated the...  
  Minneapolis Marines
2. The Green Bay Packers defeated the...  
  Chicago Bears
3. The Houston Texans defeated the...  
  Philadelphia Eagles
4. The Baltimore (Indianapolis) Colts defeated the...  
  Buffalo Bills
5. The Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans) defeated the...  
  Chicago Bears
6. The Los Angeles (Cleveland) Rams defeated the...  
  Newark Tornadoes
7. The Minnesota Vikings defeated the...  
  Cleveland Bulldogs
8. The New England (Boston) Patriots defeated the...  
  Dallas Cowboys
9. The New York Giants defeated the...  
  New York Titans
10. The New York Jets (Titans) defeated the...  
  Oakland Raiders

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1. The Detroit Lions (Portsmouth Spartans) defeated the...
2. The Green Bay Packers defeated the...
3. The Houston Texans defeated the...
4. The Baltimore (Indianapolis) Colts defeated the...
5. The Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans) defeated the...
6. The Los Angeles (Cleveland) Rams defeated the...
7. The Minnesota Vikings defeated the...
8. The New England (Boston) Patriots defeated the...
9. The New York Giants defeated the...
10. The New York Jets (Titans) defeated the...

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. The Detroit Lions (Portsmouth Spartans) defeated the...

Answer: Newark Tornadoes

September 14, 1930 marked the first time the Detroit franchise tasted sweet victory as they defeated the Newark Tornadoes, 13-6. They would finish the year with a 5-3-6 record in their inaugural NFL season. The franchise would remain in Portsmouth until the end of the 1933 season when they would then move to Detroit and be re-christened as the Detroit Lions. The very next year (1935), the Lions would capture their first NFL Championship after beating the New York Giants, 26-7.

Although the franchise did capture three more championships during the 1950s (1952, 1953 and 1957), the Lions settled into what can only be seen as a moribund existence as years and years of losing seasons piled up.
2. The Green Bay Packers defeated the...

Answer: Minneapolis Marines

Joining the American Professional Football Association (APFA) in 1921, which would become the National Football League the following year, the Green Bay Packers would record their first franchise win when they beat the Minneapolis Marines on October 5. The Packers would go on to finish with a 3-2-1 record that season.

From that humble beginning, the Green Bay Packers would grow to become one of the most beloved teams in all of team sports. Not only are many of the names of their players legendary (Starr, Favre, Nitschke, White, Rodgers, Hornung, Taylor) and the championship trophy, which is awarded each year to the winner of the Super Bowl, named after former Packers coach, Vince Lombardi, a man many consider to be the greatest coach in NFL history, but even the team's HOME VENUE is famous: Lambeau Field (or "the frozen tundra", as it's fondly referred to when the weather turns cold)!
3. The Houston Texans defeated the...

Answer: Dallas Cowboys

The Houston Texans played their first game in franchise history on September 8, 2002, and promptly defeated one of the marquee teams in the NFL when they beat the Dallas Cowboys, 19-10. The Texans would only experience the thrill of victory three more times that year, however, finishing the season at 4-12.

The Texans were the epitome of an expansion team and their offensive line was one of the worst in NFL history giving up a whopping 76 sacks! Unfortunately, their quarterback, David Carr, the Number One overall selection out of Fresno State from that year's NFL Draft, was the recipient of each of those hits as he started all 16 games that season.
4. The Baltimore (Indianapolis) Colts defeated the...

Answer: Chicago Bears

The Baltimore Colts, began play in the league during the 1953 season and claimed their first ever franchises' victory over a storied franchise, the Chicago Bears, 13-9, on September 27, 1953; but despite the win, the team would limp to a 3-9 record that year. No one could have expected what would happen just five years later, however, as the Colts would appear in the 1958 NFL Championship Game against the New York Giants in what many have called "The Greatest Game Ever Played"; in fact, it was arguably the single most important game in NFL history as it is held up as the game that leapfrogged the NFL over Major League Baseball as the country's preferred past-time.

The contest had everything a title game needs: two great teams, multiple future Hall of Fame players on both teams, several lead changes, a thrilling overtime finish, and on and on. At the final gun, the Colts found themselves claiming their first championship with a 23-17 win. The same two teams would battle for the championship again the next year with the Colts again taking the title, 10-3, from the Giants.

While the 1958 and 1959 seasons were the highest of heights for the Baltimore Colts, the franchise also experienced two of its lowest moments in NFL history. The first came in 1969 when the Colts met the AFL's New York Jets in Super Bowl III. A heavy favorite, the Colts were expected to blow out the Jets and solidify the NFL's dominance over the AFL just as the Green Bay Packers had done in the previous two title games; however, as many sports fans know, that wasn't the case. Jets QB Joe Namath famously guaranteed a Jets victory a few days before the game and went out on Super Sunday and delivered on that statement with a resounding 16-7 win. And even though Baltimore came back to win a championship two years later in Super Bowl V, the bitter taste of that loss to the Jets diminished some of its joy.

1984 was perhaps the franchise's darkest moment, however, as the BALTIMORE Colts ceased to exist after the 1983 season. Under the cover of night, moving vans pulled up to the Colts' headquarters and whisked the team away to Indianapolis. And, much like the fans in Cleveland had to do with the Ravens when they won Super Bowl XXXV, Baltimoreans had to watch in disgust as the now-INDIANAPOLIS Colts won a title many believed should have been theirs when the Peyton Manning-led squad defeated the Chicago Bears, 29-17, in Super Bowl XLI after the 2006 season.
5. The Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans) defeated the...

Answer: Oakland Raiders

One of the original members of the American Football League (AFL), the Kansas City Chiefs (then called the Dallas Texans) began play on September 10, 1960. They lost a close contest to the Los Angeles Chargers, 21-20, but came back the next week and defeated their soon-to-be arch rivals, the Oakland Raiders, 34-16, to garner the franchises' first win. The team would be known as the Texans throughout the 1960-1962 seasons and even captured a league title at the end of the '62 campaign when they would defeat the Houston Oilers, 20-17, in overtime. In 1963, the team would move to Missouri and begin play as the Kansas City Chiefs.

KC would be a formidable franchise throughout the 10 years of the AFL's existence, representing the league in two of the first four Super Bowls, losing 35-10 to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I and beating the Minnesota Vikings three years later, at the end of the 1969 season, in Super Bowl IV (23-7). The Chiefs have the distinction of being the team that gave the AFL its final victory before the NFL-AFL merger took place in 1970.
6. The Los Angeles (Cleveland) Rams defeated the...

Answer: Philadelphia Eagles

With a 21-3 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, the CLEVELAND Rams gave their fans and franchise their first ever win on September 21, 1937. Unfortunately, it would be the only highlight provided by the Rams that season as they limped to a 1-10 finish. Interestingly, the Rams would give their fans something to cheer about, albeit bittersweet, when they captured their first league championship at the end of 1945 season when they edged the Washington Redskins, 15-14. It was the team's final season in Cleveland as they would then move to California for the 1946 campaign and begin play as the Los Angeles Rams.

It was while in Los Angeles that the team would arguably have its greatest success making multiple playoff appearances and winning a slew of division titles. At the end of the 1994 NFL season, the franchise would move to St. Louis, MO and would even go on to win a world championship after the 1999 campaign when they defeated the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, 23-16, harboring one the NFL's all-time most prolific offenses, the aptly named "Greatest Show On Turf". The team would move back to Los Angeles at the end of the 2015 NFL season.
7. The Minnesota Vikings defeated the...

Answer: Chicago Bears

The Purple People Eaters. Metropolitan Stadium. Bud Grant. Fran Tarkenton. The Minnesota Vikings were one of the model franchises in the NFL during the late 1960s and all through the following decade and those names were well-known for those of us who followed the sport. The Vikings were a tough, hard-nosed team who were consistent playoff participants and who also made four Super Bowl appearances from 1969-1976 (albeit all losses). NO ONE wanted to visit frigid Minnesota when the weather turned cold.

The Vikings entered the league on September 17, 1961, and grabbed the franchise's first win right out of the gate as they blew out the Chicago Bears, 37-13. It was one of only three wins for the team that year, however, as they finished the 1961 season with a 3-11 record.
8. The New England (Boston) Patriots defeated the...

Answer: New York Titans

Whatever you might think of them, beginning in 2001, with quite possibly the greatest Coach/ Quarterback tandem in NFL history (Bill Belichick and Tom Brady), one cannot deny that the franchise had one of the most successful runs in all of professional sports. However, like every other team, the Patriots had their humble beginning, too.

On September 9, 1960, the then-BOSTON Patriots began play in the American Football League as one of its founding members. The next week the franchise would record its first win by beating the New York Titans (soon to become the Jets), 28-24; they would finish the 1960 season at 5-9.

Throughout the rest of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s the Patriots would have middling success as they would only make the playoffs ten times, although they did have three title game appearances, all losses (1963, 1985, and 1996). In 1971, one year after the NFL-AFL merger, the Boston Patriots would become the NEW ENGLAND Patriots.
9. The New York Giants defeated the...

Answer: Cleveland Bulldogs

The New York Giants are one of the oldest and most recognizable teams in all of professional sports and the names of the men who have played for them are considered royalty in the football world: Lawrence Taylor. Sam Huff. Frank Gifford. Y.A. Tittle. Michael Strahan. Eli Manning. The list goes on. The franchise has won multiple titles and placed several players into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Giants began league play on October 11, 1925, with a loss to the Providence Steam Rollers, 14-0; they recorded the franchises' first win thee weeks later on November 1, after shutting out the Cleveland Bulldogs (19-0) and would go on to post a respectable 8-4 record that first season. Two years later, the Giants would stand atop the football world after winning their first league title when they defeated the New York Yankees, 13-0.

The Giants won two Super Bowls during between 1986-1990 and two more after the 2007 and 2011 seasons and three of those wins were some of the most memorable in Super Bowl history....

1990, Super Bowl XXV: Matched against the Buffalo Bills, the Giants held Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and the rest of their high-powered offense to a season-low in points and escaped with a 20-19 after kicker, Scott Norwood, missed a 47-yard field goal in the final eight seconds.

2007, Super Bowl XLII: The New England Patriots came into the game undefeated and only needed to beat the Giants in order to be crowned the GREATEST team in NFL history; however, behind a strong defensive front, which rattled Tom Brady all game long, the Giants found themselves down four points with just over two minutes remaining to play. Eli Manning somehow escaped a furious Patriots' pass rush and completed one of the most unbelievable passes ever seen when he connected with David Tyree for a 32 yard gain. Four plays later, Manning would find Plaxico Burress for a 13-yard touchdown and the Giants would hold on deny the Patriots their date with history, 17-14.

2011, Super Bowl XLVI: Pitted once again against the New England Patriots, the Giants would again pull off another miracle win with another unbelievable play. Down 17-15 and backed up to their own 12 yard line, Eli Manning once again worked his magic as he hit Mario Manningham down the left sideline for a 38-yard gain. How Manningham was able to make the catch with the defender draped all over him AND get both feet inbounds still have many scratching their heads in disbelief whenever the play is shown; seven plays later, RB Ahmad Bradshaw would score from six yards out (the attempted two-point conversion was unsuccessful) and the Giants' defense would hold on to preserve the 21-17 victory.
10. The New York Jets (Titans) defeated the...

Answer: Buffalo Bills

The New York Titans were one of the founding members of the American Football League (AFL) and began play on September 11, 1960, with a resounding win over the Buffalo Bills (27-3). The Titans finished both the 1960 and 1961 seasons with a 7-7 record; in 1962, they suffered their first losing season at 5-9. In 1963, the Titans officially changed their name to the Jets.

Whether they were called the Titans or the Jets, the franchise has had very little to cheer about in their history. From the 1960-1999, the team made the playoffs only eight times, four of those appearances coming during the 1980s. While the team's history is certainly pathetic when it comes to on-field success, they can hold up one magical season for which they will always be remembered: 1968. That year, the Jets posted an 11-3 mark, made it all the way to the Super Bowl, and pulled off one of the greatest upsets in NFL (if not all of professional sports) history.

A massive underdog to the powerful Baltimore Colts of the NFL, their Super Bowl III opponents, the Jets were given no chance to win the game. Everyone knew the Colts would overwhelm the Jets and continue to establish the dominance that the NFL had exhibited in the previous two title games when the Green Bay Packers blew out both the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, respectively, by double-digit margins; however, Jets QB Joe Namath, had other plans.

A few days before the game, as he was being interviewed, Namath boldly guaranteed a Jets victory and on Sunday, January 12, 1969, he delivered on that guarantee. The Jets trounced the Colts, 16-7, in a contest that wasn't as close as the score indicated. It is believed that that victory (along with Kansas City's Super Bowl IV win over the Minnesota Vikings the following year) was the catalyst that brought about the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 and the New York Jets were at the heart of it. The Jets also have the distinction of being the first participants (along with the Cleveland Browns) to appear on a new show ABC premiered in 1970 entitled "Monday Night Football".
Source: Author jbug1262

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